Game Show Scandals – Laser Time #338

As long as there have been games, there have been cheaters. Why should that change just because the venue gets televised?! Game Shows are not immune to hacks, cheats and whatever the television viewer equivalent is to card counting, as you’ll find out in this episode of Laser Time. *Laser Time’s “The Quizdown” Pilot will be live TOMORROW. Stay tuned for more details.



7 thoughts on “Game Show Scandals – Laser Time #338

  1. I wanted to comment on the Pepsi Billion Dollar Giveaway thing, because that actually happened on live TV, but there’s a very very good reason you haven’t heard about any billion dollar winners.

    So I may be getting some of the exact details wrong, but they aired it from a football stadium. The stadium was filled with instant winners that all won the right to show up and be entered in a raffle which had the winner selected live. The raffle winner was brought onto the 50 yard line where he was guaranteed to win a sum of money just for being selected, I wanna say like 10 grand. Then the Billion Dollar Giveaway started, and I promise you I’m not making any of this up on purpose.

    They had a goddamn chimpanzee also select five numbers by hand. For every number in sequence that the chimp matched with the winning raffle number, the guy’s prize would be multiplied 10x, which in the unlikely event all five were right he’d have won a billion. Obviously the odds of that happening were astronomical, and I’m pretty sure it was over on the first number. Even lil pre-teen me was completely floored at how bullshit the odds were when I watched it.

  2. You want evidence of the gamification of basically everything, look no further than social media. All of human interaction has basically been reduced to a “score attack” for internet points in the form of likes, follows, retweets, subscribers, karma, etc.

  3. Yes! Me and 3 family members finished a game of Monopoly in 30 minutes no joke! We just started with the intent to dominate finish and win. 30 minutes no joke! Im oddly proud of that even though I lost haha!

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