Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two)

Grab a Sears’ catalog, put on your mambo shoes, and get ready for a backward-talking dream because it’s time to find out who shot Mr. Burns. Can Simpson DNA lead us to the real killer, and head over to the Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital to learn every secret behind the mystery in this week’s new awesome podcast!


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two)

  1. Another grwat small detail is that after Cheif Wiggums dream his hair has a cowlick extacly like Agent Coopers when he awakens from his dream on Twin Peaks.
    Also do we count the season 28 episode Kamp Krustier as a two parter with Kamp Krusty?

  2. But Henry, if the death penalty is abolished it would wipe out the resurgent (underground) craft Guillotine industry! Solidarity and mutual aid will only take us so far, after all. Vive la révolution, vive la Guillotine!

  3. That Tailhook joke just sounds pretty messed up especially when you put it in the context AT 1991 and especially now. Did the writers try to defend it by saying it was a meta joke at how awful Comedy Central was back then?

  4. I knew Homer was innocent. I figured that out over the summer of 1995 after my third viewing of Part One. He couldn’t have done it because Burns clearly recognized the shooter.

  5. I can tell you how it went as me and a buddy did this. I remember asking how it was

    He called the number, they asked who you want to call , he gave them my number, and he said we believe Lisa shot mister burns , they said ” thank you we will record your information” so he called me, and we talked for a bit and hung up.

    that was how it happened for us.

    And on a personal lv, i was to be grounded and never was able to watch part 2 but i remember sneaking away turning on the tv just in time for the ending close up on maggie

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