True Horror – Laser Time #351

We’ve talked at length about movie monsters like Freddy Kruger, Frankenstein’s Monster, Jason Voorhees and all manner of Draculaz over the years. But what about horror based on real world occurrences? That’s exactly what we’re doing in this spooptacular episode of Laser Time, including a thorough breakdown on the crack “investigators” who brought you The Conjuring series.


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10 thoughts on “True Horror – Laser Time #351

  1. I’m rather shocked neither of you didn’t discuss Psycho, Silence of the Lambs and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre given they’re based on the exploits of Ed Gein.

    But otherwise, the Warren are quacks but goddamn do I love the Conjuring movies. Nightmare on Elm Street, I’ll tell you this, that movie represents the fear if dying in my sleep than anything else.

    The Amityville Horror I’ve seen both versions. The original is more okay with stuff like the priest subplot dragging things down. So the remake is actually better by default.

    Oh and the kids in the Enfield poltergeist story that inspired The Conjuring 2, they were girls. How can you guys not tell? I could. But incidentally, it inspired an infamous BBC tv movie that shocked everyone assuming it was true. It was called Ghostwatch. Think of it as early 90s Blair Witch.

    1. Yeah, I was quite shocked when they couldn’t tell that the kids were in fact girls! Seriously guys…

      Anyway, you should check out a very good UK drama series about the haunting called, wait for it – The Enfield Haunting. It stars Timothy Spall and it’s a really good retelling on what supposingly happened.

      Also Ghost Watch was amazing in how it tricked so many people into thinking it was real; so much so that the BBC recieved a huge amount of complaints with viewers being legitimately being worried about the hosts’ safety during the airing.

      It’s like the British Blair Witch, only it aired several years earlier (‘92) and is set in a house rather than the woods!

  2. Great discussion this week. A few things to add. First That haunting in Connecticut story has had multiple stories and documentaries on it. Long before they went on Sally I saw one of those made for TV reinactments. It was on lifetime, family channel or something like that. I was like 8 or 9 and remember hearing it and think you bought a former morgue. Of course weird shit was going to happen.

    Second I was surprised you didn’t also discuss Wes Cravens Serpent and the Rainbow. This movie was actually based on a true life book about a guy who went to Haiti to try and learn about the drug used in voodoo and witch doctor practices there used to make voodoo zombies. Neat film and some the real guys story has been debunked I believe.

    Third I thought I would share my own experience with hauntings. First of all I say up front I am a very sceptical person about hauntings and also not religious in any way shape or form. When I was about 7 or 8 my dad bought a house in Watertown, Mass. It was from the early 1800s and my dad had to remodel most of the inside to get it up to code. After he had been there about a year everyone would notice weird things. TV would turn themselves off or on. His stereo would change stations or volume would go up or down. Nothing happened a lot at first. It was a gradual thing that everyone noticed once and while and thought was a fluke. After this stuff continued for a couple of years we all started noting it wasn’t a fluke and was kinda creepy. Then one day my mom got a call from my dad and he was pissed off. Him and my stepmom went away for a day or two and when they came back someone had filled the inside of his couch with dry dog food. He had a dog and the dog food matched his brand. All the cuchions were filled, the backside and the fold out bed. To get the dog food out he actually had to cut stuff open and dump it out. He had thought it was a prank my cousin and I were playing on him but we had no idea. He eventually believed us since being 10 we had no way to get in his house and the means to open up a couch like that. Only a the old lady down the street had keys to his house and their was no way she did something like that. It was just chalked up to weirdness of the house. My dad eventually sold the house and moved down south when I was 11 or 12. Recently like in the past few years I brought it up to my dad since we hadn’t talked about any of this in almost 20 years I asked him if he remembered any of that stuff. His exact words were that way more weird stuff had happened while they lived their but he never told me because he was afraid I wouldnt spend weekends with him. According to him things like jewelry or smaller items would go missing, then turn up months down the road in the bottom of closets or dressers. Someone would knock at the door regularly but no one would be there. His dog went viscious a few time and attacked thing that were not there. Dog wasn’t playing, full size bulldog that went crazy until he sat him down and calmed him. My dad had done research because of all the weirdness and said that at one point an old couple had owned the house and they both died in the house. He thought they were haunting the place. None one got molested by ghost or any of that nonsense just weird shit that no one could explain rationally.

  3. The Entity was a movie my then girlfriend insisted we watch, a movie based on a book, based on a woman who claimed she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a ghost in her house.

    I just wanted something to chase Poltergeist for a ghostly double bill and got a pretty yucky experience.

    On the topic of Satanic Panic and the glut of paranoia infused horror movies from the 70’s… I gotta say as an atheist I find the concept of people believing in satan/witchcraft, etc probably far far more terrifying than the actual existence of the supernatural. See The Wicker Man or David Bowies anecdotes of drawing conjuring circles in his hotel room in paint and own shit on a coke fueled binge in the 60’s

  4. I actually live near Amityville, before that, my roommate worked in the maximum security Ronald is currently held in, which is near my hometown. I remember him coming home excited he got to meet the Amityville guy. Apparently he’s quiet.
    Never saw the movie, not a horror movie person, but love it when you discuss it.

    1. Ooohhhh, and that accent does exist, but it’s mostly “gawn.” When I moved to Long Island I got really excited when I heard it for the first time… In a Mc Donalds drive thru.

  5. Sam seems to be hanging his disbelief on the “sticking things up people’s butts” issue.

    It’s very easy to forget the FUCKING BIZARRE THINGS we eat and digest. To an advanced culture from galaxies away, our digestive leavings are probably FASCINATING for exploration and attempting to understand what we do, and what we are.

  6. As an atheist skeptic, I find a lot of the haunting movies pretty dull, but I have to second 1982’s The Entity. I watched it once about fifteen years ago, and still remember the creepy scene where you see a woman in bed smooshed down because of an invisible demon on top of her, yikes!
    Also, Wolf Creek said it was based off a true story, but I could never find any news articles about it.

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