Vidjagame Apocalypse 273 – Step Into the Spotlight

In the past weeks, we’ve seen a few once-minor characters getting their own star turns, from Captain Toad to Far Cry 5’s Nick Rye. Of course, side characters getting their own games is nothing new, and with help from Heidi Kemps, we’ll look at five shining examples of sidekicks, villains, and supporting castmembers who got their own games.

Question of the Week:
What’s a supporting character you’d like to see get their own game, and what should it be like?


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16 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 273 – Step Into the Spotlight

  1. I would love to play as Akira Nishikiyama in his own Yakuza game, especially in a sequel to Zero. The very first game in the series, along with Kiwami and Zero fleshed out what Kiryu’s blood brother was all about as he rose to the top of the Tojo Clan. Considering how the series is all about goody two shoes Kiryu and his attempt to defuse whatever chaotic situation is going on, maybe it’s time Sega released a game that falls in line with something Western Developers do, create an anti-hero game chockful of crime and possibly heinous actions. Hey we all had to play as Trevor.

  2. QotW: In the spirit of the cover art, I pick Dick Gumshoe! Good ol’ Gumshoe should get his own game. I envision it to be like L.A. Noire, but funnier and more fun. Gumshoe would be the lovable bumbling idiot protagonist and we’d report to Edgeworth.

    1. OBJECTION! People played AAI…just not enough! I even bought the cool ass Miles edgeworth DS case from the Capcom store.

  3. As much as I would like to see WaLuigi get his own game, I can’t imagine it being anything except a Grand Theft Auto-like game. Take one look at that MF’er and tell me he wouldn’t break a knee cap or shove a screwdriver under a fingernail! Just causing any kind of chaos to the mushroom kingdom or wherever, whether because he was paid to do it, or just because he’s flippin’ insane!

  4. whoa..whoa…whoa…Wario doesn’t have great games?! Warioland 2 isn’t great? It’s one of the best implementations of the Metroidvania formulas.

  5. QOTW: Ever since I was a kid I desperately wanted a game staring Gunstar Green.

    His crazy vehicle (the Seven Force) could make for such interesting gameplay scenarios. Throw him in an action RPG with upgrades that allow for the various vehicle transformations, which could even open new areas of the map.

    A second player (because Gunstar NEEDS co-op) could control Gunstar yellow. Being the mechanic support character in the first game, it isn’t hard to image her building a vehicle to rival the Seven Force.

  6. QOTW: I want a K.K. Slider rhythm game. Like in Animal Crossing factors like weather, time, and date could modify the core gameplay to give it some variety and make it stand out from other rhythm games.

  7. Ghosts N Goblins had a tough transition to NES from arcade. The Genesis version and Super Ghouls N Ghosts are much better games.

  8. Alyx Vance, her game could be done like a modern Deus Ex style game.
    Stealth and sniping would be the focus instead of the FPS frontal assault of Half Life 2.
    She would be more clandestine and behind the scenes than our good buddy Gordon.
    Why aren’t you making this Valve?

  9. Two weeks later and I get my sweet Yoshi’s Island vendication!

    QOTW: Sort of a roundabout answer, since this kind-of-already exists, but I’d like to see some more Uncharted spin-offs in the same vein as Chloe’s Lost Legacy.

    I love the Uncharted games. However samey they are it’s nice to have a fun, pulpy franchise with some satisfying, simple, smooth mechanics to go back to and breeze through now and then. And they have a lot of other likable characters who could easily carry their own standalone Lost Legacy-likes. Nadine, Sam Drake, maybe a younger Sully, or perhaps even Charlie Cutter. Not to mention more Chloe. Just make them longer games again and…maybe give us the monsters back.

    PS. I picked this username to see if Chris would either laugh or do a Wiggum impersonation, and he did both.

  10. QOTW: A game starring Dandelion from the Witcher. A cabaret-management sim combined with point-and-click adventure style portions in which Dandelion tries and mostly fails to pull off one ill-conceived get-rich-quick scheme after another

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