Vidjagame Apocalypse 246 – 2018’s Most Anticipated Games

We’re back and ready to take on a new year, as industry veteran and community member Matthew Allen joins us to look ahead and count down five of the games we’re looking forward to the most in 2018. Then it’s on to talk about the first registered N-Gage speedrun, Microsoft discontinuing the Kinect adapter, and your own most-awaited games due (hopefully) in the next 12 months.

Question of the Week
What game did you play the most over the holidays?


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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29 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 246 – 2018’s Most Anticipated Games

  1. QotW: Over the holidays I played a lot of Mario Odyssey trying to get all those god damn moons. 666 as of this writing.

  2. I finally finished the main story of Yakuza 0, and that definitely had as many twists and turns as a regular game, but glad it felt shorter than the others. I still have to win the real estate and hostess club battles. I’m getting a hang of the dancing mini-game, and enjoying dancing with the best bud Nishiki.

  3. I’ve played like 40ish hours of FFVII around the last few days of the year, my wife had been visiting her family so I had time and I saw it was on sale and went “fuck it”. I twice hit a wall in 2000 & 2002 (LKM couldn’t catch a Chocobo and have hated them ever since). I really got in the tank once Iearned by mistake that there’s both a God Mode and a 3x speed so I finally got past that big ass snake and am now at the “Cloud gets his mammary back” part and will finally slay that demon. Turns out that game when divorced from obnoxious fans tells an excellent story about identity, friendship and love that still holds up.

  4. QOTW: Because it was my Christmas gift, I played a lot of Knack 2. It was pretty fun. Those 20 hours breezed by.

  5. QOTW: Stardew Valley…it was sitting on my Steam’s wall of shame for far too long. Too many games, not enough time. That phone drop by the way…10/10.

  6. Over my short break (because I am a working adult) I had intended to start over, play, and finish Horizon Zero Dawn. However, I ended up playing the Monster Hunter World Demo. I never played a MH games and in fact, never really knew of the series. I realize MH stands as it’s own series, but I decided to download and try the demo because it reminded me of the combat of Final Fantasy (12 and 13) . Since that was my only reference base, I figured why not.

    I was blown away with what I played. While it was confusing due to the lack of a true tutorial and difficult weapons, and hectic to play when you get more than 2 monsters on screen (I managed 3 monster battle), it looked beautiful and when I finally got into the swing of things, I had so much fun. Since I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas, I am waiting for the collector’s edition on Amazon so I can load up my gift card balance for a purchase.

  7. South Park The Fractured But Whole.

    I got it for Christmas and played it whenever I could, finally finishing it just after I returned from my parents house.

    I had played a bit of the first one, but dropped out fairly early on. But this game is fantastic. The combat system is better and I prefer the superhero aesthetic to the fantasy one of the first game. However, the highlight for me is the story and the thousands of jokes laid out in the game. There are so many characters and references from South Park’s storied history that I didn’t expect to come up, so when they did it was a pleasant surprise.

    I’m not sure if we will get a third game, but I will definitely play it if there is one.

  8. QotW: I convinced my Madden/Fifa/CoD playing brothers to download PUBG on Xbox this holiday break. Even with the jank and technical issues, it was an instant hit. I got my first chicken dinner in Duo with my younger brother, and eventually took one in Squad in such an intense and heart pounding match, my balls hurt afterwards. We’re in our late 20s and 30s, and it brought back many fond memories of gaming together as kids. Excited to jump back in occasionally as things are sorted out/added.

    Love you guys! 2018 is going to be kick ass, I can feel it! Keep it up.

  9. I had Xenoblade Chronicles sitting on my 3DS since I bought the New 3DS (this summer, so the life on shame-shelf wasn’t that long) and I REALLY meant to finish it BEFORE Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out… and I got about 10 hours in before I got Xenoblade 2.

    After about a dozen hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I found myself drawn back to my 3DS because it really is a better game with better music and a more compelling story.
    Xeno-cles 2 is fine, but it’s really targeting 14 year old me; where you’re a young boy who finds a cool sword that makes tits-on-a-stick your slave and the battle music sounds like it was pulled from a DBZ video on youtube. Oh, of course one giant titty slave wasn’t enough! Like Reddit already pointed out, why settle for underboob when you can have cleavage too!
    I really do like the Scottish accents and “lower-class” British accents in the voice overs though.

  10. QoTW: The game i played the most over the holiday was Shadow of War. I started shadow of war went it came out and put in about 10-15 hours. And over the break I got a PS4 pro by trading in my old PS4. I setup the new PS4 Pro so it can do all the necessary updates/game downloads. I went to my cloud saves so I can download all my saves only to find out that my old PS4 did not upload any saves since Feb. 2017!!! I lost almost an entire year’s worth of saves in a matter of a few hours: Neir, Horizon, Shawdow of war, Assassins creed orgins, South park. All gone! I have to start back at zero which means many games I may not go back and finish (I just started the 9S section of Neir). So words from the wise either back up all your saves BEFORE you trade in a system or make sure your PS4 is uploading properly!

  11. QoTW: During the holidays I got dragged back into Stardew valley. The Nintendo switch is both a blessing and a curse. I spent the entirety of a six hour + flight sweating out a new years hangover and playing Stardew. I didn’t use the washroom, I didn’t eat, I barely talked to my wife. What a time to be alive.

  12. QOTW: Strangely enough, I played a ton of Watch Dogs 2. I got a desire out of nowhere to replay the campaign so I played the whole game again which still wasn’t enough so I bought the Season Pass while it was on sale for $12 and played through all of the DLC. Now I’ve convinced a friend to pick the game up while it was on sale so I might even end up playing through it again co-op. That game was super underrated.

  13. QOTW: Because December snow around here is such a rarity, around this time of year I’m usually drawn to games with lots of it, in some futile effort to connect to the season. This year, we actually did get a couple early dustings, but I still found myself diving back into Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Long Dark. Whenever I looked at furniture over that week, I only thought about how much reclaimed wood, cloth, and tinder plugs I might be able to salvage…

  14. Listening to Chris talk about the Wii U for a few minutes made me want to get one for coffee purposes, as people are having a helluva time with crazy things in their Zelda games. Gamestop has systems for less than $150 before tax, so if you have the means, why not? But I don’t have the means because I like many people in the Northeast was hit by a snowstorm, so that money will have to go toward many things, including new boots and coats!

    So Question of the Week:

    I too played some Yakuza 0 , and spent a lot of time playing the addictive dancing mini-game, watching Kiryu or Majima disco dance to the top. It’s totally different than the Sega Hatsune Miku games, or even the P4 Dancing All Night games,, and it’s fine with me. I get a good laugh watching the two strut and milk like it’s still in fashion. Too bad it will not be in Yakuza 6, as Kiryu is too old for this s-.

    Considering I decided to ignore Chris’ advice on the game deals throughout the month of December, I instead dug through my backlog and continued my playthrough of Super Robot Wars V. Friend of the show, Kat Bailey can tell you all about the intricacies of this entry in the long running strategy RPG battles, and I have to say I love my clashing robots. I didn’t know there was a reboot of the old show Star Blazers, and emerging from a Mad Max wasteland is a Japanese battleship on a trip to beyond the reaches of our solar system. I hope to finish half of this huge game before Super Robot Wars X comes out in March.

  15. QOTW:
    I played a lot of Battlefront II with friends, but also ploughed through Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus after getting it as a gift. And I spent a few nights playing Minecraft for the first time in years with other friends, most of whom I hadn’t talked to in months.

  16. Over the holidays into New Years I played a bit of Wolfenstein New Order and Neir Automata. As a game collector, the game I played most oddly enough ended up being Warsong on Sega Genesis. I traded some games I was no longer interested for it a couple days before New Years, played it a bit, then popped it in NYE to play for a little bit and ended up brining in the new year with it. Really solid strategy RPG, the first and only in the Langrisse series that came to NA. Quite surprised as it’s an early game in the strategy RPG genre, on Genesis of all systems for this type of game.

  17. QotW: Over the break, i picked up the Goragoa + What happened to Edith Finch double pack. I’ve been chipping away at them but got sidetracked by Doki Doki Literature club. Lucky I went into this gem blind. It’s a treat.

  18. QotW: Over the break (and for the last six months or so), I’ve been playing “Fallout 4.” I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Bethesda’s games in the past, in that I love the stories, settings, graphics, music, etc, but could not stand the gameplay and controls (exceptions being Doom and Wolfenstein: The New Order). I played Skyrim and Fallout 3 for about two hours each before becoming frustrated and going back to GTA or the ’09 Ghostbusters video game.

    That said, I am a sucked for the atompunk/dieselpunk/raypunk aesthetic, and have been building prop rayguns for a side art business. On a whim, I tackled the Nuka Cola Thirst Zapper, and a ton of people raved over it. At a con I vended at earlier this year, I put my Thirst Zapper out for sale, and nearly everyone was drooling over it before I sold it to a cosplaying friend to complete his Vault Dweller outfit.

    I figured if people loved the Zapper that much, they might want other versions or other weapons from the game. So, I said, “Hell with it,” and picked up Fallout 4 for my PS4. I don’t know what’s different from this one and the previous Bethesda games I’ve played (like Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth), but everything flowed smoothly and I picked up a bad case of Fallout Mania.

    Over the break, I finally splurged and got the season pass during PSN’s Holiday Sale, where it was half-off for Xmas. During downtime from work and moving to a new apartment, I rolled through Far Harbor, and am playing through the Nuka-World expansion as I write this. I’ve got a lot of inspiration for building more Fallout props (like the Thirst Zapper in different “flavor” varities), so I can’t wait to get back into the swing of propmaking once my move is complete!

    Thank you, Chris, Matt, Mike, and the whole Laser Time crew for crafting some of the most diabolically fun podcasts ever! Can’t wait for the “Roger Rabbit” segment on “Thirty Twenty Ten!”

    — Daniel

  19. I wonder what the difference in power use is between starting up a whole other machine, like the Xbox One, and just using a smart TV app?

  20. QOTW: I’ve been playing my game of the year, Persona 5. My roommate bought Persona on black friday so when my 3 weeks of Christmas vacation started I borrowed it and proceeded to play it non-stop. I’m a fair bit over one hundred hours in and actually beat the game as I was listening to this very podcast (or at least the main story line)! So hey, it’s kind of like you all beat Persona 5 too. Congratulations.

  21. QOTW: Being a new PS4 owner, I spent this holiday season getting a platinum trophy in Bloodborne. I am a huge Dark Souls fan, so I’ve been dying to play Bloodborne since it was released. The dark gothic aesthetic, the cosmic plane weirdness, the satisfying clicks of trick weapons, it’s all so good. So, yeah, Bloodborne is actually my 2017 game of the year.

  22. I’ve been on the LaserTime train since the beginning, but this is my first time commenting. I was considering using the name Chris’ Pee Penguin, but oh well.
    QotW: I planned on using my time over the break to first 100% Breath of the Wild and then get started on Stardew Valley, but instead ended up sinking dozens of hours into Overwatch on Xbox with my little brother, who just received his very first console for Christmas!

  23. Definitely Mario Odyssey. Finally got to 999 moons, beating the volleyball and jump rope moons in the same night before buying all the rest. I didn’t think I’d ever hit 100 on either of those challenges to complete the game. Hope they release Super Mario 3D World on Switch as it is the only 3D Mario I have yet to 100%.

  24. QOTW: While I didn’t get a proper break over the holidays (paying my dues in retail hell to make some sweet, sweet Christmaaaaas commission,) there was still time for pick up and play games over the holiday.

    While my wife protested this and wanted to see more of Resident Evil 7, which is a priority for this month since Not A Hero’s release, there was substantial play time with Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th and Overwatch.

    But while it was fun to partake in the the entity’s Solstice Blood Hunt, whip snowballs at Meis and chop up LaChappa for the umpteenth time, there was a nagging feeling that there were other games that have been unfinished that will need my attention in the next year. Good thing one of my resolutions was to focus less time on multiplayer titles and get back to the games that really matter!

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