Moral Panics! – Laser Time #331

Won’t somebody please think of the children! Righteous crusades come and go, but with the truly blessed gift of hindsight, looking back at moral panics aimed at popular culture is undeniably hilarious. Back when the world didn’t seem to have any real problems, folks found plenty of ways to lose their minds over innocuous classics, such as Superman, Pokemon, rock music, and yes, even Thundercats. This episode is jam packed with the pious proof, and we’ve even included several video examples below if you’d like an extended look at white people adjusting poorly to new things.


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Watch Pastor Gary and Chief Toy-Hater Phil Phillips riff on the satanic spirit inherent within everything you love in Deception of a Generation!

Before Thundercats betrayed the world, Games Children Play took Lionel, He-Man, The Simpsons, Final Fantasy and more to task for their hidden hedonistic imagery!

Learn all about the seething evil of that danged Rock Music in the surprisingly even-keeled Rock: It’s Your Decision!

Harken ye! Back to a time when Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games were spoken about like the original IRL-resistant social media, but with 500% more Satan and addiction, in The Fantasy Explosion!

And last but not least, ride the panic-stricken train of D&D malevolence in the Tom Hanks-starring cautionary made-for-TV movie, Mazes and Monsters!

10 thoughts on “Moral Panics! – Laser Time #331

  1. I’ve heard of Deception of a Generation and Rock: It’s Your Decision thanks to The Cinema Snob. Also in regards to rock ‘n roll, check out the comic Batman: Fortunate Son. “Punk is nothing but death and crime and the rage of a beast!”

  2. So my family dragged me to Christian convention a few years back and there where all sorts of “Ministries” selling their merch and soliciting for donations. However these two documentaries caught my eye.

    1 about Disney

    And 1 about comic books.

    This was when the mcu was picking up steam. Capitalism know no bounds. To be fair they kinda have a point about Allan Moor.

  3. This was real fun, but I feel like a “moral panic” episode without any mention of the Satanic Day Care Panic is a little incomplete. People were fucking obsessed with the idea that any given daycare might be run by devil-worshipping child molestors, and it caused massive damage to innocent people and turned up in TV shows. Worth mentioning is that a lot of the bullshit came from 20/20 “expert” Mike Warnke, who didn’t even write his fictional history as a High Priest of Satan out of his own head. He debunked 70s traveling preacher Johnny Todd, who told insane tales of his time as a High Priest of the Illuminati, then STOLE HIS GIMMICK to tour and talk about his time as a High Priest of Satan. he also did C+ Christian stand-up. I get that it wasn’t the point you were going for today, but seriously look up these 2 assholes because there is probably an hour of material JUST on them.

  4. I never saw the video of the guy complaining about all the cartoons, but my Dad must have, because my toy collection was absolutely cut down because of how bad “magic” was supposed to be, stuff like He Man and Lone Starr were definitely targets that my dad brought home from church with him. And I went to a “show” as a kid that was meant to convince everyone how bad rock music was, complaining about Knights In Satan’s Service, and how Duran Duran took their name from a sex-crazed maniac in a movie. None of it convinced me that it made more sense to believe all the words in a millenia old anthology book should be taken seriously in modern times.

  5. Holy shit yes! This is a goldmine of content. I’ve got a church advisory magazine from 1999, and the Music Warning section is impossibly amazing. The reviews include Dr. Dre – 2001, KoRn – Issues and Will Smith’s Willenium (which they also scolded for implications of flirting w the opposite sex).

    If I find the magazine I’ll scan and upload. What a time capsule.

  6. On my honeymoon during breakfast one morning at the B&B, the conversation turned to the evils of Harry Potter. “Do you think she is a witch?” someone asked, referring to JK Rowling. “That’s a good question!” the person who began the discussion responded with complete sincerity. That was 2011, so the moral panic seems to have lingered quite a while in some circles. It was awkward.

  7. I know it was stated multiple times that this wasn’t an “attack on religion”, but that’s exactly where the problem comes from. Religious people already believe in a magical god being and that somebody came back to life 2000 years ago and gave super powers to his friends, so for someone in that mindset that can’t separate that fantasy from reality, they don’t think anyone else is capable of being entertained and enjoying anything without understanding that its just fantasy and nothing else beyond being entertainment. When you are someone that already believes in angels and demons then you start seeing it in everything and aren’t able to understand that not everyone is stuck in the same bizarre fantasy based worldview they are.

  8. Ive been racking my brain since listening to this one yesterday and the only homosexual reference I can think of in ET is when Elliot calls his brother Penisbreath……

  9. I was thinking about the “homosexual references” in E.T. and the best I can come up with is when Elliot yells “It was nothing like that, penis-breath!”

  10. this wasnt really a national event, but my mom back when she was a teenager living in bumfuck nowhere oregon had a local church that went on some insane crusade against Judy Blume’s forever, It depicted a young women making conscious decisions with her own body and I guess the church took some exception to that, Of my moms stories about living in rural oregon the Rajneeshee doesnt sound like some madeup batshit insane event from a cult classic SNES JRPG compared to outrage over a got damn Judy Blume book which apparently was some straight hardcore shit back then, that would lead your children to smoking pot and listening to Judas Priest and savatage

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