Talking Simpsons – Bart Sells His Soul

This’ll be a treat, Uncle Moe has a podcast while you eat! Bart has no faith in the soul and sells his to Milhouse only to immediately regret it. Can he find it while Moe gets into the business of family restaurants? All that and lessons in poetry, ALF, and more in this week’s podcast!


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart Sells His Soul

  1. I really hope ya’ll are going to take it easy on Christianity and people who have the audacity to believe in something that you don’t. There’s just always this shitty ignorance towards it that you’d never do to other more conservative religions. Basically I just hope ya’ll follow the do unto others philosophy and be as respect to Christians as you would Muslims, Jews or Atheist all four of which had very negative things done in their name if you open a history book.

  2. I’m not Christian at all and I believe in God. However, I watched enough tv (real or fiction) to know that God is a harsh mistress, who is either smiteful or just doesn’t care at all like the uneducated voter.

    I definitely watched this episode a lot in syndication and it may not be my most favorite episode, but it’s a good one to think about. You may not believe in the concept of a soul, but this is Bart’s personhood at stake in this episode. It’s a redemption journey for the main character, and it does bring the trope of not taking the most important things for granted to mind. It wasn’t so much the inability to walk through doors or a lack of breath that hurt him the most, but the fact that Milhouse traded a very important thing for some stupid pieces of cardboard. The ending was quite powerful to me as a brat.

    Regarding the Uncle Moe subplot, I’m reminded of a comment by Quark regarding the Holosuites in the early episodes of Deep Space Nine. Not everybody wants to run Riker Program xxx, there are other uses for the Holodeck, and considering it’s the 1990s, Family Friendly Entertainment is the future. Though that may be due to the Boomers reaching the age of parenthood.

  3. I’ve seen that video- what was it that you all didn’t like about the Super Eyepatch Wolf Simpsons video? Though I agree that his anime ones are better, particularly the one he did on Bleach.

    1. They explain their problems with the SEW video on one of their Patreon-exclusive “Talk to the Audience” specials! #SponsoredContent

  4. I also never liked this ep as a kid, now im fine with it, did not care for religion in my cartoons, having to go to church every sunday was enough, seeing bart desperate for his soul made me uncomfortable when I was little.
    I think the next ep that made me feel this way is where they fall asleep in church and the apocalypse happened outside.

  5. I also was familiar with “In The Garden of Eden” when I first saw this episode because it had been used in a 1991 episode of Home Improvement where Tim tried to scare the boys by faking an alien invasion or something. My mum had to explain the joke to me then. But I was ready when it popped up again here!

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