Better Dating Through BioWare – Vidjagame Apocalypse 303

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, so let’s bury it in style with a look at five of the best romances from BioWare games, as chosen by guest star Kayla Zumbaum of PNB Podcast. Things then take an apocalyptic turn as we dig into Far Cry New Dawn, this week’s meaty Nintendo Direct, and your favorite videogame simians.

Question of the Week: What’s your all-time favorite romance from a videogame?


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5 thoughts on “Better Dating Through BioWare – Vidjagame Apocalypse 303

  1. QotW: Without getting into spoilers, I did enjoy the romance arc for Phoenix Wright in the third game, Trials & Tribulations. It was a bit far fetched, but I did feel like that was the first time Nick ever felt love before man crushing on Edgeworth

  2. QOTW: Favourite romance in games

    I love the relationship between Link and Mipha in Breath of the wild. Though you only see it play out through memory sequences you can tell that they genuinely cared for one another so much so that the champion power you aquire from her prevents you from dying because she cares for links well being that much. It was a cute relationship to watch play out especially for my boy link, despite the overall tragic outcome

  3. The all-timer for video game romance is still Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X. No other game has done so much to make me believe in the developing relationship between two people who start the game as strangers (other than The Last of Us, which is not a romance). And not to spoil the ending of a 20-year-old game, but the moment where Yuna passes straight through Tidus puts me in tears every single time.

  4. I think my favorite romance, though it was doomed in the end, is Sly Cooper and Carmelita. They had such good chemistry through out the games that when what happened in Thieves in Time occurred I was so disappointed.

  5. Kinzie in Saints Row 4 romance option is the most concise representation of what I want from my video game romance; a proposition and a right hook to the face. I also accidentally romanced Jack in Mass Effect 2 by trying to annoy her, but ended up being pretty fond of her in the long run. I never had the repeat of the romance in the third game, but given the gravitas of everything going on, a fleeting meeting with her felt more poignant.

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