Thank You, Stan Lee – Laser Time #356

As you’ve probably heard, pop culture recently lost one of the most powerful forces in all of superheroic history. Yes, Stan Lee may have been old, but the characters and worlds he gifted with his magic touch are more relevant now than ever. Which is why we’re happy to devote an entire episode to The Man this week, and trace how the most important creator in comics ended up transcending time, space and entire mediums…



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Our outro song comes courtesy of Going Spaceward, “Excelsior!” a beaufifully fitting tribute to Stan Lee.

One thought on “Thank You, Stan Lee – Laser Time #356

  1. I think when it comes to Stan Lee, the everybody’s grandpa/ father to an older generation is an apt comparison. Constantly full of smiles, and infinite optimism he was a kindly mentor you might not have had a lot in regular life. Hokey? Corny? Maybe so to a certain degree, but Stan and the flavor of Marvel comics in the start of the swinging sixties was that of a new era that belonged to the youth and Stan certainly knew how to speak to that demographic. A crypt keeper of cosmic and cool heroes rather than of creepy horror, though those elements edged their way into his work and ideas too.
    Stan more likely than not did *put the screws* to certain other workers at Marvel, but I’m sure we’ll see in the future years that he too got his own fair share of being do and duped by the Comics industry as a whole. He was a great inspiration to all of us to not only be “the ideas guy” but to have the drive and work ethic to keep a small time business running from the point of bankruptcy and get to see the gigantic corporation it became. As well as the heroes he helped create come to life for a whole new generation of fans, making sure some small part of us will always remain a ‘true believer’ R.I.P and Excelsior Forever! -Stan Lee

    Here’s a VERY earlier appearance of him on To Tell The Truth if you haven’t seen it yet. https://youtu(dot)be/WrlPOCcUVK0?t=894

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