Talking Simpsons – Two Bad Neighbors With Virgil Texas And Matt Christman

Chapo Traphouse hosts Virgil Texas and Matt Christman know politics and Simpsons better than most humans, making them a perfect fit for Two Bad Neighbors! We dig into the Bush family’s war with The Simpsons, explain some of the more random bits of political history, and revel in the beauty of Homer and Bart battling the former First Family in this podcast! [FYI: We recorded this weeks before the passing of Barbara Bush.]


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33 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Two Bad Neighbors With Virgil Texas And Matt Christman

  1. You know how you guys often mention some alleged ‘Talking Simpsons’ curse, where mentioning an older celebrity’s name during either the recording or broadcasting of a podcast heavily increases the chances of them dying right afterwards? With news of Barbara Bushes departure (who shows up in this episode, albeit voiced by an impersonator) I’m beginning to suspect there might be some basis for that belief…

    1. Here is hoping that is just a by-product of doing a watch-along podcast for a near-thirty year old show. By now, most of the ceeative team may be in their fifties and sixties; and they were likely referencing and finding guests from their own pasts, who might be in their eighties and up now. So it makes sad sense remembering the Simpsons is a kind of death march.

  2. These two guests were awful. Painfully unfunny.

    You guys still have yet to have a single non white guest on your show.

  3. Even though both Bushes got us into wars with the Middle East and into economic recessions, it’s sobering that this episode was about how feckless of a man HW Bush is domestic-wise. Right now we’re getting the best of both worlds a horrible miserable pile of secrets who is definitely trying to be a rocketman while ruining the lives of many Americans. It was a great insight regarding how people try to be Presidentas they compromise their principles but the popularity contest keeps letting increasingly unqualified people into the office. It’s a good thing Senator Obama did not melt down every day on Twitter.

  4. This episode gets a “Kwyjibo” level triple bonus of a *curse* because earlier Hank wished death upon both H.W Bush and Barbra Bush in a long ago episode (which he did later apologize for.) It’s just bizarre that she did in fact pass away hours before this exact episode aired as well.

    Two things I can’t believe was that nobody ‘t mentioned the Simpsons movie during the whole Bio-dome fad discussion and you guys never mention Bushes VP Dan Quayle (even though he could have been our president during the hours where Bush went into surgery.) But I guess that’s more to do with how little a Vice President actually matters in the grand scheme of things. I love the animation during the boat motor tearing things up scene, Bart’s refection on the blades, to the silhouettes to the hundreds of papers being shredded is some really great work.

  5. These guests are terrible. They talk way too much and don’t really add anything to the conversation in relation to the episode. And for the record, I agree with them politically.

    Also, who kept hitting the mics? Bring back Chris.

    1. The outside guests like Kat and Dave really do slow the episodes down…they just don’t know enough about the show to constructively comment.

      1. I don’t even understand why TS still uses this platform to promote the shows considering they made it clear they are not a part of Lasertime anymore.

      2. I dunno, I think Kat and Dave are pretty great (Matt Jay is…ok?) I enjoy hearing how an episode resonated with different people as much as I like hearing Bob and Hank do the deep dive on any cultural subtext I might’ve missed.

        That being said, I wish I didn’t look up how much these Chapo Trap House guys are making on Patreon…Eeeeeghh…

      3. Kat and Dave work because they are in the LT family, it’s the outpouring of outside guests that will get old soon without Chris

        1. Kat is great. She’ll often reign them in when the personal anecdotes go long and become completely detatched from the show.

    2. Also, they didn’t have the courtesy to silence their phone during recording. There were at least two different alerts going off.

  6. Good lord that was painful.

    Every time Nasal Political Nerd #1 and Nasal Political Nerd #2 opened their mouths the episode completely lost me. It’s not that I don’t agree with their political views, it’s that they just don’t shut up, and both of them were really hard to listen to.

  7. Bob I work right near the old Mike Tyson mansion. Visited it a couple times but never crossed the gate. Now it is owned by a local church. They actually had an open house before they started renovating so everyone could come and see it

  8. Not a super strong episode, though I get that it’s a really good get to get the Chapo House guys on the podcast. But besides having a politician it’s not actually that political an episode so I felt like the Chapo guys were just pulling for other political knowledge to bring in that seemed kind of irrelevant to the episode (I get that talking politics is what they do so they need to talk politics on an episode). Plus having guys who really know what they are about sort of showed the sort of shallowness of Bob and Henry’s politics who could only resort to basic “Repubs are BAD” and didn’t really have the facts to back it up. And I hate that I have to specify this or else be called an gamergate asshole, but I’m a leftist who very much agrees with the Chapo style front (though I don’t actually enjoy listening to that podcast that much… just too many podcasts!)

  9. that was…bad. guests talked too much, talked over clips, phones and other noises going off, Henry’s cringey use of the word “cucking”, “mixing up” a story about Barbara Bush calling someone a bitch….

    all of that on top of the already awkward tone of the episode with Mrs. Bush passing.

    haven’t been a fan of the newish format with outside guests, and this is a new low. less and less excited for Wednesdays

    where the hell is Chris?

  10. As other have said on this comment section, these guests were truly awful. You guys really need to either prep these guests before they come on, or at least rein them in. They were constantly getting sidetracked, talking over the audio clips, and generally didn’t bring anything interesting to the discussion about the actual episode.

    1. At least Henry has the restraint to repeat a joke verbatim and add no meaningful commentary *after* the clip has played, rather than over the audio.

  11. These guests were awful. Not funny at all and they brought nothing to the table.

    It also seemed like they have their facts wrong. Nowhere can I find any mention of dole campaigning in all 50 states.

    If you’re going to be unfunny, at least be factual.

  12. I hope to hear Chris again soon. No harm in trying new guests, but did not enjoy these guys at all. Closest I have come to not finishing an episode

  13. If we got the boys from Chapo, how about the Cum Boys? Nick, Stav and Adam from “Cum Town” know their Simpsons, and Nick can even do Marge & Homer voices. Cum Town, go on Talking Simpsons!

    1. I wish it was. This episode was horrible. I can’t think of an episode that was as bad as this was. Never have these two guests on again please ffs.

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