How To Ban a Movie – Laser Time #364

Quick: Name some banned movies! Not that easy, is it? No matter how much a film disgusts you, how much the movie enrages you, scrubbing it from the world has historically been much harder than you might think. At least in America, which is why we’ll also be exploring what films have gotten banned in other countries, and why. But fair warning: In this episode we will be speaking about some of the most unspeakable films ever made. Nothing to crazy, but just a heads up. Let us know the banned films we missed in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “How To Ban a Movie – Laser Time #364

  1. Caligula (1979) comes to mind. Reading about the actual roman emperor and the fact that Penthouse magazine made a movie bases off of him, frazzled my teenage mind at the time. It was one of those cases where your imagination makes things worse then they actually were though. Some scenes are brutal in their gratuity, but the rest of the movie is just bruatly boring.

    Also, just a random factoid Borat is banned in Russia because he portrays Borat as haling from Kazakhstan, which in fact used to be a part of the USSR. So Russian Authority frowns down upon the movie.

  2. Just going to put in my two cents: I hope you don’t do a banned film festival. Yea “pushing the envelope” has it’s place but I just don’t feel that place is lasertime. I’m not some kid desperately trying to be edging. I come here for light fun entertainment and banned films really doesn’t feed that desire. Plus honey draws flies. You do a banned film festival the people who are going to watch it are the people who want to watch the subject matter of banned films. Some of them are great people I’m sure but maybe some are not?

  3. If I’m not mistaken, Tod Browning’s “Freaks” was banned pretty widely. Even by today’s standards it is pretty raw in parts.

    The idea of talking about ‘banned’ movies is interesting but the movie choices (like others have said) could be touchy. Some movies were banned (or given NC-17) just because there were too many boobies in it (ie: Showgirls). Others are just violent for the sake of it and unless they were somehow extremely influential, aren’t really worth spending all that much time on.

  4. When I had all the time in the world and no good sense in middle school I would browse IMDB.

    And I don’t know how but Shrek was listed as banned in Malaysia. Which isn’t really true but they did ban Barney

    I totally remember wanting to see all the forbidden films, like even the day the clown cried. But around college it seemed like a waste of energy.

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