Talking Simpsons – The PTA Disbands

Special guest Matt McMuscles is here to help us learn about Tekwar, as well as how the finger thing means the taxes! Edna and Seymour shut down the school in a battle for funding in this hilarious classic full of so many unforgettable lines! And if you miss this week’s podcast, that’s a paddlin’…


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8 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The PTA Disbands

  1. Welcome Matt!

    This was indeed a highlight of season six especially when I was Bart’s age when I watched it in syndication, fourth grade and a huge brat who didn’t like schools and hated the fractions. I became more like Lisa as time went on, but turned into Homer at the end.

    Even in the 1990s Republicans were still feeding us crap that taxes had to be raised in order to pay for things society actually uses roads, education, healthcare, and clean air + water. It’s as if taxing the rich more or closing loopholes, doing audits in government spending, or not blowing up entire cities is out of the question. And we’re gonna see it again next year, as John and Jane Q. Public will be robbed so Mr. Burns can afford another ivory backscratcher.

  2. Frink saying “you won’t enjoy it on as many levels as I would” is gate-keeping nerd culture summed up disgustingly well.

    The guy who says PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER to Krabappel looks a lot like the adult Bill from the TV movie version of “It” and there’s no way that was intentional

  3. My jaw dropped when Skinner said “These children have no futures!”

    I’d seen log traps in a lot of cartoons as a kid, but this episode was the first time I thought “Whoa, that would KILL somebody!”

    The discussion about paddling takes me back to my childhood and how some people were proud to announce they ‘beat’ their children. Yes, the word used was ‘beat’, not ‘spank’. And it’s not that people hit them with their fists, they used a belt. What I’m getting at is rural NC sucks.

  4. Man, the only non-Laser Time Network podcast that I listen to is the Friendcast, and I can’t believe that we finally got a crossover.

    It’s weird to compare this episode with “Last Exit to Springfield” and how it treats unions. The Simpsons really swings wildly between Liberal and Libertarian, depending on the writers and showrunner.

    Also, from years of listening to both of them, I realize that both Matt and Bob use the “the finger thing means the taxes” voice when they imitate angry mobs.

  5. Speaking from Texas here. Growing up I had multiple administrators (as well as one gym coach) who used a paddle with speed holes. Corporal punishment was on the table all the way up through 8th grade (so for me, 1999) but they had to have the parents’ permission on a case-by-case basis. I never got paddled at school, but my brother did once by a vice-principal who was later arrested for molesting a few students around the same time (not him though). I personally was spanked with a belt at home every now and then; I can count the number of times on one hand, maybe two. When I started disciplining my child, I started out with what I knew and spanked him, but he has oppositional defiant disorder and spanking only made him angrier and more violent, so it quickly became apparent that it would be totally ineffectual. I now believe spanking doesn’t work for anyone, and if you think it “worked” for you, you just haven’t identified how it fucked you up yet.

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