SHAAAAAARKS! – Laser Time #342

Kicking off Laser Time’s Week of Shark with a look at not only Jaws and some of the least inferior movies it inspired, but also a deep dive into some misconceptions and myths about our viscous, doll-eyed friends of the deep blue sea!



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  1. Yeah pretty much you can’t top the original Jaws in terms of shark movies. Spielberg even thought so when he was asked to do Jaws 2 so he declined that. I do know however John D. Hancock was the original director but was fired due to him and Universal disagreeing with the darker direction as part of it involved Amity suffering major financial losses especially during the tourism season thanks to the shark attacks from the previous film which shock of all shocks, was the dumbass mayor’s fault. There’s a lot more to it which you can read here.

    But when I was a kid, I went throw a major shark phase thanks to the Jaws movies. I was obsessed. Constantly renting the original and watched all the sequels. First time was on TV when it aired on TNT and then I saw 3 and 4 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Never got a VHS of Jaws: The Revenge surprisingly, had the first three on such including a 25th anniversary VHS back in 2000 with the updated sound effects. Even had the soundtrack of the original film score and I went on the Jaws ride multiple times of course. My first theatrical shark movie however when I was in fact Deep Blue Sea which contributed to my shark phase at the time. It pretty much provided what I wanted as a kid. But weird fact about Jaws: The Revenge, the novelization had an explanation. Basically, the Brody family pissed off a voodoo priest in Jamaica so for payback, he cursed them with a shark. It’s not in the film but in the book. It does not save the film, it just made things sillier.

    I’m surprised neither of you mentioned Shark Attack 3D since it was by the Snakes on a Plane dude, David R. Ellis. But I can tell you my favorite parody of Jaws; it’s one of my favorite episodes of Black Dynamite entitled Black Jaws (another favorite of mine being the middle finger to Bill Cosby). In case neither of you know, Black Dynamite was a show on Adult Swim that was a spin off from a film of the same name that was a homage to 70’s blaxploitation films starring Michael Jai White. The cartoon went 11 steps further and this episode is no exception. It’s a full on Jaws parody that even some shots either directly lift a shot from the original film or even the poster. But here’s the gist, Black Dynamite turned out he can’t swim and there’s a shark specifically targeting black people on the lose and thanks to an explanation of whom I can only describe as black Quint because that is exactly what the episode is implying (and is voiced Samuel L. motherfuckin’ Jackson! Oh yeah!) explaining the origin as this shark somehow managed to keep black people from escaping the ships run by slave owners. And yes, since it’s Samuel L. Jackson and sharks, he gets 86’d during a speech and is just as funny as it was in Deep Blue Sea. But he gave Black Dynamite advice because in order to conquer his fear, he had to screw the sea. And yes, it is exactly what I’m implying. If Sarah has not seen this, prepare to laugh your ass off. I know I did.

    Here’s the entire episode if you want to see it though.

    And other facts I know? There was a Jaws rip off entitled Great White that was so blatant in ripping off not just Jaws but also it’s sequel, Universal sued the ever loving crap out of that film’s distributor, they pulled the film after a week of release from theaters. Something to note however are two things, the film’s distributor also did another Jaws rip off called Grizzly which had a bear and Great White starred Vic Morrow as Quint-like character. And there was an unofficial sequel called Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws or just Cruel Jaws which consisted of footage from the Jaws films and Great White. Yeah.

    Also, I can name one good Jaws rip off; Joe Dante’s Piranha which made the wise decision of not copying Jaws. That one and Alligator which were both written by the same dude actually (John Sayles).

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