Talking Simpsons – Lemon Of Troy

Learn all about Shelbyville and Roman numerals in this week’s classic episode of The Simpsons. We delve into cousin marriage, lemon trees, and camouflage clothing as we learn what it sounds like when doves cry in this week’s podcast!


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12 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lemon Of Troy

  1. can you guys stop the podcast from autoplaying? it’s super annoying to have to mute/pause it every time I check the page to comment/read the comments

  2. That “this is what it’s like when doves cry” is basically ripped off wholesale in BvS, and man it is SO MUCH BETTER here.

    Anyway, this episode is FUCKING GREAT. Milhouse’s fantasy of disappearing because of his camo uniform has basically become a running gag between my friend and I whenever we see anyone wearing camo (outside of actual soldiers/ military situations).

  3. Gents, this episode seems to not be coming through to podcast feeds – neither on the regular RSS nor the iTunes version. Seems from looking at the Feedburner link that while this post is on there, it doesn’t have the audio in it, so podcast apps aren’t picking it up as an episode to download?

  4. “Stupider like a fox!” That is more or less all I have of an entire quasi – friendship from High School. I was a Junior and he was a Freshman and it really wasn’t cool to be friends with someone two years younger than you, but as I was deeply un-cool it didn’t really effect us very much so every Monday after a new episode aired we would excitedly talk to each other about it, at length, in class. And after 22 and half years all I can remember about him is a vague outline of his face and trading Simpson’s quotes back and forth and back and forth. An entire human being with all the richness of the human experience but the ravages of time have paired my memories of him from all the thrills and sorrow of youth down to a few remembrances of remembering a TV show. Ah well, to whoever you were I raise my glass of turnip juice to you and hope that even to this day you are teaching your kids to eat all of our shirts.

  5. This is my favorite episode of the series. I love parallel universe stories (even if it technically isn’t a parallel universe). My line of the show is:

    Grampa: Grampa’s the name, did you know this tree dates back to frontier times?
    Kids: {excited chatter}
    Grampa: Shut up!

  6. I have been waiting for years for you to get to this Lemon 🍋 of Troy episode. Which is my favourite episode

    Good job but I would have added the German light infantry are the best for catching trout

  7. Chris: yup, same here. In Massachusetts this was either the last or second-to-last episode I saw in syndication once the episode guide taught me every episode that there was. (The other was The Old Man and the Lisa.) It was SO EXCITING when it finally aired and I still consider it special just for that.

    1. Weird, I never even considered that syndication would leave episodes out or not play them as frequently. The one for me (also MA) was “Stark Raving Dad,” where I had read about it in the episode guide but it never seemed to be on (even when there were ten reruns a week and far fewer episodes to cycle through). That one might have had some celebrity issues that held it up, but I can’t imagine why this gem would be skipped over.

  8. Maybe it’s my age, but I didn’t like these episodes when they were new. To me, the show peaked in the previous season, and these episodes show a decline. Lemon of Troy has grown on me a little, but I don’t consider it to be among the great Simpsons episodes.

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