Talking Simpsons – The Springfield Connection

Slip on some nice counterfeit jeans & relax into this tale of law and order on The Simpsons. Marge craves adventure and finds it as a cop, but that ends up isolating her from her friends in unexpected ways, all while Homer doesn’t know what’s happening in his own carhole in this week’s podcast!


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And don’t forget to watch this awesome video of Chris and Dave playing a “classic” Simpsons game!

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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Springfield Connection

  1. The episode where Lucy divides the apartment is season 1, episode 8 “Men Are Messy”. If you were trying to find it on Hulu, it’s not there for some reason. CBS is weird and only uploaded a portion of the episodes.

  2. It’s odd how much stuff is off-coloured this episode, like early on how Marge’s pearls are white, and Wiggum’s hair is full black (again) for a bit.

    The “WHEN DO WE GET THE FREAKIN’ GUNS?!” guy is one of those things that is less funny now since it’s frighteningly real, especially in an American setting.

  3. Betty Thomas was one of the stars of Hill Street Blues, and became a movie director. Some of her famous works include the Brady Bunch Movie and Private Parts. Sadly she also directed the sequel to the Chipmunks movie. Doogie Howser’s dad was also on the show.

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