Talking Simpsons – The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

After a really crappy clip show, we’re watching ones so good you’ll forget it’s only 23 percent new footage. Specials guest Kat Bailey joins us to chat all about the funniest deleted scenes, the classic old shorts, montages, and so much more on this week’s podcast!


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6 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m unable to get this episode in my usual feed at the moment.
    Having ndver seen the Tracy Ullman Simpsons shorts before this episode I thought they were a joke bases on the crude animation. It blew my mind when I did discover that not only were they real there were dozens of other shorts out there. Maggie’s face of terror during the Rock-a-Bye baby scene and Robot Richard Simmons was the funniest jokes my brother and I had ever seen. It seems odd now how his adult aimed excersice tapes were big enough in the 90’s that various versions of him showed up in kids cartoons like Rockos Modern life and Tiny Toons.

    1. It’s not working for me other.

      There was a brief period in the late 90s when, as a child, I watched a whole bunch of Simpsons in syndication with my older brothers. I remember seeing this one come up and getting really excited and telling my brothers but they kind of blew me off. I watched it and really loved it. I still remember seeing the “what does it say when Maggie is scanned” but I missed it after the commercial break. Not that I would have gotten it at the time but I never saw the punchline and this time watching it I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts!

  2. Not working for me either!

    Am I supposed to work distraction free now?! This is not the future I signed up for!!!

    Love the show guys, and still trying to avoid photos of you so I can keep my weird mental images of you all Simpsonified.

  3. If the Disney acquisition of Fox goes through, I’d be curious what happened with The Simpsons in Disney’s hands.

  4. I’ve been a long time fan of everything this group has created for almost a decade. I’ve donated money, supported Patreons, and even sent gifts. In no way would I ever want to offend any member of these podcasts, as you guys have provided me endless entertainment for so long.

    But please, oh please… As a quiet fan who never asks of anything from you guys. Please. Find it in your heart to convince Hank to stop saying “beautiful” a dozen times each episode. I love relistening to episodes throughout my work day and I am finding myself grinding my teeth and stopping the podcast every time Hank says it now. Just… Use alternatives of the word. Beautiful moment in an episode? Maybe we say “this was heartfelt”. Beautiful animation? Instead we say “wonderfully drawn”. But please… No more “it’s beautiful”.

    Hank. I love ya. I really do. And if this is any way offensive, then I’m sorry.

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