John Candy Detects, The PlayStation’s Most Divisive Final Fantasy Game, and Joss Wedon is back on TV: Thirty Twenty Ten Feb 8-14

Paula Abdul has arrived, Eliza Dushku phones a friend, Final Fantasy VII has its sequel, House of the Dead takes it a little too far, Ted Danson remakes another French movie, Brendan Fraser emerges from a bunker, moviegoers demand to know who Harry Crumb is, there’s a lot of love on NBC’s Must See TV, Jason Voorhees returns (briefly) for an all-new generations, and 2 Live Crew are as nasty as they wanna be… but it comes at a price! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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14 thoughts on “John Candy Detects, The PlayStation’s Most Divisive Final Fantasy Game, and Joss Wedon is back on TV: Thirty Twenty Ten Feb 8-14

  1. The Fly II looking back, it’s okay. It’s the third act that’s worth watching from the creature effects stuff to the gore. Like the elevator scene which was actually thought up on the spot when I think they filmed at some factory, director Chris Walas (who did the creature effects on the first film) noticed the elevator and wanted to use it. Which is why you have that sweet, gory moment of a dude getting his head crushed by an elevator. All. On. Screen. But Cronenberb did The Fly better.

    But incidentally, the character of Veronica from the first film, that was not Geena Davis. They found voice actress Saffron Henderson who looked like her. Killing off the character was a bad move though. But funny enough, you three are seeing her again in a couple of months. Henderson played the rocker girl killed by Jason in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

    Who’s Harry Crumb was alright. It has the bonus of having Shawnee Smith from the Saw movies and The Blob remake as fun trivia.

    My Favorite Martian I saw in theaters believe it or not. Not very good looking back. Christopher Lloyd couldn’t save it. Liked it as a kid, not so much now. Surprisingly given Sherri Stoner wrote it.

    But Blast from the Past, you’ll be seeing Brendan Fraser and that movie’s director again very soon in a couple of months with Dudley Do-Right. Which I did see. You’ll know my thoughts on it when you get to it.

    The Friday the 13th remake I watched alongside Coraline. I enjoyed it. I got exactly what I wanted out of it. Back to basics stuff with Jason hacking up teenagers, plenty of gore, inventive kills, so forth.

    It had some inventive things like Jason being a bit smarter like luring people into weed patches and utilizing archery, Jason even looked really cool.

    Don’t see why fans hate it. It delivered exactly what they love. I question Chris, Sarah and Diana however saying there’s no place for Jason in the modern day.

    My rebuttal is this; Halloween 2018. That movie made so much bank that clearly, people still have a taste for the old slasher movie franchises. If Michael can survive 2018, why not Jason? Plus, I advocate The Soska sisters to direct. They’re the ones who made American Mary, See No Evil 2 and that upcoming remake of David Cronenberg’s Rabid.

    Plus, I just want new Jason Voorhees material. Watching the old stuff is great but give me new material. I don’t want to see Jason end, yo! I want to see him hack up more teens and I’m usually a guy who expresses empathy.

    But LeBron James producing a new Friday the 13th film, I’m sold and it’s not weird when you think about it. He has word Jason costumes for Halloween. Just look at his Instagram. And once it gets off the ground, I will forever be grateful by going to any of his games.

    There was one new Friday the 13th film almost made though. After years of development hell like a rejected found footage film by David Bruckner, there was a new film to be directed by Breck Eisner who made The Crazies remake and was written by the guy who wrote Prisoners. They were set to start filming in March of 2017 but Paramount pulled the plug because of Rings flopping at the box office.

    Um, pretty stupid to take out your disappointment out on Jason. Now The Ring, THAT’S a franchise you should call irrelevant, not Friday the 13th. Because people remember Jason, people love Jason. Who remembers Samara Morgan?

    But as a result, Jason is back at WB/New Line Cinema and with LeBron James.

    One more thing, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake did do well technically just to give you a slight correction.

  2. Unfortunately Chris the 2005 “director’s cut” of The Warriors with the dumb comic book filter and Greek myth intro is only current release available even on Blu-ray. Interestingly the original ‘79 version still gets aired on cable.

    Also man I’m such a sucker for Blast from the Past.

  3. Thank you for highlighting that Frasier episode, Three Valentines, because this is some just amazing David Hyde Pierce work. HIs look when the couch catches fire is brilliant.

  4. This week on 302010, they discussed the release of the Friday the 13th reboot from 2009. And they shit all over it! JK. But between this and David Rudden dissing it on Elm Street Nightmare AND as a huge F13 fan, I feel like I have to defend the movie. And I should start by saying, the film is very decisive among F13 fans. It seems like you either love it (like me) or hate it (and are wrong).

    First of all, the opening prologue is the best Friday the 13th short film ever made. I remember seeing it in theaters on Friday the 13th of February 2009 and being blown away when the title card hit 25 minutes in!

    As for the rest of the movie, it is filled with easter eggs and nods to the franchise and feels more like a remake of the first 4 films than any one movie. The cast of characters are pretty bland and they are mostly stereotypes. But isn’t that what all the characters in Friday the 13th movies are?

    But my favorite things about the movie are Jason and the kills. Jason is an awkward, stupid hillbilly like he was in Parts 2 & 3. And he isn’t slow lumbering zombie like in Parts 6 and beyond. He is fast, precise and scary. He will sprint right at you with his machete held high. He’s also smart. He sets traps. He uses people as bait. Remake Jason is the scariest Jason by far. And he gets some wicked kills. The sleeping bag kill from the prologue is one of the least gory, but most memorable kills in the entire franchise.

    Is Friday the 13th (2009) the best F13 movie? No. That would be 4 or 6. But it is definitely a good time.

    1. so what are ya’ll thoughts on the nightmare remake? I didn’t think it was as good as Friday’s but it wasn’t terrible. The biggest crimes of the nightmare remake were it’s bland actors, literally being too dark (the least they could’ve done is put more light in 90% of the scenes), and it was just plain boring. The CGI version of the classic wall scene was terrible, and probably the worst scene in the entire movie. I liked the angle they sort of played that Freddy might’ve been innocent and they should’ve played that up more until the last half of the film. JEH was a decent freddy, but the more “Realistic” burn look was pretty garbage

  5. It’s your AYAOTD buff, back again. This week, on February 13th, the episode ‘The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie’ aired. This episode is incredibly forgettable. if I had to compare it to anything, it’s a wonderful life, with a chinese family instead. I’d say forget this one and just wait for next week…

  6. So, here’s the deal. I think I’m the same age as Diana, so I remember all of this stuff. The 80s segments are mostly nostalgia trips. I remember a lot of it, but not the specifics. Sure, I watched all these movies on repeat because of HBO, and you had no choice but to listen to the music, but the day to day minutia is largely just a blur to me know.

    On the other end, the 2000s segments are strange, because it doesn’t feel like that long ago. When you tell me something like Taken is now ten years old, I’m like “Really> WTF?”

    But the 90s? Oh, man. The 90s segments are really tripping me. One one hand, it does really feel like a lifetime ago, but on the other hand, I have such specific, detailed memories that at times it feels like it could be just yesterday. I was going to college, but still living at home, so I had no real responsibilities yet. I was working at the movie theater with my friends. I was staying up late with no consequences, either playing video games on the Sega Saturn, watching movies on VHS or HBO, or reading magazines, which I did A LOT of during that time. And because of my movie theater job, I could see any movie for free, so I pretty much did. I’ll say from about 1997 to 2001, I saw more movies in theaters than at any point in my life, averaging two, sometimes three movies a week. It didn’t really matter what; I pretty much watched it all just because I could…

    Case in point: Blast from the Past – there’s no fucking way I would have ever watched this movie had it not been for free. But it was, so I did. And now I have a permanent memory of Christopher Walkin’s character telling a lame duck joke that has the punchline “Put it on my bill.” Another dumb fact most won’t remember – the poster for Blast from the Past was nearly identical to the poster for Forces of Nature – a movie that I also saw for free just because I could.

    I fucking lived at my local megaplexes. Knew them inside and out – which had the best sound; the big auditoriums vs the small auditoriums; who had the better fountain drinks, etc. Holy crap, I saw SO MANY movies during this time, and so, so many bad ones… but also a lot of really good ones that I also would not have caught had they not been free.

    Sadly, those days are gone. I can’t get free movies except for the ones that play at my little art house. The Cinemark down the street from me has cheap tickets, but I just don’t have as much time anymore. That’s one of the reasons I find myself so nostalgic for the 90s segments – I was both a fully formed, mostly mature adult, yet my like was free from worry and responsibilities… I never thought I’d say it, but I kinda miss the 90s.

  7. There was a dumpy lil video store in the town I grew up in that my mom and I would pass by until 2000 when we left town. They always had the same movie poster of the Whoopi movie, “Eddie”.

    BABYCAKES. I saw that movie on Lifetime when I was in middle school and it was too much for me since I was a fat chick already. Wasn’t there a scene where the guy she had a crush on’s girlfriend beat her up at a New Years’ party?

  8. Blast From the Past – Despite being an utterly forgettable comedy that I never saw, and only saw the trailer for once, I’ve probably thought of this film at least once or twice a year every year for the last fifth of a century. Why? Because a few months after it came out a girl I was dating was trying to insult my lack of social skills and how old fashioned I was by saying, “You’re like that guy from that film…. Who was in some sort of vault? And he … didn’t know what was going on?” And she kept verbally stumbling as she very badly tried to explain the film. Now, the second she said “vault” I instantly remembered the trailer for Blast From the Past and totally knew what she was referring to. But as she was in the process of _insulting_ me I just gave her a bland look of incomprehension and let her get increasingly frustrated about not being able to make a point that she thought was oh so clever. We broke up soon afterward. 20 years later I only have about 3 memories of that relationship but that is one of them.
    Fraser being a show about people who think they are very smart but constantly do very stupid things is a great insight! I’d never thought of it that way before but you’re totally right.
    Wha-wha-whaaaaa (Is that the correct onomatopoeia for a sad trombone?) February 12, 1999 was the very last episode of Brimstone, the second best half season Fox show of all time! It wasn’t mentioned on the podcast so I guess at this point it goes into the darkness without nary a mention on 302010 so let me go to bat for this series. The basic plot is a sound one: A detective kills his wife’s murder and dies soon after. He’s a unrepentant killer at the time of his death so he ends up in Hell. However, Satan (played by John Glover!) has a little problem; Demons have escaped from Hell and he needs a mortal agent to track them down. It was a fun creature of the week show with a nice gimmick that I still have a soft spot in my heart for. As always the Devil gets the best lines.
    Sid Meir’s Alpha Centauri (SMAC) is widely regarded as one of the best strategy games of all time and it richly deserves that acclaim. But for me personally the game primarily exists as three separate and distinct memories: I was always a big Sid Meir fan since Civ 1, Colonization, and Civ 2, but those were all pre-internet games, whereas this was where I downloaded a *preview copy* before it came out! in the winter of 1998 that was something that I had literally never done before. The only problem was that my PC wasn’t powerful enough to handle the 1.8GHz Processor and 512MB of Ram that the game required. As a workaround one night I downloaded it onto the machines at my campus’s computer lab and played it for hours and hours. The Civ series is known for one-more-term-itisu and SMAC was even more addicting. I completely lost track of time and played until a security guard came and kicked me out of the lab at around 4:00 AM (he apparently hadn’t noticed I was there since the place “closed” at midnight). That night I was staying at my GF’s apartment while she was out of town. This was a little dicey as we were in the process of breaking up. She was the first love of my life and we had been together 2 ½ years at that point, which is an eternity for a 20 year old (and the longest I amount of time I dated anyone until I met my wife). The ongoing drama of the multiple break-up process was quite hard on me, which was one reason I was so eager to lose myself in playing a video game. When I got to her apartment, I nailed blankets to the windows to keep the place pitch dark so I could sleep as late as I wanted, a habit I continued until moving in with my wife who used her veto power and that lovely home decorating technique. Anyways, after coming back the next late afternoon to resume my saved game, I found that it was gone. Not just the save, but the entire game. The lab automatically reset their computers every morning at 6:00 AM so you couldn’t save anything to them. For the next week, I couldn’t figure out how to save my game to a floppy so I was stuck downloading the game, day after day after day and seeing how far I could on it before time ran out one way or another. This got frustrating and I was about to stop when I remembered how you could edit a .txt file on Civ to give yourself tons of gold or bronze age warriors that could defeat tanks. Wondering if the same was true in this game I began searching each of the text files until I found one where I could do the same! Soon my mighty empire swept all enemies across the board and… I ran out of stuff to do. It was just a preview copy and they didn’t give you all the features so once I used the cheats I quickly reached a dead end. I quickly grew board of this and had to wait for the full game to be released but the excitement of playing a game before it was out was so new and novel at the time that it is one of my top five most vivid gaming memories of all time. What was the first game you played a preview copy of?
    It was probably not an all time first but going onto the SMAC website and being able to download a professionally written novella that explains in great detail the prologue of the series was, again, heady stuff in the winter of 1998. I ended up printing it up and reading it all in one night at my Grandma’s house over Christmas break. I was super tired the next morning and when I tried to explain that I was up all night reading a prologue novella to an unreleased video game that I had downloaded off the internet …. well let’s just say that my reputation as the geek of the family was probabily solidified at that moment. I’m not sure why this didn’t become more common, honestly. In terms of video game development costs, writers are cheap but there don’t seem to be that many novels or even novellas included as bonus features in games. Have you read any good ones?
    Alpha Centauri also sticks out in many strategy gamers memory because it has probably the most interesting and lived-in lore of any strategy game. Maybe there are some modern games with a bigger wiki devoted to their lore, but SMAC exposes the lore to the player in more a natural way than has ever been done before or since in the strategy genre. As you progress through the game and unlock various technologies or events you hear quotes from the heads of the various factions. These quotes are not only interesting tid-bits in and of themselves, but they show you the leaders personality, beliefs, and worldviews in a completely organic way. Halfway through the game you not only understand the strategic reason Deidra is sending wave after wave of mind-worms at your struggling University base, but you also see the story unfold in your game as well. Even 20 years later I’m fairly sure I could get a group of SMAC addicts to have a passionate debate about which faction was “correct.” The quotes seemed so powerful to 20 year old me that two and half years later when I moved to Japan I thought they would be a perfect way to express my philosophical differences with my (new) long-distance girlfriend back in America. Before I moved 8,000 miles away we had learned that we were philosophically opposed about …. every single philosophical thing that has ever existed. Our day to day relationship was fine but as we were 23 year olds who thought we knew everything we did often end up talking about the nature of reality, what the purpose of life was, or so on and so forth. And in every single talk about stuff like that we learned that the other believed the opposite what we believed. I thought this wouldn’t matter very much when we first started dating but it totally did (incidentally my wife is more philosophically in agreement with me than any other person I’ve ever met in my life, which I don’t think is a coincidence). But we stayed together long enough for me to graduate and move away and then from 8,000 miles away I thought emailing the quotes from SMAC (a video game) that most summed up how I felt would be the perfect way to bring forth an understand about the fundamental nature of reality that would lead us to a better philosophically co-exist. Again, I was oh so wisely choosing to use video game quotes to do this. Yea…. didn’t work out and it was just one more disagreement that lead to further disagreement that lead to us both saying through gritted teeth “I understand why you think that BUT…” Looking back from the year 2019 I can laugh at my 2001-era self doing this, but even today I will unashamedly quote Commissioner Pravin Lal line of “Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.” Because I think it expresses a truth and truth is true, regardless of how silly its source.
    I actually watched this remake after watching, for the first time, all 10 Jason films as part of my “An Elm street Nightmare” viewing experience and think that The most common complaint about remakes doesn’t apply here! What is anyone going to say, “Oh how could they have a remake tarnish this franchise stellar reputation and the artistic decisions of the original filmmakers?” The F13 films were trash! At times enjoyable trash, but they are trash none the less. The makers were very happy with the money the series made, and they seemed to try and have a fun enough time on set, but the studio always seemed pretty embarrassed by these films and only made so many of them because they were cheap, made money, and kids loved buying merchandise of the r-rated villain. The remake does feel rushed in that it crams multiple movies plots all together, but the original films had paper thin plots anyways so I don’t think this really subtracts anything from the remake. And I will give it props as it totally fooled me by effectively starting a new movie after killing people I thought were going to be the main stars. And by the way, camps are still totally a big thing for kids. Anyways, I think the remake is worth a watch and I’m totally looking forward to July when you cover Jason Takes a Boat. I mean, Jason Takes Vancouver. I mean, Jason Takes Manhattan. PS. I still feel sad that the F13 game, which is the single best F13 thing ever released, never had a Boat or Space expansion to it and now never will. (Wha-wha-whaaaaa ). 99.99% of the people who owned wii made some joke like this.
    Retro Game Challenge has been on my “to-play” list for ten years as I absolutely love the concept behind it. I just don’t experience video games now the way that I did when I was 10 and trying to recapture that sounds awesome. Sounds. And that’s probably why I’ve never got around to playing it. Because at the end of the day I’m not 10 and so much of what I liked as a kid was garbage. Has anyone played it recently? Does it hold up?

  9. First off I gotta say I love Sarah a little more for remembering The Pretender. It’s honestly one of my favorite shows and it feels like nobody watched it other than myself.

    — — –

    The Fly II is worth a watch. It’s still pretty messed up and the special effects are great/gross. And Blast From the Past has a line that always sits in my mind. Dave Foley’s character is talking to Alicia Silverstone’s and says something like “He thinks I’m a gentleman and you’re a lady.” I don’t know if it was how it was delivered or what but I’ve always liked it.

    — — –

    House of the Dead Overkill was such a fun game. My favorite part was that with a cheap plastic gun attachment you could approximate the arcade experience. You would put the wii remote in the gun shell. And go into the settings to calibrate the pointer. And if you turned the cursor off the game would play like the lightguns in the arcade. It wasn’t quite as accurate, but landing a string of multiple headshots in a row felt so satisfying.

    I have some great memories of Retro Game Challenge. I rented it to take with on a trip my girlfriend and I were going on. We were staying at a cabin (really a condo) on the north shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. I tended to wake up before my girlfriend so I would play the game with just the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore. It was so serene. We also got engaged on that trip. So, wow, we’ll have gotten engaged 10 years ago when this summer rolls around!

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