Passing the Torch – Vidjagame Apocalypse 299

When long-running franchises mix it up by swapping in a different protagonist every game, it can be a rare thrill to watch your hero cross paths with their fondly remembered predecessors, for better or worse. We take a look at five of our favorite such moments this week, along with the Resident Evil 2 demo, the Pinkertons suing Rockstar, the dead franchises you want to see rise from the grave, and more!

Question of the Week:
Between Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil, tell us which franchise you prefer, along with your favorite moment or memory from it.


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12 thoughts on “Passing the Torch – Vidjagame Apocalypse 299

  1. QotW: Resident Evil, easily. One of my favorite memories is in the Resident Evil Remake, when you first encounter a crimson head, if you didnt properly dispose of a zombie. The adrenaline rush when you realize they’re as fast or faster than you and you cant properly aim or have run out of ammo was such fun and intense.

  2. QotW:
    I’m not a big fan of either franchise just because I don’t have a lot of experience with them. My favorite memory of either was more about the circumstances surrounding playing, though. One summer during college, I was back home at my best friend’s house and we had rented the Resident Evil remake for GameCube. We were playing in his family’s converted garage rec room, where his older sister had her snake’s terrarium set up right next to the TV. We were playing with the lights off, and the black-light’s glow emanating from the terrarium as well as the barely perceptible slithering of the fairly big snake inside just in your peripheral vision made an already scary game downright terrifying. The only thing that could have made it a more perfect set of circumstances for playing Resident Evil is if there had been a thunderstorm outside, beating tree branches against the windows. So, let’s pretend that was happening, too.

  3. I’d give it to resident evil. It took it a lot longer longer to jump the shark

    My favorite moment from resident evil is an odd one. It’s not a particular moment from any of the games but the point where I really started thinking about the save system.

    As I saw it, what the characters were writing at those typewriters were messages to other survivors on what they’d encountered up till that point and how to avoid any hazards. Not unlike the documents you obtain regarding enemies, other character, and the surrounding area over the course of the game. All of which came from dead people. Effectively the saves involved the protagonists contemplating their own mortality and hoping for some solace in those messages should they die before escaping *insert outbreak here*

    This realization cast an even darker shadow over an already dark and atmospheric series of games. That was the exact moment I came to truly love the series.

  4. My first exposure to the original Resident Evil resulted in a sleepless night of dread I will never forget.

    I was only 14 when I attended a sleepover birthday party of a friend who somehow convinced his parents to rent the M-rated game for us. After the requisite pizza and presents, we popped the CD into the Playstation and were immediately terrified by the gruesome photo-realistic video introduction of STARS members encountering dismembered bodies and the ensuing chase scene into the mansion. Our young minds were only further thrown into a state of trepidation upon the cutscene of the first zombie encounter, which resulted in a quick death as none of us had enough composure remaining to wield the controller to defend poor Jill. On subsequent retries (made extremely tedious due to lacking a memory card), we would take turns daring each other to brave holding the controller while the transition animation of an opening door exposed whatever may be lurking on the other side. At one point, I recall the controller was thrown across the room as we all screamed upon entering.. an empty bathroom posing no threat whatsoever. Saying we were on edge would be an understatement.

    The image of that first zombie slowly turning around from the corpse he was munching on haunted me through the night and I didn’t sleep a wink. For perhaps the only time in my life, I was actually in favor of ESRB rating enforcement.

    1. I remember that demo and live action cut scene. I loved it. I showed it off to all of my 14 -15 year old friends of the time.

  5. Qotw: I have to go with Kingdom Hearts. I came to the series as a huge Final Fantasy fan and while the series has largely failed to do interesting things with their FF characters the Sephiroth apperance in the first game blew my mind. His sudden apperance in the Coliseum with One Winged Angel kicking in was the only time Kingdom Hearts treated FF with as much love as their Disney properties.

  6. As much I love the Resi franchise, being a soft git means I don’t enjoy actually playing the games so much. But my fondest memory is tied to my holiday to Japan in 2002. I went the Sony Building in Ginza, where one of the screens was proudly displaying the Resident Evil movie trailer. It looked amazing. This was around January and the film didn’t release back in the UK until Autumn that year. In a world without proper internet I became the ‘my uncle works at Nintendo’ guy for months telling everybody about what Resi goodness was to come. I know the movies ended up as a mess but I stand by the first two, as enjoyable campy action films.

  7. QotW:
    This might get lengthy, but I’ve been listening to you guys for 4 years, and this is my first comment, so I think you can deal. My story has to do with the first Kingdom Hearts game. I was under 10 y/o when the first game came out and still had the gaming skills of a little babby. I got frustrated fighting Cerberus on the Hercules world, and I threw down the controller and stormed out of the room. As I walked down the hall, I saw my Dad, and he asked me why I was so angry. I just responded, “Screw that game!” This was considered crude language in my house, and I had my mouth washed out with soap and wasn’t allowed to play it for a few weeks. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the game, but I never got to finish it because I had pretty much lost interest by the time I was allowed to play again. I definitely had a better experience than my brother (4 years older than me) who couldn’t even make it off of the island at the beginning of the game.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys for this podcast. I started listening to you at the beginning of college, and I just started med school a few months ago, so hearing you all go on and on about Japanese video games from the 80’s and 90’s that I’ve never heard of is just a really good outlet for me.

    P.S. I didn’t get to comment on my GotY, but based on your glowing recommendation of Spiderman, I bought that boy and blazed through it. It was perfect for me with my school schedule to just be able to pop it on and run through a few quick missions at the end of a long day. Also, my brother bought me God of War for Christmas this year, and I’ll honestly probably be slowly grinding through that all the way until I have MD and the end of my name.

  8. I’ve never actually played a Kingdom Hearts game, so Resident Evil is the default winner. My favorite R. E. memory is actually from the original release of 2, when my best friend would come over and we would play late into the night, taking turns on lives, puzzles or whenever; sitting indigenous peoples’ style on the floor in front of my shitty bedroom tv that was also on the floor.
    The first time we played it, we had been playing for a few hours and by the time of the incident, it was somewhere around 1 am. We were playing with the lights off to make it even creepier. We had walked back and forth multiple times down a particular narrow hallway with a boarded up window in the police station with no incident. On my (275lb) friend’s turn, he was coming close to completing some puzzle and was VERY intently staring at the screen, sitting as closely as possible. As he traveled down that hallway for the umpteenth time, several arms suddenly punched through the wooden barrier, complete with up close camera angle, grabbing Leon. My friend, as he screamed, jumped so suddenly and so high, while maintaining the cross-legged positioning, that we still don’t know exactly how he did it. We’ve referred to it simply as “the levitation” for years.
    Another good moment from the same game was his turn to fight the “Licker” in the first encounter. I had already fought it and had a slightly protracted battle with it, then died a short while later because I didn’t have any fucking ink ribbons. When my friend got to it, he was more prepared and literally stood in one spot and kept firing on it one handed while it went through all its scary intro animations to simply fall off the ceiling dead very quickly and hilariously.
    We also replayed the shit out of the entry level horde moment from RE 5 because it was ridiculously fun and “Mercenaries Mode” wasn’t a thing yet. We 100%’d that game and beat it multiple times, but ALWAYS went back to that first horde and replayed it, trying to see how fast we could wipe out every enemy.
    5 and 2 are actually my favorite R. E. games, although for very different reasons.

  9. Qotw: Resident Evil.

    My first interaction with Resident Evil was back on the PS1. My cousin had gotten me the Resident Evil Director’s Cut as a present and I had no clue what the game was or what I was in for. I was immediately hooked. Despite all the clunky controls and arbitrary puzzles, the flimsy story and terrible voice acting I could tell there was something magical with this series. By the time Resident Evil 2 came around I was ready and jumped in with both feet, and even though the game is fully of amazing moments nothing for me will ever top the first encounter with the Licker monster. Over the years the series has had its ups and down trying to find that balance between action and terror, and I think they finally found where they need to be with Resident Evil 7. I didn’t play it in VR but still found myself utterly terrified to continue playing yet unable to stop any way. Playing through the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo has given me the feeling that we are about to embark on another horrific journey just like RE7 and I couldn’t be happier.

  10. QotW:

    Mostly because “the Suffering” made me a weeny about all horror games…I have to pick Kingdom Hearts. I, like Chris, love classic Disney animation and adore the parks to the point I’m the Disney fanatic of my office and who everyone comes to for trip planning….but back to the point that makes Kingdom Hearts the intriguing series for me but as the series progressed I kept asking myself is it really a Disney game or some weird Final Fantasy offshoot that happens to get to use Disney IP? Either way…after not playing anything after KH 2 I have spent hours on YouTube catching up on the story including the mobile game’s story so I can be prepared to just see the end of this insanely beautiful mess of Disney and Square fantasy. I can only hope to see some ridiculously cheesy Disney message being at the end of it all (and because they just sort of dropped real explanation of the character, let’s retcon the Master of Masters into Walt).

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