Vidjagame Apocalypse 262 – Bottom of the Barrel

This is it, folks – VGA is going on hiatus, and we’ve cooked up a hell of an episode to tide you over until we come back. In addition to Chris and Mikel, we’ve assembled Brett Elston, Dan Amrich, Anne Lewis, and Tyler Wilde to tackle a forbidden subject from our distant pasts, one we swore we’d never do: a list of the greatest barrels ever. What dark forces will be unleashed by assembling such a strong panel for such an inane discussion? Find out, and then stick around as we look at your favorite VGA episodes and maybe pack in a surprise or two.


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break songs are Beer Barrel Polka as performed by Frankie Yankovic and His Yanks, and Let’s Get Stoned and Play Nintendo by Grumblebunny.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
Metro: Exodus

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12 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 262 – Bottom of the Barrel

  1. Gonna miss the VGAs each week, but you deserve it, Mikel! I hope you enjoy your break and it’s -amazing- to see Dan (Bam Ramdick) Amrich, Tyler and Anne!

  2. Who would have thought that podcasts would end up defining periods of my life in the same way that certain tv shows have.
    I first got a comment read on talk radar 13, and have followed ever since, in that time I moved to live in the US, then back to the UK, got married and had a kid.
    Ten years of content, I’m hoping this short hiatus leads to great content for many years to come.

  3. Great to hear Cyber Wilde and Anne return for the podcast!

    Enjoy the hiatus, looking forward to hearing you when you return.

  4. Enjoy your well-earned break Mikel. It was great to see an all-star lineup of guests that I hope haven’t made their last appearance on VGA, including the racoon.

  5. Holy crap, it’s so awesome to hear Tyler and Anne on the show again! And Brett and Dan too, of course. Enjoy your time off, Mikel. My long, boring work days won’t be the same without the show, but I hope your creative batteries get recharged during the hiatus. You deserve it!
    I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

  6. As a marathon runner, I can assure that it’s possible to poop your pants while running. I’ve done it twice.

    Sometimes a fart isn’t a fart. Know what I mean?

    Thanks for everything, y’all. I started listening when I started running 5 years ago, and you’ve been part of my Friday runs ever since.

  7. Sigh…I’m sure there are more video game podcasts out there than grains of sand at the beach, but what’s the point of looking. Thanks for putting together a consistently great show Mikel, hope you enjoy the hiatus!

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