Nick Jr, Super Contra, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Harvey Birdman on PS2, & Firestorm – Jan 5-Jan 11

This week: in 87, pause Super Contra to watch some Nick Jr. 97 hallucinates a dancing baby who’s all about the Benjamins. 07 tricks us into being Christians with CG vegetables. All this and more!


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13 thoughts on “Nick Jr, Super Contra, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Harvey Birdman on PS2, & Firestorm – Jan 5-Jan 11

  1. An album youse guys might overlook next week is “so far, so good… so what?” by Megadeth. It’s their 3rd best album and per usje it would be overshadowed by a lesser but still great Metallica album later that year Rust in Peace/BlackAlbum, Peace Sells/MoP. “SFSGSW/….and Justice for all”. SFSGSW not only has the best song about loneliness & depression “In My Darkest Hour” and top 5 Deth song but also is how I learned about “The Decline of Western Civilization part 2” probably my favorite Documentary which covered my guilty pleasure Hair/Glam Metal as well as Gutter Punk. It’s easy to look at Mustaine as a psychotic zealot but if you read his autobio you’ll see he’s always been a psycho even pre religion but much like many folk in his field came from poverty suffered abuse & battled demons and is in many ways an overlooked genius outside of diehard metal heads. If there’s an alt timeline where Mustaine stays in Metallica as a guitarist and song writer, they still recruit Kirk and Hettfeld just does vocals they may’ve been history’s GOAT.

    1. Also Jan 9th is my 27th birthday/coming out to my mom(dad and siblings already knew) day which was a disastrous life altering day 11 years ago that mostly has worked out ItLr, jeepers time flies like an arrow…fruit flies like an apple

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone say Metal Gear NES holds up, it’s super clunky.
    Metal Gear Solid (or Ghost Babel) on Gameboy Colour is NOT a remake/port of the original, it’s its own standalone game, conidered an alternate timeline sequel to the origina.

  3. Chris has a lot of faith in the Chinese chemical producers of vaping products, doesn’t he? And I’m sure if they knew of any problems vaping clouds caused they’d be sure to let everyone know immediately, the way tobacco companies looked out for everyone. And smokers totally care about the effects of their smoke on people around them, they never just feel like they have to get their fix, and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

    I recently found Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at Wal Mart for 5 bucks, so I checked it out, and realized that 80s schlock is the best schlock. It was pretty good, and it came out in September ’88, so if anyone needs to catch up on it before it appears on the show there’s time.

  4. Oh boy, a chance to talk about my home and native land!

    It seems a *lot* of Americans’ childhood nostalgia comes directly from a few Canadian networks, and I wanted to take the opportunity to feature one, because it’s just as important to us as Nickelodeon (a channel I’ve _never_ seen) is to Americans’ childhood nostalgia.

    TVO — short for TVOntario, an educational television network funded directly by the government of Ontario — started in 1970 as a fully commercial-free network (like PBS) for the people of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. (Imagine if TVCalifornia was a thing, and imagine _further_ that it was on channel 2 for _literally everybody in the state._)

    TVO had tons of international shows that they just picked up for syndication (Sesame Street, also on PBS, Bananas in Pyjamas, etc), but the ones that they made themselves were played most. Because TVO’s mandate was to be educational, focused HEAVILY on kids. This is where Today’s Special (a very important television show for me personally, because it took place in Simpsons, a defunct department store, in Toronto), Telefrançais (just google Dinosaur Comics Telefrancais to see how important this show was to us Ontario kids), and the most important of all, the Polka Dot Door. (Seriously. Ask *literally anybody* who grew up in the 80s or 90s in Ontario who the Polkaroo is. *EVERYBODY* watched this series.)

    There are other, more important Canadian kids’ shows produced by the CBC, like the Friendly Giant,Fred Penner’s Place, The Raccoons, and *especially* Mr. Dressup (basically the Canadian equivalent of Mr. Rogers), but the CBC has always run commercials, and TVO never did, so TVO has always had a special place in my heart.

    Sharon, Lois and Bram (Canadians, help me out – are they sort of the equivalent of Raffi?),

    1. Until this episode I had no idea that Today’s Special had played anywhere outside Ontario. A while back the LTers also name dropped Sharon Lois and Bram, another Canadian staple I thought for sure no American had heard of. I always knew Nick and YTV held a symbiotic relationship, but I didn’t know TVO kids stuff also crossed the border. Now I’m curious, did The Polka Dot Door also cross? Polkaroo anyone?

      1. Today’s Special was one of those shows that for over two decades I though was just a fever dream. When google became a thing I attempted to confirm its existence but I didn’t remember the show’s name and it took a long time for “mannequin kid’s show” to start returning meaningful search results.

  5. Some of my earliest nostalgia is of watching David the Gnome and Little Koala while on summer vacation. These shows in particular probably maintain a spot in my brain because they have some of the most painfully catchy and adorable theme songs. So I want to point out that there is probably a lost art of making American theme songs for foreign cartoons.

    HD David the Gnome Theme (From a official YouTube release of the full first episode)

    Little Koala Theme

    There is probably enough content to do an episode of LT on just cartoon theme songs.

  6. It’s the arcade version of Super Contra that was released in January 1988. Super C wasn’t released until 1990 whereas, ahem, Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces didn’t see a European release until 1992 – the same year as the Super Nintendo follow up.

    Mumble mumble fired for that blunder, etc.

  7. The “All about the Benjamins” rock mix music video was filmed at my high school, Ulysses S Grant in Valley Glen (formerly Van Nuys). In the video, a prom takes place in the gym. They change my school’s mascot and logo from a knight with the words “Grant Lancers” to a farmer with the words “Grand Landers”. While it was a creative, to say the least, I can’t imagine coming from a school where a farmer is the mascot.

  8. McGee & Me – wowwwwww…..I remember my Mom renting those movies from the library for me as a young kid! “All About the Benjamins” was a monster smash (have you ever seen the video remix where Diddy and Savion Glover have a tap dance-off? Truly bizzare stuff to find in a Rap Video).

  9. So…Veggietales.

    The original direct-to-video Veggietales shows were all basically Bible stories fed through a blender and a G-rated version of Monty Python (the creators once described the show as “What if Monty Python took over your Sunday School or Hebrew School?”) They were a lot more irreverent than most of the Christian home video market while still getting the point across, so they hit BIG with audiences who were sick of seeing the same 1980s/90s Book of Virtues shit over and over. Each episode also had a cutaway to “Silly Songs With Larry”, which was 3-5 minutes of pure comedy with no attempt to share a moral lesson, and “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” was kind of the archetypal SSWL. It’s a ridiculous piece about “pirates” who’ve never been on a boat or done anything remotely piratey (and have never been to Boston in the fall either), and it was so beloved among the fans of all ages that after the first movie (a fairly standard Veggietales-style retelling of Jonah and the Whale) that they ended up taking the gag and stretching it to 80 minutes. It’s pretty much straight up fanservice and was a little disappointing on both a comedy and didactic level.

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