Ricky Gervais sees ghosts, Jackie Chan touches Chris Tucker’s radio, Garfield and Friends are ready to party – Sept 14-20: Thirty Twenty Ten

Run DMC gets a movie, Garfield begins his Saturday morning reign, Ed Harris goes west, Samuel L. Jackson hates his neighbor, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan begin a trilogy, Marilyn Manson shows dope, Conan turns 5, Toonami is canceled, Rock Band comes back, Michael Jackson topples Bill Cosby, and we hopefully talk about the The Flintstones for the last time. All that and somehow more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, you’re auditory look back on the week that was, 30, 20 and 10 years ago.


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12 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais sees ghosts, Jackie Chan touches Chris Tucker’s radio, Garfield and Friends are ready to party – Sept 14-20: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I cannot believe Grange Hill is the thing getting me to finally comment on here, but yeah, it’s an absolute British tradition even if it wasn’t actually part of my youth – like a school soap opera set in a state school (PS 32-OI! or sth I guess) – was big in the 70s because it was like ~*real gritty kids, had a Just Say No campaign complete w/ charity single and some kid called Zamora died on heroin. There was (of course) a Spectrum game for it where you could die by chatting to a dealer and is known for being bizarre, even in Spectrum circles. Definitely worth a look, probably has something weird to interest all of you. And, if nothing else, this credit sequence is AWESOME. https://youtu.be/BE7gAEsI0XY

  2. Had to throw some comments in on this one

    -Trump in 1998 was actually about to get into national politics (his history with the Central Park 5, while national news, was really more local) as he was about to start running for president in 2000 as the reform party candidate. His appearance on the Roseanne show was likely a little bit of image rehab and a dry run for when he would announce in 1999 on Larry King. Apparently he was greatly encouraged to run by Jesse Ventura, who is about to be elected govenor of Minnesota in the time line of the show.

    -In the Toonami finale, there was an anime reference that I think snuck past: When Tom the android is signing off, after quoting the Outsiders, he flies off and says “Bang.” Doesn’t yell it, doesn’t put a lot of force behind it, just states it. This is a reference to the end of Cowboy Bebop, where *spoilers for a 20 year old anime* Spike, after his final battle with his former friend turned organized crime boss, comes out bloody and barely able to walk, into a crowd of mobsters. He stands above them, make a gun of his fingers, and says “Bang.” in the same way, falling to the floor before we cut away, leaving the viewer to determine if he lived or died.

    -Building off of that, you should re-visit Cowboy Bebop when it begins airing the full series in Japan in October. The animation still looks great and the music is still amazing. It ran 12 eps before being shelved by TV tokyo because of mature content and begins its full run on WOWIO – the Japanese equivalent to HBO.

    -Also, 2 weeks of tit talk in a row and they don’t end with “Thank you for coming to my tit talk” – wasted opportunity.

  3. I know this is the wrong podcast but Nicholas Cage’s Bangkok Dangerous was a remake of a Thai film of the same name. The original a lot better. BTW did we miss Too Human?

  4. One of my favorite things about this show is when Chris struggles with someone’s name, and Diana congratulates him when he says it correctly.

    I got excited thinking that discussion about Murphy Brown was going to be this week. Derp, I forgot about the 88 writer’s strike where most of the new sitcoms don’t start until November or December. :/

    Didn’t our boy Ernest win an emmy for “Hey Vern!” ?

    Chris said that “Sail Away” sounds like something for a LaCroix commercial, I remember Sail Away being in a Crystal Light commercial in the 90s, which was kinda the LaCroix back then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnN2vvXJx2M

  5. I know you Americans classify everything in the UK as British but you really need to chat about Limmys Show and Still Game. Two of the funniest Scottish shows ever.

  6. So I’m gonna be the one to talk about that silly show C.O.P.S. One of the things I remember about this show was that this was the first time I had ever seen a non- white person depicted as the President of the United States. It’s in episode 28, which aired in October of 1988. The President was actually a black woman, and at the time this straight up blew my 11-year-old mind. This series is completely ignored in every pop culture list of black presidents and female presidents on TV, but to the best of my knowledge, this could be the first time EVER that a black woman was depicted as the President of the United States. Who knew that this dumb cartoon held such history behind it? Must’ve meant something to me, because I remembered it vividly to this day.

  7. The Beast: I got into old war movies when I was a Junior in High School and rented every one I could find. Emphasis on the word “Find” In the mid-1990’s Lake Oswego had one video store and it’s selection of anything that wasn’t a blockbuster was not that great. But it did have The Beast and I did rent it. It was definitely very odd watching the Soviets being portrayed as … people. People who were not exactly happy to be in the situation they were in but where doing the best they could with it. If my quarter century old memories are anything to go by, I highly recommend this film. At the very least it is unique.
    DivX: I actually own a T-shirt with DivX player on it! For reals. Penny Arcade had a broken down alcoholic bitter DivX as a character and briefly made a t-shirt of him with the inspiring slogan of, “I’m about to go from zero to drunk in twenty dollars.” I still have the shirt but believe it or not there are very instances a forty year old father of two wants to wear a shirt that says, “I’m about to go from zero to drunk in twenty dollars.”
    Hacking DVD players: This is flash forward but in 2002 I was living in Japan and special ordered the Extended Version of Lord of the Rings. I had an American laptop with a DVD player on it, so I figured I could watch it that way. BUT! My laptop’s DVD was part of the 1% of DVD players that couldn’t play the second DVD of the extended version. I was a huge LOTR fan and I must have watched the first half of the extended version about five times before I finally broke down and hacked my Japanese DVD player to play American films so I could watch the end of it.
    Hm… Has there been a big buddy cop comedy (outside of Rush Hour sequels) in the last 10 years?

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