Talking Simpsons -Radioactive Man

Up and at them Fallout Boy! It’s time to learn all about movies, comic books, film budgets, scoutmasters, and so much more in this episode. So be sure to grab your acid-proof goggles and get ready to shout Jiminy Jillikers when listening to this week’s podcast!


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12 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons -Radioactive Man

    1. If you dislike. hate it, that’s cool. But objectively speaking, calling it a terrible movie must mean you don’t watch a lot of movies cause a lot of movies much worse than TLJ came out in 2017.

  1. “UP AND AT THEM” is one of those lines that has worked its way into my everyday vocabulary, despite not really making a lot of sense out of context (similar to Burn’s “yes” from Rosebud).

  2. Great episode guys, this one is one of my favourite episodes ever. It might interest you guys to know that there was a Bongo comic that “adapted” the Radioactive Man movie, and it actually features pretty much every little scene you see in the episode!

    As for Mickey Rooney, at least I knew who he was in the 90s because he was the star of a popular show called “The Adventures of the Black Stallion” that aired a lot on Canadian airwaves. But remember, he was also in the “Night at the Museum” trilogy!

  3. Got to do a teensy bit of *cracks knuckles* pedantry regarding the Death of Superman chat:

    – The “every page a splash” in Superman #75 looks ’90s weaksauce in isolation and is often criticised as such, but something people often overlook (usually because they only bought the death issue, although I’m not accusing you of that, Henry!) is that it was actually the culmination of a “countdown” effect the whole arc had done. From the start, every issue has the same number of panels per page, and it decreases by one with every issue, creating a subtle (but nice and effective) increase in tension and ominousness as it goes along.

    – It wasn’t really the case that DC created “a load of extra books” to account for the four Supermen. Rather, they already had four ongoing Superman titles (which told one threaded story albeit with the four different creative teams doing different styles/perspectives/supporting casts), and for the duration of the Reign event gave each book/team over to a different “lead” character. In truth, though, that premise only really lasted for a handful of months, since by the end of the Return of Superman the overall story had overpowered things to the extent that everyone was appearing in everyone else’s book anyway.

  4. Come on Henry, you can’t just blame “Death of Superman” for the end of comic books in 1993. The discount comic book store I go to is literally a graveyard of failed mid-1990s garbage that nobody would pay a nickel for. Death of Superman came in a lot of variant covers, as did MANY other titles at the time, especially the comics that young Bob liked to read. It’s one thing for every American to be able to buy the “Death of Superman” issue, it’s another thing for every other company to think that millions would be able to buy “variant cover” comics like baseball cards.

  5. Aww, come on, After Dark was great! And of course you had to buy screen savers back then! (If you wanted something other than the default Windows/Mac ones.) What else were you gonna do, download them? Everything cool on our family computer in 1995 was something my dad brought home on a 3¼” floppy disk of possibly sketchy origin.

    My favorite ones were always the interactive games. You Bet Your Head, Lunatic Fringe, Rodger Dodger, etc. Though I could also watch Daredevil Dan and Rat Race all day (and sometimes did). They had an irreverent sense of humor that I often found preferable to staring at fractals.

  6. I hate to be a late voice here but the thing that was cool about the Death of Superman splash page issue was that it was a countdown. Starting with 7 issues earlier, each issue had 8 panels, then 7 panels, then 6, and so on, leading up to the finale with only splash pages. It’s actually pretty brilliant.

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