Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)

It’s the Simpsons’ only cliffhanger ever, and it’s arguably the ultimate episode of the entire series. Seriously! The entire town is a suspect in the shooting Mr. Burns, as he grows to cartoonish super-villainy, as we unlock every secret on this week’s super-podcast!


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14 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)

  1. Paraphrasing myself from the Patreon post, what struck me on this rewatch was that they do a really great job at giving everyone motive for why they’d want to kill Burns for his one stupid, selfish, and hugely destructive event that did nothing for him beyond increasing his (already vast) wealth. It’s still pretty timely in 2018, and it’s hard not to feel like he deserved it.

  2. I have few memories of watching The Simpsons with my whole family, but I can clearly see my entire family sitting around waiting for this episode. We spent a lot of time talking about ‘whodunit’ afterwards.

    Also, my brother totally called who did it. We all laughed at him (and I am not sure he was serious) but he was totally right!

  3. I love how Weinstein and Oakley wrote Skinner’s first sentence “Ah, is there nothing so intoxicating as the school hallway at early morn?”. Any show today would chew the scenery and stare at us while saying the actual line.

    A good dramatic cliffhanger I liked is the season three finale of TNG, considering the show was definitely ready to kill Picard, and was willing to go on with orwithout him.. That episode lived up to its title as it was about Riker.

    I don’t remember the 1-800-Collect promo, but I do remember watching the hype for part II, as you guys will be talking about on Patreon. This should’ve been the movie, and would’ve made a great 90 minute feature for a movie of the week or something if MORE money was injected into the production. I guess the logistics of finding a new animation studio or Film Roman getting even more staff would’ve been a huge pain.

  4. Syfy really stepped up their programming this last year or so, I watch it often, The Magicians is my second favorite show.
    Ifc, sundance also stepped up since Fx changed the game.

  5. I know you mentioned this, but what Simpsons episodes should one watch in order to get most of the references in these two episdoes?

  6. This episode aired on 29 Nov 1995 in Australia and all anyone could talk about in the playground was who they thought shot Mr. Burns until that one fucking kid said “Oh yeah my dad has a friend in America, Maggie did it and this is how.”

  7. This is going to sound like bull shit and I get it.
    When this epsisode first came out my cousin has recorded it (I was in church at the time). We we watched it over and over picking up clues.
    He pointed this out (and I never heard this mentioned ever) That he figured it was Maggie who did it/ was going to do it because of this ONE scene

    Maggie is the ONLY one that doesn’t break her stare at him .

    Prove me wrong kids….Prove me wrong

  8. Trying to remember who I thought killed Mr. Burns, and for the life of me I cant’ do it. Do any of you commentators remember who you thought it was?

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