The Big Lebowski, Celine Dion’s Heart Starts, and Batman and Spider-Man trade places – Mar 2 – 8

A Marvel and DC show tag each other in, the Wario series truly begins, Titanic brings another medium to its knees and one of the most beloved movies ever made debuts and we must abide! All that and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten…


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21 thoughts on “The Big Lebowski, Celine Dion’s Heart Starts, and Batman and Spider-Man trade places – Mar 2 – 8

      1. well it’s good to have a younger perspective on pop culture

        the real issue is since Brett/Henry/Dave aren’t around the balance has been thrown off between only 3 hosts

  1. There was a time when I saw a lot of Richard Pryor movies, and I know I saw Moving. The only part I remember is him being in an office with some lady, and trying to flip her off, but for some reason he gives her the index finger instead of the middle finger, then he goes on for a while regretting having given her the wrong finger.

    Love and Death in Long Island was pretty low-key, but pretty good. There’s a scene with John Hurt smoking in the back of a cab, and the taxi driver says the sign says “No Smoking,” and John Hurt says, “No, it says “Thank you for not smoking,” and as I am smoking, I don’t expect to be thanked.” It’s linked in my mind with Gods and Monsters, two movies around the same time with older men with obsessions with younger men that aren’t necessarily sexual, if I remember right. Gods and Monsters led me to watch a number of James Whales’ other movies, not just Frankenstein, they’re pretty good, old movies, from the 30’s, so there’s no way Chris would watch them.

  2. i remember my dad telling me that he was in new York when the writers strike was going on and telling me that the comedy clubs where packed with comediennes that in a couple years would be popular saying that he saw jay Leno before he was jay Leno and going this guys pretty good what sadness that would become

  3. I’ve seen US Marshals several times (mostly on TV for some reason) and it’s pretty bad. What’s interesting / stands out in my mind, is that it was at the peak of Robert Downey Jr’s drug abuse days, and I remember somewhere in an interview he was asked about making the movie and he doesn’t remember any of it because of just being on drugs the entire time.

  4. THE BIG LEBOWSKI was the greatest moviegoing experience I ever had.
    As Chris and Diana mentioned, critics were not kind to the film and it was a box-office flop. I was surprised at the time by how hard it was to find in theaters. I was living in suburban New York and still working in a big multiplex yet NONE of the nearby theaters were showing it. I ended up going all the way to Danbury, Connecticut with friends because there was a big mall out there. Not all of them were on board for the film (again, the critics did NOT like it, even though we had all loved FARGO) so in the end most of my friends left and it was just me and one pal in a tiny Connecticut movie house. The theater was nearly empty. Everything about this was awkward and yet once the movie got rolling we started laughing and we never stopped. I don’t remember hearing anyone else even giggle but that didn’t matter because we were HOWLING like De Niro in Cape Fear minus the cigar. It was one of those days that if I could Groundhog Day myself and relive it over and over, I would. I was delighted that years later, once the public came around, it became one of the most beloved movies of the decade. I wish last week’s DARK CITY had gotten the same love (which I also had to track down in a distant theater and enjoyed immensely)

  5. Hey Chris, you were asking about a new tool to search for game releases. Have you looked at, of all things, Gamefaqs advanced search at

    It’s got some weird bugs but if you input the dates manually in the correct format (1988-03-01) you can get a lot of info. Looking at what they had I was able to find 4 releases in 1988 including Arkanoid II and Ballblazer … at least it’s not nothing!

  6. Spectacular Spider-Man really is an amazing show. Hell, they actually make you confused about who The Green Goblin is. It’s an actual mystery where by the end, before the reveal, you’re yelling “WHO ARE YOU?!”

  7. I’m a genuine fan of New Amsterdam! Seriously, it was a really fun TV show and I binged watched it when it came out. To answer your questions: the protagonist, John Amsterdam had pretty much done everything already. He’d been a history teacher, furniture maker, painter, battlefield medic, coachman, lawyer, comedian, and a soldier multiple times. And yes, he did end up using his past knowledge in the present day in interesting ways. In one episode he flashed back to his time as a con-man and that helped him realized he was being conned in the present day. In another he was in desperate need of money and made a perfect reproduction of an 18th century piece of masterwork furniture because he was that 18th century master carpenter. Oh, and John took his current name and joined the NYPD because of 9/11. Anyways, it was a really fun show and is my second favorite “cancelled before a full season” TV show other than Firefly. High praise? Yup! But doesn’t “Cowboys in Space” sound kind of goofy too?

  8. 10,000 BC was one of my most memorable movie going experiences. Me and a bunch of friends went and saw it in the theater and five minutes in we all start cracking up and places where wen’t supposed to laugh. We quickly devolved into a MST3K-style experience and looking back we must have been a little obnoxious to anyone trying to enjoy the film but I still can’t imagine watching it any other way.

  9. The Big Lebowski will always have a special place in my heart, not just because it introduced me to White Russians, but because I watched it again and again and again with my fraternity brothers. It was one of three or four movies that always seemed to be in rotation and that we never got tired of. You know, I’m going to ping them all on Facebook and see if I can get a virtual viewing party together, kind of like LaserTime’s Movie Night. Anyone ever “watched” a movie with a group of friends scattered around the country? What service did you use?

  10. I’m still miffed about what happened with Spectacular Spider-Man. When Disney bought out Marvel, they let Sony choose between keeping the film rights to Spidey or the TV rights. Sony of course chose the film rights, going on to make the Amazing Spider-Man films. SSM became a casualty of the buyout, with Disney airing the show for a while on Disney XD but ultimately starting over with a new creative team because Sony still owned the rights to the show and they didn’t want to produce more episodes. So the show just kind of shriveled up and died, and Disney went on to take fifty steps back with Ultimate Spider-Man.

  11. Was there an editing problem with this ep? One minute Matt was talking about games (Wario?) Then it cut to Diana mid-way through taking about King Kong.

  12. About “Sparks”: You’re right that the best part of the show was the theme song, but then you guys proceeded to play the wrong theme. Seriously, I don’t know where that sax intro even came from.

    The actual theme (and intro) can be found about 45 seconds into this video:

  13. This comment is a bit late, but I did watch the show “Probe” when I was a kid.

    The title is terrible. Basically, imagine Bill Nye as a detective.

    It appealed to my emerging geekdom. I can’t say if it holds up today.

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