11 thoughts on “Technological Horror – Laser Time #349

  1. You know, The Terminator counts as a Technological Horror film. It’s a slasher film to be specific and anyone who says it isn’t including James Cameron is a liar. Look at it, people die after having sex, final girl, antagonist’s signature choice of weapon-in this case; guns. It is a full on slasher film. It’s about a killer cyborg targeting a woman only. How does not count as a slasher-Horror film?

    And I do remember some TV movie called Homewrecker about a killer AI house thing. It predates the Disney Channel movie Smart House by a few years.

  2. Shame not to hear you guys riff on Maximum Overdrive some more. That film is pure awful cheeseball fun.

    Would also like to hear some takes on Black Mirror and their various takes on technology. Most are more dark stories about the human condition, but some of the settings are pretty horrifying settings.

    I’d also like to big up hardware, which is some good low-budget horror fun.

    I remember back when anime was really just gaining a bit more public awareness in the UK, friends and I were desperate for anything that captured that kind of very Japanese storytelling, which led us to Tetsuo: The Iron man, which seemed at the time to be another tale of the dehumanizing aspects of technology on people. It’s probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a pure ‘horror’ movie in that it wasn’t so much scary, but the story and visuals were just actually freaking horryfying in a metallic version of Cronenburg’s body horror.

    Not sure I’d ever genuinely recommend it. I dont recall having much fun at the time, just wanting to see robots or lasers or something late night, but ended up with something that ended with a guy looking like an entirely robotic womble with a pneumatic drill for a penis terrorising a major metropolis

  3. Hey, long time, first time…

    I know it was predominantly a look tech-horror movies but how do you do a whole show on the topic without mentioning Black Mirror? Although kind of holding out that it could be a whole podcast of its own.

    Love the show Steve!


  4. I think I saw existenz the same day I saw brain damage and I definitely think brain damage is a better film (obviously its not tech horror but I wanted to mention it) but yeah existenz is a very strange film

  5. Searching is a pretty damn good movie. The mystery will keep you guessing, and the internet use is utilized well.

    1. One technological horror movie that even tried to tie in with a real game is Stay Alive. It has Frankie Muniz too. It’s not scary at all, and it pulled a bait and switch on patrons watching it. Movie claimed to be this gorefest but in the last minute it became a PG-13 crapfest. The game they play is pretty shitty too…and I think Ubisoft was suppsoe to make the real one.

  6. I don’t know if it’s “horror” per-se but the Black Mirror series is ALL about ‘technology gone wrong’. Very much in a Twilight Zone vein for sure.

    As for Hardware, Chris’ description is a bit off. I remember seeing it in the theater when it first came out and was stunned to not only see Lemmy from Motorhead have a cameo but the soundtrack featured Ministry of all bands. As for the plot, it’s not so much about people assimilating tech into their bodies but it’s more about a guy who found the head of a military combat robot that re-activates itself & then goes on to try & re-build itself a body so it can kill people.

  7. Searching is one of my favorite films of the year so far. I caught it a second time at the theater, in the service of getting my best friend to see it so we could discuss it. Not horror, by any means, but you guys mentioned it as something maybe worth looking into. Turns out John Cho is a really strong actor when he’s actually given worthwhile material.

  8. Serial experiments lain isnt technically horror but its probably the only tech related that doesnt go full “futureshock” retard until the very end of the show, and for being 20 years old its not as self dated in its own time as black mirror is going to be in 5 years

  9. Hardware had a decent run on Netflix for a while there a few years back. It comes and goes so keep an eye on recently added!

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