Disneyland Myths and Urban Legends – Laser Time #328

It’s time to explore, debunk, and quite possibly even bunk several popular rumors revolving around The Happiest Place on Earth. Obviously, there’s plenty of Disney expertise to go around, but we’ve also got a former park cast member on board, so get ready for a much deeper dive into Disneyland mythbustery!



8 thoughts on “Disneyland Myths and Urban Legends – Laser Time #328

  1. …The biggest Marvel movie has made just came out, and not only you guys didn’t do a live reaction in the day, this new episode has nothing to do with infinity war.

    What happened to LaserTime? Did i miss an important announcement or shake-up?

    1. Long story short to the link above: Chris is moving to Florida and is trying to get the network up and running again but is experiencing move related delays.

  2. Chris is back in FL? I am now hoping the cover image for this episode represents Mickey visiting Batman the Podcast Manner. And here is hoping the move is going well, haunted mansions or not!

  3. Just as a heads up, the Club 33 question’s answer was slightly incorrect. Yes there isn’t a Club 33 in Orlando, but there will be. WDW is building at the least 3 new Club 33’s for Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios. It’s still up in the air if one is being built in Animal Kingdom.

  4. 7 years of Lasertime and only now are we getting Disney episodes, the one thing Chris is passionate about, I wanted this 6 years ago lol

  5. Hey Chris, love the Disney episodes. Keep ‘em coming! Also, now that you’re back in Florida, just wanted to reach out and let you know you’ve got a Laser Time fan right here in Orlando! And who is also a Cast Member that works on the animatronics in the Magic Kingdom!

    Looking forward to part two of this episode!

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