Vidjagame Apocalypse 253 – Year of the Dog

The Lunar New Year has declared this the Year of the Dog, so let’s celebrate with a Top 5 about our favorite playable dog protagonists (dogtagonists?), with Matthew Allen! We then slip through a wormhole and wind up in a Metal Gear Survive discussion, consider the looming possibility of a Sonic the Hedgehog film, and talk about the songs and other media that will always be tied to certain games in your memory.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite dog from video games?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Canis Lupus by The Aquabats! Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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33 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 253 – Year of the Dog

  1. The first dog in a video game I ever had a real attachment to was Pochitaro in the very first Yakuza game. Kiryu was taking Haruka to the next destination or they were looking for somebody (I forget) and they stumble upon this poor starving puppy. Kiryu was all, eff this dog, but Haruka insisted on helping it. So we went on this little quest to search for a specific brand of dog food, as the fast food Kiryu had in his inventory was not suitable for a pup like him. After a few minutes of wandering I found out that Don Quijote (which does sell everything), indeed sold the dog food he was looking for. Mission accomplished. Well, I missed the dog because it was so cute, but the story meant we had to leave it alone for now, but later on, the little guy followed us into the bar Serena! To this day I wonder if the developers ever continued the doggo’s story, but I learned that Yakuza 3’s dog was NOT the same dog, that one is named Rex/Mame.

  2. Dogs Bower from Blue Stinger & Illbleed…kidding it’s Rex from Fallout New Vegas a dog that a gang of Elvis ass motherfuckers living outside of Vegas loaned me. He hates rats and he hates hats. largely because hats rhymes with rats. I got to give him a dope ass new Robot brain and because he’s mostly cyborg he won’t devastatingly die in like 12 years like most dogs which is the main reason i don’t own pets.

  3. I can’t remember many dogs in video games, but I would say the one that stands out in my memory is D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid 5. One, I think being able to put tactical goggles on him is adorable. But primarily it’s because D-Dog looks a lot like my family dog, and for that he came with great attachment.

  4. QOTW – Interceptor! I’m pretty sure Interceptor never made an appearance without me exclaiming “Yes!” with a little fist-pump, since he only made an appearance randomly during battles in Final Fantasy VI. As if we needed another reason to keep Shadow alive and in the active battle party. He was already a ninja and adding in his canine buddy just put him way over the top.

    1. BAAHH!!! Stole the words out of my brain Joey-Jo-Jo!!!
      Shadow was clearly the Snake-Eyes of FF3/6!

      To be different, I like the dogs that lead you to moons in Mario Odyssey.

  5. QOTW: The dog from Fable 2. He’s the only connection to your childhood, and at the end, he takes a freaking bullet for you! Then after the final boss, you’re given the choice to bring back either your loved ones or a bunch of innocents, (or get a ton of money) Who the hell didn’t choose to bring back their beloved dog that was with them through every step of their journey?

  6. QOTW: oddball and domino from 102 Dalmatians puppies to the rescue. Probably a silly answer but while the game isn’t amazing I did enjoy it and still go back to it for nostalgic reasons. God the music looped so much I still get it stuck in my head.

    Also did you guys really find spyro aged worse than crash? I like both but other than the camera I felt spyro aged way better and cameras can be fixed easily.

  7. QOTW:

    Gonna go with Riley from Call of Duty: Ghosts. Why? Because in the past two weeks I’ve been playing through all of the CoD single player campaigns in order of release, and last night I finished Ghosts. And I needed SOMETHING positive to say about that fucking game. So there it is. Riley the dog is pretty cool.

    But everybody knows the canonical Best Dog in Video Games is Pompidou from Life Is Strange. Followed closely by D Dog from MGSV (but only as a puppy).

  8. QotW: While Missile from Ace Attorney was already given as a response, the real best dog in games is Missile from Ghost Trick. That never-give-up attitude and his willingness to do anything to protect the people he cares about really endears him to you. And his similar shape swapping ability really changes up the gameplay in an awesome way.

  9. I guess they’re not considering Amaterasu to be a dog, the only one that could possibly rival her would be Parappa, unless you’re saying that wolves don’t count as dogs, which seems like a shame, since Amaterasu is clearly the best canine.

  10. QOTW: One of the standout missions from my 150 hours of Skyrim back in the day was my encounter with Barbas, the talking dog who asks you to reunite him with his master. In a mostly otherwise serious game, Barbas brought some welcome levity. “Skyrim is host to giant flying lizards and two-legged cat-men, and you’re surprised my me?” he asks when you encounter him. I didn’t realize it until researching him a bit, but Barbas is apparently Daedric, and takes other forms as well — he’s even a returning character in the series since Morrowind. I’m looking forward to an Elder Scrolls/Fallout crossover: Barbas vs. Dogmeat. My money’s on the magical mutt.

  11. I gotta go with my favorite fire type pokemon, Arcanine. How can I not love a fucking 6 foot tall fire Shisa? It’s a giant fluffy dog you could ride on like a horse. Also, Arcanine is pretty damn strong. 10/10, would pet.

  12. QOTW: Does anyone remember Shadow from Dead to Rights? Probably not, because it’s Dead to Rights. However it is the only dog that follows through with the biggest fear many men have about dogs… violent testicular mutilation… what a charming game…

  13. Re: Secret of Mana: I find it is exactly the opposite of how Chris describes it. Older people are more inclined to be forgiving of it, knowing its tumultuous development and what it took to get it onto the SNES and how it still turned out amazing despite how much had to be cut; whereas younger people find it janky and impenetrable (the younger people I’ve talked to about it, anyway).

    I listened to the entire remixed soundtrack because I had heard things. About half of it is total dog shit, and most of the rest isn’t much better. Overall, this remastered soundtrack may be some of the worst music I’ve heard in a high-profile release in a while. Anything with chaotic noise, like the boss theme “Danger” or the Dark Lich battle theme “The Oracle”, is especially awful, as are most of the more recognizable early-game tracks people really like, like “Color of the Summer Sky”, “Together Always”, and “A Curious Tale”. Sadly and ironically, many of the remixes credited to Hiroki Kikuta are among the worst songs on the soundtrack—not sure why, but it’s very unfortunate. Generally if a track had some sort of emotionally charged bent to begin with, it’s probably fine, but anything even slightly upbeat is liable to have gotten butchered. Best track by a country mile is “Secret of the Arid Sands” (the desert theme):

  14. I saw The Dog Island in a store the week before this podcast, I went back and picked it up after hearing it. Was going to get A Dog’s Life also but it sold in the last couple weeks.

  15. Isabelle from Animal Crossing. The only character that I can truly trust to do a good job, and keeps that robbing arsehole Tom Nook off my back.

  16. Hearing the hosts shit on the Amazon Echo and it “listening in to everything” is pretty hilarious considering they nearly in the same breath talked about using Siri for the same shit or about how great the iphone is (including Chris’s android sucks comments in the past). So the logic is the Echo is somehow processing every single bit of information it receives to control you but the Iphone isn’t? In terms of companies I’d be more afraid of apple’s bulshit than amazon.

  17. It has to be Rex the Cyberdog from Fallout New Vegas. The hat and rat hating German Shepard melted my heart as you had to replace his brain in order to heal him. A loyal companion to the end, I find I liked him over the traditional dog side kick of Fallout, Dogmeat.

  18. QOTW: Statue of Hachiko in The World Ends With You game by Square Enix. When I played this game on the Nintendo DS I was not made aware till years later that the statue actually exist in Japan in the Shibuya District and that Hachiko was a real akita breed dog that is commemorated due to his loyalty waiting at the Shibuya train station for his master to return every day even after his masters death. In the game the statue plays a big role in the story line of the game as a location that is often revisited.

  19. QOTW: The Zombie Dogs from Resident Evil. They scared the shit out of me in the game…and they were one of the better parts of the first movie.

  20. QOTW: Tokyo Jungle is an underrated game I’ve been raving about for years and this is the first time I’ve heard anyone else has acknowledged how awesome that game is. So, I’ll go with my favorite dog from Tokyo Jungle: The Yokozuna. This is the Tosa boss you guys briefly mentioned who has to reclaim his honor after losing a fight to a beagle. His story mission is a great spoof of Japanese crime movies, he’s the best (non-robot) dog in the game, and he’s adorable. He’s a good, good boy and I love him.

  21. Qotw: one of my favorite game series, that I believe is highly underrated, is Harvest Moon. Even though the series has gone way down hill, there are still 4 plus Harvest Moon games that are really good. My favorite dog from video games is the adorable dog from the early Harvest Moon games. Do yourself a favor and play Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

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