Talking Futurama – Space Pilot 3000 (Special Patreon Preview Podcast!)

Good news, everyone!!! The Talking Simpsons Patreon has started its newest miniseries, and this time around, we’ll be looking at all 13 episodes of Futurama‘s first season. For our inaugural episode, we dig into the pilot (aptly named “Space Pilot 3000”) as well as every detail we could possibly find about Futurama‘s production! If you dig our clip-and-reference-heavy take on The Simpsons, you’ll definitely find a lot to love with our same treatment of Futurama. So jump into the nearest probulator, crank up the volume, and get ready for Henry, Bob, and Chris to introduce you to THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!


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And don’t forget to watch this awesome video of Chris and Dave playing a “classic” Simpsons game!

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3 thoughts on “Talking Futurama – Space Pilot 3000 (Special Patreon Preview Podcast!)

  1. This might be the thing that wins me over to the patreon. I grew up with the Simpsons, but I have a very complicated relationship with Futurama. I only discovered it in the late 2000s (probably around 2009 or so), but in the span of 6 or 7 years I have seen every episode of the first 4 seasons several hundreds of times. This show was my go to background noise for anything- household chores, mindless work tasks, long trips in the car. It became a defining part of my relationship when, upon our first night together, my ex and I both discovered that we fell asleep with Futurama playing in the background every night (it was a grounding thing for both of us for similar reasons and just amazing that we both used this show to do it). I’ve not been able to come near the show since the break up 2 years ago, but this series might just be the catharsis I so desperately need. I am very glad you’re doing it, and if you ever need no name guest star who can quote the show backwards and forwards like few others can and still manage to party like Slurms Mackenzie , I will be there with my red jacket and my famous jerked prunes and the material rewards of my latest pool caper and my silly tequila straw and my different lengths of wire and… well, I’m sure you get it.

  2. 1. This and What A Cartoon have won me over, just joined the patreon.
    2. As a Midwesterner I can confirm we still have those cool ass tubes at our banks.

  3. I do remember the optimism during the year 2000, and Jet Grind Radio Future and this cartoon were examples of it. You guys have a better memory of what Gen-X did with cheaper access to multimedia as CDs flew out the wazoo into our music players and computers. Technology was like what was seen in the World’s Fair exhibit, and for kids like me and my friends it was a gee whiz sort of deal compared to the crushing pessimism and nihilism you hosts felt. We were unfortunate to feel those negative emotions just around the time when Dubya was reelected. Dammit we have to wait another two decades for that optimism to return considering the gap between the zeitgeist of the Atomic Age of the 1950s vs Y2K.

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