2019’s Most Anticipated Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 297

The first week of January is always a slow one, making it an ideal time to reflect on some of the games we’re most excited to play in the next 12 months, with help from MacWorld’s Leif Johnson. For good measure, we throw in some chat about Atlas, Monster Hunter World’s crossover with Assassin’s Creed Origins, and your personal games of the year.

Question of the Week:
Which 2019 game are you looking forward to the most?


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10 thoughts on “2019’s Most Anticipated Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 297

  1. QotW: I kind of doubt it will be out this year but Bayonetta 3. After replaying the ports of 1 and 2 on Switch, I’m looking forward to the franchise’s fast paced gameplay on the go.

  2. QotW: Either Metroid Prime 4 or the next real Pokemon game. Having played Let’s Go, I am quite curious how Nintendo and GameFreak are moving forward with the franchise. In Metroid Prime’s case, I’ve been itching for a new new Metroid game. 2017’s 3ds remake of Metroid 2 resparked my urge for the franchise.

  3. QotW: Probably Bloodstained. If it actually comes out this year.

    Other than that, I’m most looking forward to the Switch version of Dragon Quest 11.

  4. QoTW: I played and replayed Resident Evil 2 one Summer to the point of exhaustion unlocking everything, beating the Tofu mini game, up until the point that the game was just 2 odd hours of muscle memory without engaging any of my ohr senses. It’s still one of my favourite games, but I have no inclination to play it again.

    It probably hasn’t aged all that well, either

    When I heard about the remake I was cautiously optimistic until Capcom released one if the videos showing off the events including Mr X hunting you through the police station in the dark and holy crap I think my heart skipped a beat or two.

    As a total wuss, I know those parts of the game will absolutely wreck me, but being able to play that game, and actually feel something again has me more excited than any new title this year.

  5. OotW: For me it’s Cyberpunk 2077. But I have a bit of a love/hate thing for it, as I’m so hyped for it I resent the fact that it isn’t out for me to play yet. It isn’t helping with how I’m planing on picking up a new system just to play it, and probably setting aside extra money for a special edition (depending on what such a theoretical thing may contain).

  6. Qotw-there is only one possible answer for this and you guys should have listened to Chris. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 MOTHER LICKERS. I have been waiting 11 years for this and there is no way I could be let down, the game looks fantastic. It is the only game I had to convince my self not to buy that $500 deluxe edition (partly because no other game has ever been more than the console). But I am getting it with the Figurines that my kids will NOT be able to touch.

  7. Question of the Week:
    Which 2019 game are you looking forward to the most?

    I vastly overspent on mostly old video games and systems last year, so I won’t be buying anything this year. BUT, I am still looking forward to some 2019 releases to buy in 2020. Even though I’m primarily a PC gamer, I think the four that I’m most excited for are all for the Switch – Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Daemon X Machina, and the promised but so far unnamed Pokemon title. I’m also really hoping for a surprise announcement of Metroid Prime 4 and a Switch port of Persona 5. I’m not holding my breath for those, though. There are some others that I’m sure I’ll get to eventually; Doom Eternal, Devil May Cry 5, and Metro Exodus, to name a few, but none have me as excited as those others.

    Also, I just wanted to tell you all that I discovered the Laser Time network in 2018. It has brought a lot of joy to me in a particularly hard year. Thank you all for everything you do.

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