Vidjagame Apocalypse 272 – From Pixels to Pinballs

This week, Dan Amrich returns to the show to talk us through something dear to his arcade historian’s heart: a deep dive into pinball games based on popular video games (some of which actually play something like their digital counterparts), after which we’ll take a look at your favorite Mario games ever.

Question of the Week:
What’s your favorite pinball table of all time?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is the Black Knight 2000 theme by Dan Forden, Brian Schmidt, and Steve Ritchie.

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14 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 272 – From Pixels to Pinballs

  1. QOTW: Black Hole. Cool sci-if theme and it has a neat gimmick where there’s another play field beneath the main one. Fun to play, and the different levels provide multiple challenges. Also, anyone in the Southeast should go to Asheville, NC to the pinball museum downtown. Great variety of machines with lots of history, and unlimited play with the entry fee. Plus, lots of great local beer!

  2. QOTW: my favorite real pinball table is Monster Bash. The theming of the table centers on putting together a rock band made up of the classic Universal Monsters (aka the original Avengers) and playing a concert. Recruiting the monsters is done by activating timed modes (hit a drop/ramp/loop/toy x times before a timer runs out). Starting a mode recruits the monster, while completing it gets their instrument. This allows a great sense of accomplishment while learning the game. Sure, Past-Me couldn’t get all the instruments, but she could get all the band or get to the concert and that made me want to keep playing to (as the kids these days say) “git gud.” The toys, art, sounds and automatic flipper bonus (the “Phantom Flip”) combine to make this my favorite pinball table.

  3. It’s a tough call, but I think I’d have to go with Medieval Madness over Adams Family. I definitely spent the most time on that table in heated competition between myself, my brother, and my dad. The sound, the looks, and overall presentation was very epic, and nothing felt cooler than seeing that castle go crazy wild.

  4. My child was born premature. She was in a hospital for the first two months of her life. She has cognitive issues likely as a result of her premature birth.
    I was really disappointed by the blithe jokes attributing perceived poor design of the pinball game Baby Pac-Man to it being a “preemie” or “abortion.”

    1. Now living in a world where we can’t make jokes or even say anything cause someone might feel offended… That is just sad.

      I’m not laughing at you or the situation. What you went through and the situation your daughter is in are nothing to joke about. But people have a right to have fun and make jokes about those things in general.

      Those things were never targeted at you, your situation or anyone having to deal with a similar situation. I understand those statements might affect you but it is your responsibility to deal with them, not everyone around you.

      1. It’s his/her right to respond to them here, and that is one way of dealing with them. The joke was crass and needless. Seems like the only one who wants to control what people can say is you, dude.

  5. QOTW: As a kid I loved Terminator 2 pinball because it was super flashy with lots of voice samples. They had one at my local video place, and my dad would always play T2 while my brother and I picked out a game to rent. I remember one time when he played for at least 30 minutes on a single quarter while my brother and I stood there cheering him on; it was a weirdly wholesome family moment.

  6. I started that episode saying to myself “I don’t give a shit about pinball machines”.

    But guys, I even surprised myself to say that that was one of the most interesting episode I had the chance to listen from you. Brought a lot of nostalgia of when I was younger and used to go play with my cousin when visiting him at his camping. Since I wasn’t going that often the pinball machine was always different and I always sucked at it. I never understood what I was supposed to do, there was so many sounds ans lights. I think I got a multiballs one time and I was so surprised that I just lost all the balls in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t say what those machine were though. And we would always end up playing at the pool table cause we sucked hard at that too but it costed a lot less.

    Keep up the good work, always a pleasure to listen to y’all.

  7. Osaka has a place called “THE SILVER BALL PLANET” which is a dedicated Pinball arcade with a massive collection. Nothing beats the Judge Dredd machine by the way.

    So far in Tokyo I only know one arcade that has Pinball machines. It’s called “Game Center Mikado” in Takadanobaba. This place has loads of retro games also so it’s worth a visit.

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