The Greatest Xmas-Themed Horror Movies – Laser Time #359

The Holidays are here, but some of us just refuse to quit celebrating Halloween. This episode of Laser Time is here for you! Kevin Cole, Trash Cinema Extraordinaire, joins us in an effort to find the cruelest of all Christmas flicks! Your Yuletide antidote awaits you, and feel free to let us know your personal faves…


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4 thoughts on “The Greatest Xmas-Themed Horror Movies – Laser Time #359

    1. Oh and while I’m at it, and maybe this is before your Christmas cartoon festival…Peace on Earth cartoon from MGM studios. https://www(dot)dailymotion(dot)com/video/x2ekaww It used to air on the original Cartoon Network a lot during Christmas time, and it begins by lulling you into a false sense of security cute animals celebrating Christmas…Then…WHAM! The most nightmarish depiction of war you can imagined. The animation for those scenes is detailed in rotoscoped animation too, just to make the scenes that more realistic! They even go through the effort of making you see the last two humans alive shoot each other dressed looking like soilders from Jin-Roh / Killzone. Blunt with it’s sugar sweet message at the end for sure, but the part in the middle really rocked my little mind whenever I saw it growing up. Keep in mind this was before World War Two even started so I can’t imagine the effect it must have had on younger viewers at the time it was shown, if it was even played around Christmas time.

      They also remade it in 1955, again setting it around Christmas time, but I don’t care for the remade one as much. It does feature a fully animated COMPLETE NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION of the planet though. Imagine trying to enjoy a Christmas movie after watching this…https://www(dot) dailymotion(dot)com/video/x31b3x7

  1. I would also add the more recent Better Watch Out to the list. It’s a recent addition to the Christmas horror cannon and should be seen. I cannot say much without giving away the details but it’s a slasher with a twist. Not to plug shudder for free, but it’s available there and should be seen.

  2. Small correction, Krampus did well. Made 90 something million dollars IIRC since it only cost 15 million dollars. It surpassed its budget opening weekend. It was never a bomb.

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