Slow Starters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 288

If you’ve played it, you know Red Dead Redemption 2 gets off to a dramatically slow start – but in that, it’s hardly alone. This week, Scott Butterworth rejoins us to look at five other games that made players wait to get to the good stuff, but ended up great anyway. And once that’s done, we’ll dive into our initial Red Dead impressions, the PlayStation Classic lineup, and your ideal weapons for facing down undead hordes in the Old West.

Question of the Week:
What’s a game that took awhile to win you over, but eventually had you obsessed?


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18 thoughts on “Slow Starters – Vidjagame Apocalypse 288

  1. QotW: Donkey Kong 64. I was a big Rare fan in the 90s but when it came to that game, the kinda offputting controls and endless collectibles annoyed me. But I kept at it, enjoyed playing the later characters and eventually 100% (might have been over 100% it’s been years since I played it).

  2. Chris sounds like he’s really angry that Disney decided to work with Square Enix instead of Capcom, only to shut their entire games division down.

  3. I think ever since the PS2 days I’ve assumed the first time I play a game it’s going to take at least an hour to get through the start to the point that I know the game has saved and I can stop playing. Even with autosaves you can’t always tell when it’s safe to stop, or if you will have to sit through a whole bunch of crap again if you don’t make a manual save.

  4. Undertale.
    I played it on my Vita after hearing so much hype about it from people and this podcast so I bought it.
    I played it and beat it (pacifist route). I thought …hmm well that was good but it wasn’t great.
    Then I went to video games live and they played the megalovania song (Sans’ theme) and if you’ve never been to VGL they have a projector that has footage of the game.
    In the footage it showed a fight with Sans and I thought ” HOLD ON, I never fought Sans, AND I never heard this song”. So I looked up online on how to do it.
    Then I was REALLY into , almost obsessive about it.
    Then I beat it again with different scenarios, and again and again. I plan to play it again on PS4 just for the lolz.

  5. Xenoblade X on Wii U – For an absolute age, that game kept throwing tutorial boxes at me, but thankfully the world was so much fun to run, jump and leap around, I could forgive it. Then after around thirty or so hours, I FINALLY got my big transformer. As soon as I unlocked my Skell, the game truly opened up and became incredible fun. The giant creatures that originally just looked like they were part of the scenery suddenly became foes that you could take on, and the map became a joy to fly around. That game reminded me a lot of watching Breaking Bad, in that you have to make it through the first season-and-a-half before things went from entertaining to awesome.
    On a side note, from what was said about Final Fantasy 13 on the podcast it looked like I tapped out just before the battle system opened. I’d like to give it another shot, but honestly, I don’t think I could stand going through twenty-five hours of that horse shit to see if it got better 😉

  6. QotW:

    I’m gonna cheat a little and say the Monster Hunter series. I guess the first Monster Hunter game I’ve ever touched was 3 Ultimate. I didn’t have many 3DS games at the time and I heard it was a good game, so I decided to try it out. I played that game for about 8 hours, and I could see what the appeal was, but I just couldn’t get over the how the camera controlled on the 3DS. I ultimately had to stop playing because of that reason. I tried to give it another shot when 4 Ultimate came out on 3DS, but yielded the same results. Fast forward to earlier this year when the Monster Hunter World demo came out on home consoles…I played that with some friends online and immediately was like, “oh…NOW I get why this game is so popular.” The rush and sense of accomplishment that you get when you take down a difficult monster is something I haven’t felt in a video game in a long time. I started playing MHW the day it was released and pretty much played it everyday hunting, crafting weapons and armor, farming decorations until I sunk about 300+ hours into it. I played solo, with friends, and with random players online and enjoyed every minute of it. The crazy part is that the game has been getting updated with new content every month or so since it’s been out. I actually had to force myself to put the game down since I wanted to play other things. I know I’ve heard it from other people before, but MHW is the best gateway to getting into the Monster Hunter series.

    Anyway, fast forward a few months later, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate gets released on Switch and here I am slowly grinding away at it. I’m looking up the different monsters online and become fascinated with their designs and abilities. I see all the different weapons and armors that I can craft and I get excited to play all over again. And that’s how I know I’ve become obsessed…that only a few months ago I barely even cared about the game but now someone can name a monster and I’ll almost immediately know what their talking about.

    1. I bought MH 3 Ultimate for 3DS also, specifically because of how much Chris Antista gushed over it on VGA. I played it a bit and definitely saw the appeal, but it just didn’t set its hooks in me. I think I burned out on it after only 5-6 hours. I get the impression that a big part of enjoying a Monster Hunter game is having a group of people to play it with, but that’s just not my gaming style.

  7. Am I the only one who has walked in on a guy taking a shit in RDR2? Pretty great moment in my personal gaming history. Never seen that before. It happened pretty early in the game. I saw a marker leading to the Inn (brothel ?) in Valentine. I walked upstairs and took a right, opening the first door at the top of the stairs. Dude is on the pot and yelling WTF! So funny!!! I did a XBOX record that sorta think with the guide button. I immediately tried to see the capture but was denied 🙁

  8. Mass effect ( the first one)
    I remember getting my 360 when I was about 13 or 14, the pack in games were halo 3, lips (remember lips?) And mass effect.
    I didn’t play much at first before I quickly put it down but fortunately through sheer lack of other games to play I picked it up again and loved it for obvious reasons.
    I think that game might be my favourite in the series due to the sheer tone it puts forth

  9. QotW: What’s a game that took awhile to win you over, but eventually had you obsessed?

    Metal Gear Solid 3. Based solely on you guys and the Retronauts crew talking about it, I bought it for PS2 and started playing it. I struggled with the intro, feeling like it sucked or I sucked and kind of hating it. I posted about it on the PatientGamers subReddit and got mostly hate in response. Then one guy suggested that I try to play it on my PC instead. Having a beastly gaming PC, I ripped the game discs and started playing it emulated. Man, what a big difference it made. Upscaling the game to 1080p and 60fps made the muddy green textures vibrant and distinct, making it far easier to see items and enemies. Using save states instead of having to listen to Para-Medic talk about Godzilla and being able to instantly load instead of resetting the PS2 every time I wanted to load a save made the game far less tedious. I got through the introduction of the game quickly and then got my damn socks blown off by the reveal on the bridge with Boss. Then the game kicked into this awesome, James Bond movie intro and I said “Okay, this is my new favorite game.” I’ve now become obsessed with the series, buying MGS1, 2, Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain as well as Metal Gear Rising (no MGS4 as I don’t have a PS3). Thanks to you guys and Bob Mackey for the recommendation and thanks to that random Redditor for giving me the good advice.

  10. QotW:

    Morrowind was the very first Bethesda game and first person RPG I ever played. When I started it I had no idea how any of the systems worked and almost just quit playing it altogether. But after just exploring the world for a few more hours and starting to pick up the magic and combat, I am now sucked into everything Bethesda. Fallout 3 ended up becoming my new favorite game after Morrowind and started an obsession with Fallout that’s even stronger than my Elder Scrolls addiction. I hope to celebrate Reclamtion Day at Vault 76 with some Laser Timers very soom.

  11. I just wanted to say that I love Twilight Princess. Pre-Breath of the Wild, it is my favorite 3d Zelda game. The intro never bothered me that much and I love so many aspects about the game. Minda is awesome, the parts with the old soldier (who is likely a Link from long ago) who teaches you fighting moves is great. And I think the dungeons are amazing. The spinner dungeon maybe isn’t the best, but I’ll take that over way too few dungeons like in Wind Waker.

    1. I agree with you about Twilight Princess. It’s not my favorite Zelda, but it’s in my top 5. Top 5 are probably 1. Breath of the Wild, 2. Windwaker, 3. Original for NES, 4. A Link to the Past, and 5. Twilight Princess. I know the VGA crew all seem to really dislike it and I guess I get their points, but I loved it.

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