The Best Black Sitcoms – Laser Time #368

In honor of Black History month, we’re celebrating the very finest Black Sitcoms in all of history. It’s not like they got an early start, so the odds of you being familiar with them are pretty high. Sit a spell while we take a fond look back on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, and more…


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5 thoughts on “The Best Black Sitcoms – Laser Time #368

  1. Hey Fellas,
    This is Mo from GenXGrownUp. Loved this episode about black sitcoms. I’m probably older than some of you so I remember seeing many of these shows when they first aired. My dad grew up in the projects in Harlem and slept on the pull out couch so Good Times seemed pretty real to me. I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t spend much time on the Cosby Show. Even with his horrible behavior, I always felt it does a disservice to all the other people that worked on a show that was influential at the time. But I get it, it’s a touchy subject.

    If this is an example of your shows then you have a longtime listener!



  2. Im listening to the Best Black Sitcoms…..Love you guys and love the show but there have been a lot of incorrect information and a lot of interesting facts overlooked. I am literally only half way through The Jeffersons and Im smacking my forehead.

  3. Glad to hear TL on the podcast again! I was extremely happy when I heard the “A Different World” theme start up, because I was afraid you’d banish that as well due to its connection to the Cosby Show.

    Like you guys, this is one show I definitely appreciated more when I got older and watched the reruns. As a naïve white kid growing up in the suburbs of the Bay Area, I had no idea what a “historically black college” even *was* when the show debuted. Despite that fact, I still enjoyed the show, and the whole family would watch it when it came on each week.

    Rewatching the show, it just struck me how amazing that a show like this was even on television at the time. Who would believe that a show that took place at an HBCU would be on prime time network TV, let alone a hit? It introduced me to subjects and a culture I didn’t even know existed. That’s why I get so frustrated when people talk about “forced” diversity in media. It is through that diversity that people are introduced to points of view they had never considered or even thought of before, and maybe reflect a bit on themselves.

    In the end, though, the show holds up because it’s funny, well written, and has great characters. And I always thought Dwayne Wayne’s flip-up glasses were cool.

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