Faith and Fear – Laser Time #352

Possession, demons, Beelzebub, CATHOLICISM! Say your prayers because it’s time to examine that once prevalent intersect between horror movies and religious faith. Heather from the Forsaking Faith podcast joins us for detailed look into whether or not beliefs still enhance believabiltiy…


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7 thoughts on “Faith and Fear – Laser Time #352

  1. Hanks was definitely miscast as Langdon in the movies. The books always described Langdon as a Harrison Ford looking type of guy. Sucks Ford was too old to do the films by the time they were made. There’s been 3 movies – Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons (which was actually the first book) and Inferno (soon to be 4), and 5 books. They skipped one of the books to turn into a movie (The Lost Symbol), they went ahead and made the newest book (Origin), the next movie

  2. I’m from Canada and only went to Catholic school for grade 10 since it was closer to my house and I didn’t want to keep taking the bus every day. It blew my mind when the “what did you do over the summer?” Question had people talking about going to bible camp. I had no idea that was a real thing anymore.
    Needless to say, I almost got expelled by the end of the year for many anti-religious views (wore a shirt on non uniform day with a silhouette of the devil hanging someone, tried to make a persuasive essay assignment about how catholic schools shouldn’t be publicly funded, and outing a cigar on the school wall directly under a camera. It was one of those anyway).
    I ended up at 4 different schools during high school and the Catholics were by far the most segregated and judgemental.
    Complete aside for you Florida folks, I’ll be in Orlando-fish area with my daughters from Nov 3-10. Can you let me know if there’s anything I should check out (aside from the inexplicably timed trip to Disney on your election day)

  3. Religious horror affects me too, despite being a lifelong non-believer. I think it’s because of the implied history, the way religion finds its way into aspects of your life regardless of your intent.
    Bizarrely, the one I find hardest to watch is The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which is a shame because its also a courtroom drama (the best movie genre).

  4. GodDAMNIT, Chris. Let your guests speak! Please! I can’t even keep track of how many times one of the ladies was beginning to make a point, only to be completely drowned out and talked over. It is INFURIATING, and it paints a very clear picture of the worth you put on other people’s opinions.

  5. Check out the “A Thief in the Night” movie series. Seth Andrews of “Thinking Atheist” podcast talked about for his Satanic Panic presentation. (Patron here :))

  6. Roman Catholic upbringing. For a few years I went to church everyday with my Mom, and I was also an alter boy (no bad touching), Catholic schools, Nuns with rulers ala Blues Brothers, the whole magilla.

    The movie that scared the fuck out of me was The Unholy (1988). I didn’t watch it in theatres but home video. I was probably 20 or so at the time. But man, it got me. It’s all I could think of during this podcast. I haven not watched it since so it probably doesn’t hold up at all.

    Anyway, love the show. Keep it up!

  7. Super interesting episode from someone who doesn’t know much about this particular religion. Chris’ 6-inch jokes at the end slayed me!

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