Oscar Time 2019 – Laser Time #369

Once again, as is annual tradition, we’ve seen all the Oscar movies so you don’t have to! Opinions, predictions, and sadly YES, our best attempt at comedy sketches abound as we weigh in on all eight of the Academy’s 2019 Best Picture nominees. Chime in with your Oscar thoughts in the comments below.


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8 thoughts on “Oscar Time 2019 – Laser Time #369

  1. How the fuck am I first?

    I skipped the Roma segment, loves the episode. After seeing each again my top 2 are still tied: Sorry To Bother You & Into The Spider-Verse.

    But I want to shout out Blindspotting, which I would have loved to see catch an editing nomination. Feels like it could be this generation’s Friday, if people pick up on it.

  2. I would argue ally’s selling out as another obstacle in the film. She practically sold out the minute she was offered, the only stipulation is she gets to pick her hair color.

  3. I’m not a Queen superfan or anything. Enjoy their music in a “fun to sing along to” way, but holy god was Bohemian Rhapsody just so aggressively mediocre, just like Bryan Singer’s career.

  4. Never stop Oscar time, it’s probably the only time I care about the Oscars. The sketches are great.

    Also as a Brit I want to claim ownership of the amazing Olivia Colman; the little sitcom you mentioned ‘Peep Show’ is practically my favourite (no pun intended) comedy. She’s great in that, great in Broadchurch, she’s great in everything.

  5. I have to be honest. I don’t think that the Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga song is good. I think she can sing, and I was impressed by Cooper, but there’s something tone def about the song.

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