Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon shed their color, Metal Gear gets rock hard and the worst Mission Impossible ever – Oct 19-25: Thirty Twenty Ten

Pleasantville holds up surprisingly well, Michael Meyers returns to Halloween, Britney Spears goes full womanizer, Charlie Brown learns about American, Jigsaw turns 5, Metal Gear Solid changes everything, Bare Naked Ladies birth an unstoppable earworm, High School Musical concludes, and our uncle who works at Nintendo says they’re already up to Super Mario 3 in Japan. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, you’re podcast look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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20 thoughts on “Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon shed their color, Metal Gear gets rock hard and the worst Mission Impossible ever – Oct 19-25: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Groovy Kind of Love was a cover of a 60s song, from the movie Buster, which is still to come, apparently. It’s not a real memorable movie, but the Phil Collins songs are good, and he was pretty good in the movie. It’s too bad he never acted much, I’d love to see him do more in the style of Frauds.

    I mostly remember Bare Naked Ladies from a Fox interstitial about a purple alien, telling kids not to be racist to other-colored aliens, or something. This was long before One Week.

  2. This is more related to last week’s coverage, but after watching the debut of “The Connors”, I have an idea that will never happen but would make my life to see. I always loved Roseanne (the show), but now that the comedic lead has made an ass of herself and they’ve ejected her, what I really want this continuation to do is take on the Horace & Pete approach. Be a televised stage play, essentially, mainly starring the true champs of the series, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, dealing with the grief of heir loved one and struggling to kee the rest of the family together. Kee the live audience giving genuine emotional responses when audibly necessary and providing an appropriate coda to what happens when the lynchpin of a blue collar family passes away and leaves everyone to pick up the pieces.

  3. Halloween 4 I enjoy. I really dig the atmosphere especially right from the opening credits where there are simple but creepy shots of Halloween decorations with little music with only wind as the soundtrack.

    The kills were cool too like the shotgun scene and the mask, apparently that was giving the filmmakers trouble since I recall in that Blu Ray set nobody was satisfied. In fact, you can see an entirely different mask during one of the school scenes. It’s quick but it was there. And you’re watching 5 and 6. You are so, so going to get why I detest them and not hate the Rob Zombie films. I hate, HATE those two AND Resurrection.

    Pleasantville I did see, I was impressed. I remember seeing the trailer on the Lost in Space VHS. I remember being curious as a kid. Funny how Toby Maguire would become Spider-Man years later and his mom in the film is the woman who played the mother in Malcolm in the Middle.

    Well Diana, I happen to be a Sawnoisseur. Saw V is one of the weaker entries. It had some neat traps and explains much about Hoffman, the Jigsaw apprentice and I love the ending ( I shouted “yes, Yes!” when seeing the last trap in the theater). But it’s nothing special compared to past films and even future films-especially since Saw VI ended up being one of the best entries in the franchise.

    Funny story though, I panicked when I saw both that and High School Musical 3 on the same day, I panicked. Didn’t know what counter programming was at the time but I didn’t want Saw to lose to High School Musical because I felt it would be an indignity if Saw V lost to the film. Some part if me is still bitter as I’m still a fan of Saw but I don’t hate High School Musical as much now since I just don’t care and leave it alone, it’s not for me. But I was so hoping Saw V wouldn’t lose that it got to a point where I literally prayed to God and made deals in order for Saw V to be number one at the box office. Keep in mind, I was 17 and I was on a Saw high. It happens. Hehe…

  4. I was in high school durring the High School Musical phenomenon and it was pretty unavoidable. I feel about non-animated musicals how Diana feels about anime, so it was never going to be my thing. Then, I was forced to watch/listen to it by friends, younger relatives, and teachers enough that my disinterest grew in to full on hatred. Ten years later, thinking about it still conjurs up mild annoyance.

    1. There’s a janky pizza place down the street from my work, Pinos, and they have waitresses. And boy are they unattentive.

      While This is America Charlie Brown was meh, wasn’t it the first time we saw like, adults in Peanuts?

      Ooo, Treehouse ’98 might be my least favorite treehouse, the only story I liked was the remote control one in the middle of the show. The Jerry Springer bit is SO dated, even in 1998.

      1. Oops I accidentally replied to this instead of making a new post!

        ANYWAY, yeah high school musical. I transferred to a womens college in 2008 as a 25 year old junior. The freshmen would still watch all these lame ass baby movies! Girl, we are in COLLEGE.

  5. What pizza place has a waitress (besides Pizza Hut)? Mellow Mushroom. Chris & Sarah, you’re living in the Tallahassee area and there’s one there. Give them a try. It is SO GOOD. (I promise I’m not a shill, I just like their pizza).

    I did play Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. It’s a good, but weird game. It’s kind of a good version of Castlevania 2 on NES. It’s not a Symphony of the Night style metroidvania, but it’s not a linear platformer either. It’s a shame this was the last “normal” Castlevania before the series rebooted with Lords of Shadow. I would have liked to see where the series would have gone. Yes, there were weird offshoot games like Castlevania Judgement on Wii, but this was the last “normal” entry in the original series.

  6. Co-Writer : My most vivid memory of Shel Silverstein has nothing to do with the books. One time in school we had to impersonate famous people without saying what they were famous for and have the other students guess who we were. We all chose super famous people like Madonna or Bill Cosby but for some reason my teacher chose Shel Silverstein. 30 years later I can still remember he mild annoyance that none of us got it. Most of us had all read the books but what grade schooler knows the personality and manners of an author?

    Mystic Pizza: Name a Pizza restaurant with a waitress. Ken’s Artisan Pizza. Best Pizza in Portland Oregon.

    There are 11 different Halloween movies and I have not seen a single one of them. That is probably the largest series I’ve yet to watch even one of. What about you? What is the largest series you’ve never seen a single film in?

    Peanuts Specials: Chris, I hate to be the one to tell you this but there is not really an equivalent for kids today where there is a “break” from regularly programming because they (kids growing up in cable-less households like mine) don’t have regular programming. At all. For them all of their shows are on-demand. They never NOT pick and choose what they are in the mood for (outside of the parental controls you have set up for them). Each time they are given screen time it’s a constant search for, “What thing do I want to choose today because there is far more stuff made for me, a kid, than any responsible parent would allow me to watch. ” I can remember “running out” of kids tapes at my local VHS rental store – that never happens for kids with a Netflix account. I try to get my kids to watch Halloween specials at Halloween, and Thanksgiving specials (there are a few!) at Thanksgiving, and Christmas Specials at Christmas, but that is me actively trying to recreate something I have fond memories of, not the kids naturally doing that on their own when given the option. Oh sure, Netflix will pop up more “spooky” this time of the month but it’s not the same.

    I have extremely fond memories of the Ghostbusters game … for the Commodore 64. My friend Sanjay (one of my few grade school friends) and I were super into that Ghostbusters game and loved trying to build our ultimate Ghost-busing force with a fully tricked out Ferrari (that was a thing you could do). When I saw it for the NES I was excited to give it another go because I figured that the NES would have much better graphics than the C64. That was not the case. Not just the graphics, but also the controls were worse, the UI was worse, everything about it was worse. And that is how I learned that just because they ported something I loved, doesn’t mean they are going to do a good job of it.

    One Week by the Barenaked Ladies: What genre is this? That’s a good question! Also for those who want to hear BNL sing get jiggy with it:

    Lenny Bruce – Swear to tell the Truth: I only know the guy from the REM song and from his appearance on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Are any of his acts worth listening to in 2018?

    Apt Pupil is the beginning of the end of me being a huge Stephen King fan. I watched all of his movies (I even owned The Stand on laserdisc) and I had read the novella this movie is based on but could just never bring myself to actually watch it. The angry young man going down a dark path can totally be a compelling story, I just didn’t want to watch it at the time and haven’t felt the need to do so in 20 years.

    Pleasantville. Another good question from the 302010 crew: In Pleasantville various residents have experiences that move them from black and white into Technicolor. For some it’s sex, for some it’s art, others sports. But what was your Technicolor moment?

    Outside of renting the original NES game, giving up after ten minutes because it was too obtuse and never touching it again, Metal Gear is one of the biggest and longest lasting serious I have never played and know nothing about (outside of what I learned from Smash – he likes boxes apparently). What about you? What is the biggest (however you define “big”) video game series you have effectively never played and know almost nothing about?

    High School Musical 3 taught me an important lesson. I had heard about “High School Musical” through pop-cultural osmosis and when 3 hit theaters I thought to myself, “This is popular. I should know more about this,” so I rented it to watch with my wife. We made it about 10 minutes before she insisted that our life was too short to spend one more second watching it. And that was when I realized that when something That-The-Young-Kids-Like comes along I should probably just smile and give it a friendly nod as it WOOSHES by me on its way to its intended audience.

    Spider-Man Web of Shadows: There have been 35 different Spider-Man games made over the last 36 years and it’s amazing to me how Spider-Man (2018) blew every last one of the away and Web of Shadows is no exception. Other than Spider-Man for the Sega Genesis (purely for nostalgia reasons) I can’t imagine ever playing another Spider-Man game other than 2018s.

    1. Apt Pupil is literally a movie about grooming young boys. Considering the allegations made against Bryan Singer, a totally f-ed up movie. And the original book certainly didn’t do much in favor of victims.

  7. I respectfully take issue with Dianna’s postulation that people who remember one actor in the seventies who appears prominently in a sitcom that stars the National Treasure Louis de Palma shall forever be labeled as a Boomer. I am Gen X lady girl! Sure I may have watched WAY TOO MUCH TV when I was a kid but I refuse to be lumped into the same generational category as Bill Clinton.

  8. Barf! Boomers suck but I can’t talk because I voted for Clinton twice. I liked Sara’s quip aboot Captialism. Michael Parenti has a great lecture on the “Alternalive Radio’ podcast. Its the one about ‘Democracy’. Food for thought Lasertimers. 🙂

  9. One final note. I am clearly the only one who recognizes awesome 4AD releases in the 80’s and 90’s. The first one that Glorious Chris incorrectly pronounced was “Cocteau Twins”. it is properly pronounced as ‘cock-toe” twins. Dead Can Dance was mentioned but the best efforts were 1st album and the next. Sorry to be mysterious but these were MY 80s.


  10. Upgrade had Logan Marshall Green aka not Tom Hardy to me and my friends while Venom has actual Tom Hardy. The mistake is understandable but the clip on the other podcasts made my nerd ganglia twitch.

  11. High School Musical was a big deal for me when it came out. I was a music major when they came out and I really got into the music. When the third one came out, I was dating a girl at the time who was really invested in the story of the film. It was her senior year and since the movie centered around the students graduating from high school, she really emotionally connected with the film. I think that the songs from the movies are really well done and the first and third ones are actually pretty good. The second one wasn’t very good though and the songs kind of sucked to be honest.

  12. In The Changeling, I’m still haunted by a scene where Angelina Jolie gets really mad. She somehow flattens out those huge lips and it reminded me of some kind of terrifying bird beak.

    And Diana…you gotta slow down that twitter handle when you say it.

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