Vidjagame Apocalypse 251 – On the Shoulders of Colossi

VGA passes its five-year anniversary with a cough-filled, Shadow of the Colossus-themed episode, in which Matthew Allen joins us to talk about five games that clearly took inspiration from Sony’s classic (and now remade) giant-killer. We then move on to talking about Toad’s disgusting head, PUBG’s anti-cheating measures, and the games you wish you could erase from your memory and re-experience.

Question of the Week
With Valentine’s Day coming up, which character would you claim as your same-sex husbando or waifu?


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus

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25 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 251 – On the Shoulders of Colossi

  1. QotW: Edgeworth will always be my husbando. That gruff exterior, but heart of gold. He can never be an Objection to my heart

  2. QotW: not sure if this really works out as a thought exercise (as a gay man), but my gaming husbando would be Kazuma Kiryu as well. Tough guys with hearts of gold in gaming are my favorites.

  3. QoftW: I think my husband’s would have to be extreme early 2000s guy, Travis Touchdown. It has always been my dream to have someone to have lightsaber battles with, hang out with Shake Weights™, and shit with the bathroom door open.
    And I’m pretty sure he’s single.

    Love the show guys.

  4. I’m gay and technically woman due to birth so I think I should go with a male chose for spirit of the question I’d have to go with Squall from FFVIII he’s kind of mopey and asexual and we could share a wardrobe I guess Kefka would also work for the same reasons.

    1. Ya know what I’d actually go with Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage is my legit waifu who looks like an idealized version of myself while MK3 Sonya looks like my mom at least circa 07 while in MKX she acts like her and JC is my favorite all time fighting game character so it’d be a weird ass marriage and a therapists wet dream.

  5. I likeadamenz so I’ll go with a Hwomens, Cammy from street to quote the poet Al Pacino “SHE’S GOTA BAGREAT ASS!!!!”and she can do a mean Bison cosplay

  6. QOTW: Green Arrow from Injustice 2! That is one handsome archer, and he’s got a trick arrow for *everything*.
    And shout out to Flash cause imagine what he could do with all that speed and vibration.

  7. QOTW: If we’re talking same-sex husbandos, it’s going to have to be Craig Boone from Fallout: New Vegas.

    In my first run of Fallout: New Vegas, where I played as myself, Boone was my first companion and we were nearly inseperable throughout the course of the game. I was a weaker build and he offered the best back-up you could ask for, but what made him truly engaging was his tragic backstory that came together oh-so slowly and ultimately moved me in a significant way. It felt like a true friendship and I knew that I would do anything for Boone.

    So when it came time to visit Cottonwood Cove to gain passage to The Fort to meet with Caesar’s Legion, you better believe we went in armed to teeth and went on a rip-roaring rampage of bloody and gruesome revenge to get rid of Caesar. While it may not have mattered in ruining the organization of the Legion in the Mojave, it felt so right to ask him if it still felt good to do it and see him chuckle with a smirk and say “Yeah, it did.”

    The best couples stay together, slay together right? Now if only Obsidian included more “moments” with your companions and Boone could have taught me how to handle and care for my guns.

  8. Plenty of awesome Gaifus from Fire Emblem! Donnel seems like the perfect choice because all he wants to do is help out no matter the cost, who doesn’t want someone like that in their lives? Although does he keep the cooking pot on his head in bed?

  9. Qotw: The answer to this is easy and obvious for me: my same sex love interest would be Garrus, from Mass Effect. I went 3 full games with him almost always in my party, so I know that he’ll always have my back, and despite being some sort of weird alien, he’s handsome.

  10. My gaming husbando is always going to be Henry Gilbert, even though he will never read my name correctly.

    I’m straight, so I kind of want to cheat and say Erica from Catherine (the game is nearly 10 years old, a console generation old, and the Erica twist is heavily hinted at within the first hour or two and its a very minor subplot).
    BUT, I’ll play fair and honestly say, I’m curious what Gil from Street Fighter 3 (and Kolin’s story cutscene from SFV) is packing. Is it red and blue down the middle with blonde bush? His loincloth sprite is asymmetrical, so I’m guessing it curves, so which side has more color? Red or blue? Does he literally have blue balls? He should be fairly grateful then!

    1. He’s also literally the heaviest character that has ever been in a Street Fighter game. At over 700lbs, he’s gotta be packing some heat.
      Also, 1/3 of a ton is where I draw the line and say I have to be the top, because he would literally smoosh me in a non-sexy way.

  11. Easy question. Easiest question ever asked. She was confident, strong, sexy, and arguably the single best party member you could have on your team. And yet, if you could tease it out of her, she had a soft caring side that made you jealous of Vanille due to their close relationship.

  12. ______██████████████
    -____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ M ▓████

  13. QotW: I’m bisexual CIS male so this doesn’t really work but, I still can answer on what dude I thought was hot.

    Link in Breath of the Wild. Him in the Gerudo outfit- ooh boy!

  14. QOTW: Being an heterosexual man I’d say without doubt Handsome Jack. First he’s rich so that’s a big plus there. Secondly I could sneak out in the night to fool around with Buttstalion. That’d be the life.

  15. QOTW: Who would I like my husbando to be? Am I stretching too far to say that I love the narrator from Darkest Dungeon? His voice is so smooth, and he speaks with such a wizened and educated vernacular… I love/hate the game, but I find myself going back over and over just to hear his description of how my characters slowly descend into madness…

  16. QOTW: As a straight male my answer has to be Yusuke from Persona 5. He’s incredibly stylish, passionate and best of all he’s adorably awkward. I was totally obsessed with his character from the moment you’re intoduced to him, he was a staple in my team for the whole 115 hours of play and I looked forward to advancing our social link at any opportunity I had.
    Shame Persona isn’t open to same sex romance just yet.

  17. My husbando would have to be Gordon Freeman. We both love science. He’s a badass with a crossbow and best of all he doesn’t speak so no nagging.

  18. I didn’t see anyone mention the Metal Gear Solid V disarmament cutscene yet. It was discovered on the PC not long after launch. As you may remember, people weren’t happy about many hanging plot threads (the cancelled Episode 51 being the prime example) and the relative lack of cutscenes in the game compared to previous MGS games.

    Modders took to digging through the data files and found the disarmament sequence, but saw that the conditions for making it play had been left blank. They could replace that code and force it to play, but you’d never encounter it during normal gameplay. The assumption was that Konami was monitoring conditions and would push an update once they were met. Sounds like that happened due to a glitch on their end.

  19. My gaming husbando would be Dogi from the Ys games. He’s there for Adol through thick and thin, so I know he’d be a loyal and compassionate partner-in-life, but he is also “The Wall Crusher,” so you KNOW can smash, you know what I’m sayin?

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