Ground Zero Shows – Laser Time #327

You gotta start somewhere! And even cult shows with small fanbases can end up defining the next wave of comedy and animation. In this episode of Laser Time, we’ve come up with a selection of fantastic programs whose influence, quality and longevity ended up outweighing their lack of ratings or financial success. Even if you haven’t heard out Ground Zero Shows, the players involved likely went on to make something you do know and love. Let us know what we missed!







8 thoughts on “Ground Zero Shows – Laser Time #327

  1. Interesting choice of words with Ground Zero as a GZ comedy program for me was The Opie and Anthony show (I come from a largely Stern family so my O&A love was controversial growing up they’re the Gn’R & Nirvana of talk radio) while not a tv show it did feature a lot of NY stand ups & improv folk who’d define my blue comedy affinity. One of my favorite bits was when future WWE employee Sam Roberts organically came across photos of Hulk Hogan destroying the World Trade Center on air which is the shows humor in a nutshell

    1. not sure how O&A is ground zero for anything other than radio hosts getting fired for dumb reasons, but Anthony Cumia has the greatest Andrew Dice Clay impression of all time

  2. Joel McHale’s ground zero was Almost Live! a local show from Seattle. The show also launched the career of Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

  3. You missed one. Check out the folks involved in Dr Katz. C’mon guys. Otherwise. Great episode. I’m eager to see how lasertime goes once we get past the “moving episodes”. Oddly interested in seeing if his home friends will be involved.

    Also, chris, You need bob and henry on one of the first ones simply to dispel the rumor there’s somehow bad blood going on between you guys. Also… hope Matt J can still be part of lasertime 1.98.273 beta

  4. What about the show “Freaks and Geeks”. Started careers like James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and Linda Cardellini.

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