The Wedding Singer, Action Jackson, Jumper, and Dragon Quest 3 – Feb 9 – Feb 15

Anakin Skywalker Jumps into another franchise, Carl Weathers has an action-packed stew going, and Adam Sandler sings his way into a perhaps the ultimate Thirty Twenty Ten movie!


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14 thoughts on “The Wedding Singer, Action Jackson, Jumper, and Dragon Quest 3 – Feb 9 – Feb 15

  1. ill never forget seeing jumper in the theater, a girl that had a thing for me told me that a bunch of mutual friends were going to see a movie that night and told me to come along. as the trailers started it was still just us and i realized what she had pulled but i didn’t want to cause a scene, so i just sat there awkwardly watching this terrible movie wishing to be anywhere else. the fucked up part was she did this the year before with pirates of the Caribbean 3 and i stilll fell for it

  2. The Wedding Singer is a fascinating case in my argument that the speed of social change is actually slowing down, not speeding up. The film makes fun of the clothes, the music, and the attitudes of thirteen years in the past in a way I don’t think is possible today. The clothes of 2005 are virtually identical to today, the music is much closer to today than 1985 was to 1998 and the basic plot and characters in the 1998 film is a semi-parody/semi-love letter to the plots and characters of the eighties who in a mere thirteen years were seen as passe and mock-able. And I don’t think that’s unique to 1998. American Graffiti was made in 1973 but it was looking back on 1962 as if it were an alien time. Basically ever since the late 1920’s, 13 years ago would be a foreign country, but today 13 years ago is just … Hawaii or Alaska.

  3. I don’t care what Jeremy Parish says, Xenogears is one of my favorite games. I just really liked the look: 2D sprites on a 3D background, and also big robots are pretty sweet. The battle system was turn-based, but the button inputs gave it the illusion of being more involved and it was fun trying to figure out the deathblow combos. The storyline is bonkers, and they famously used up most of the budget before finishing the game so the second disc features the main character sitting in a black room telling you about what happened during some missions you were supposed to be able to play through, but oh well. It’s still good and I’ve replayed it more than once. I’ve got great memories of playing this thing late into the night in my bedroom listening to Danzig and eating junk food.

  4. I just need to comment here exclusively to point out that I no shit know someone in real life who is named Action Jackson, and he is exactly as cool as you would hope a dude named Action Jackson would be named.

  5. It’s noteworthy that satisfaction features Britta Philips, current bassist in American indie rock greats Luna, and was also the voice of Jem! Looper was filmed in my Canadian town, Peterborough. It was underwhelming.
    Love the show!

  6. Add me to that list of Sphere fans Diana demanded. Yes, the ending sucks, but the film as whole holds up WAY better than Event Horizon.

  7. I HATE TheWeddingSinger as it’s not silly enough(I’m a Billy Madison gal) the only reason I remember it is because Boy George was in it and he was actually quite funny in a self deprecating role(80s Boy George is the closest I’ve ever came to loving a man his makeup, dreads as hat game were on fucking point) I think it’s a Drew Berrymore thing nothing she’s in ever does it for me especially Whip It like I think Juliette Lewis is my Drew Berrymore

    1. I meant I’m a “The Waterboy gal” “The Waterboy legit autocorrected to Billy Madison fug’n twice

  8. Oh man kudos to the dude who got them to talk DS9, especially this episode. The hosts gotta up the DS9 game, its great. This episode is awesome because it sets up both the 50s sci/fi universe as real and the DS9 universe as real, with Sisko/author being the connecting point between the two. DS0 is great because you get to the universe of star trek without the filter of the federation and the last few seasons you watch a large scale galactic war take off. They really explore alot of themes that they usually pass over in the other series. The series long ARC in DS9 may be the best out of all the series. this episode is probably sisko’s version of “there are four lights”

    1. I agree. I’m one of those people who thinks Deep Space 9 was the best Star Trek series. As with the Next Generation and Voyager, the first season isn’t great. But the last several seasons of DS9 are fantastic. It got so good, I was sad to see the series end. I really enjoyed the character dynamics. It was the best Trek series at showing characters with individual motivations, which sometimes clashed with other characters. And the “good guys” weren’t always so good. And it showed a full scale war in the Star Trek universe, in all it’s gritty glory. It also has one of my favorite characters in all of sci-fi: Garak, the space station tailor (and exiled alien spy).

      My favorite turn in the series is when aliens who were helping Federation enemies turned into a resistance movement against their former allies.

  9. My favorite funny memory from Shoot to Kill (which I recall thoroughly enjoying though I don’t recall when I last saw it) was a character early in the movie say something about going waterskiing on Lake Louise in Canada. They don’t allow motorized boats on Lake Louise, so my mom and I looked oddly at each other and she said, “Someone had to be paddling that canoe pretty fast!”

  10. Halló Thirty-Twenty-Ten hosts!! It´s birthday (literally) time!

    I was born 20 years ago on the seventeenth of February 1998. I didn´t show any interest in leaving my mother´s womb (I was set for the third) and so she had a caesarian. During it the scalpel accidentally sliced open the skin half-a centimeter above my left eye, and I ingested some of my mother´s piss so I had to be in a warm box for the first week or so. That definitely wasn´t a fun day… 🙁

    On my ten year birthday (I generally celebrate birthdays on the actual date even if it isn´t the weekend) I invited the boys in my class to my grandmother´s place. My uncle owned a Gamecube so we all played the eight player mode of Mario Party 7 on it, and some Mario Kart: Double Dash when most of the people were gone. My grandmother also (still!) owns a Mario mold so I always had a Mario cake for my birthday (which looked and literally was sweet).

    It was probably fun though I wasn´t really friends with my classmates. All my birthdays around this period sort of blend together.

    Thank you for the great (and borderline) entertainment you have brought me for the last four-five years. I started listening to RadioRadar in january 2013, and also listened to a few TalkRadar episodes. Discovered Vidjagame Apocalypse and the rest of the Laser time network a year later. Greetings from Iceland (and happy for Dave)!

  11. I remember going to see Sphere with my friend, who roped me in by telling me it was the next Jurassic Park. He made a really big deal out of it, so I agreed to go weeks in advance. The TV trailer for the movie had a scene where a big, scary fish jumps out at the camera, so I thought Sphere was going to be jump-scare central. I was a big wuss at the time, so I was NOT cool with that, but I had already agreed to go with my friend, and I couldn’t back out. I got halfway through the trailers before I excused myself to “the bathroom.” I was too scared to go through with it, so I called my godfather, and asked him to come pick me up, so my parents wouldn’t have to know that I wasted my ticket money. On the ride home, my godfather told me that he read the book, and it wasn’t really scary – it was probably just marketing. He took me to see it a few weeks later so that I could save face, and he was right: it’s not really a horror movie, it’s just weird.

    1. I feel like Sphere came out of the Crichton buzz, following Jurassic Park.
      I don’t remember the ads for Sphere, but I remember the ads for another Crichton film adaptation: Congo. It was marketed like it was another Jurassic Park, but definitely wasn’t. Other than the scenes with Ernie Hudson, it was pretty bad.

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