The Best Movies and TV of 2018 – Laser Time #363

Vidjagame Apocalypse had its turn, now Laser Time’s counting down its favorite non-interactive media of 2018. It’s a star-studded show celebrating all of the very best of TV and movies of last year, and it’s pretty much impossible you’ll disagree with anything we have to say!


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9 thoughts on “The Best Movies and TV of 2018 – Laser Time #363

  1. Anybody else losing audio from about the 1 hour mark to 1 hour 15mins. Right after the “Phone wallet keys” song. Chris?

  2. Haven’t listened yet, but seeing Sorry to Bother You as part of the cover art, I wonder if the LT crew saw Blindspotting, another film that takes place in Oakland, and my personal favorite film of 2018.

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