The Toys That Maimed Us! – Laser Time #333

Whereas most toys bring about delight and cherished memories, this episode focuses specifically on the toys that brought pain, injury and even death. Fight back the tears and let us know the toy that most maimed you!


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7 thoughts on “The Toys That Maimed Us! – Laser Time #333

  1. The toy that caused the most cursing in my household was LEGO. In the 80’s every one had carpet everywhere and those little blocks would disappear into it. Inevitably people step on them barefoot and the shouts of surprise and pain could be heard throughout the home.

  2. ok this is a fantastic return to form and represents my new hope of the show post-move. the new guests are great with new stories and experiences.

    also love the epidemiology class shout out. does that mean there is a BIOLOGIST on the podcast route now??? as a biologist, I WELCOME THEEE.

    keep up the great work new guys and gals.

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