Bad End – Vidjagame Apocalypse 304

When a game’s “bad” ending becomes the canonical one, interesting possibilities arise as its world and heroes continue to unravel. MacWorld’s Leif Johnson joins us this week to look at five sequels shaped by downer endings, after which we’ll plunge straight into Tetris 99, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, Far Cry New Dawn, Anthem, and your all-time favorite videogame romances.

Question of the Week: What’s the worst ending from any game you’ve played?


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23 thoughts on “Bad End – Vidjagame Apocalypse 304

  1. QotW: the one that comes to mind as the worst ending I can think of is the “true” ending to Asura’s Wrath (before the DLC real ending came out). Got the big twist of your spider god aide being the true villain and possessing your daughter and then a face to black with a quote saying Asuras rage would not stop. Seemed like a sequel hook (turned out it was telling you to buy the DLC a few months later) but it was an abrupt and frustrating point to end it. It was going for the whole anime feeling but it didnt need a go read the manga style ending.

  2. I knew this wouldn’t have made the top 5, but Apollo Justice’s Bad Ending is technically the beginning of Dual Destinies. The Dark Age of Law arc can be rooted in what happened in AJ, and not choosing the right choice in the final case.

  3. (Trying this again hopefully it works)
    QotW: worst ending I can think of is the “true” ending of Asura’s Wrath (before the DLC came out). You find out the spider god that’s been aiding you is evil and posses your daughter. Then it fades to black and are told that Asura’s rage would not satiate. So its left with a sequel (or more accurately a DLC hook). I get trying for the anime aesthetic but doing the read the manga style ending pisces me off

  4. QotW: The first few Wing Commander games actually had branching story paths because the game’s story continued whether you succeeded in your missions or not, as long as you didn’t die. So oftentimes, if you just failed your way through the entire game, you’d end up with your space carrier being chased out of the star system in defeat in one game, or just being blown up and everyone killed in another, or in the 3rd game, you can fail hard enough you get poor Mark Hamill captured and executed on the claws of a scary muppet cat man.

  5. I absolutely love the game and its sequel, but WOW the ending to Gravity Rush 1 is awful. GR1 does nothing to resolve to answer questions about where Kat came from, it does nothing solve the Nevi invasion, and it does nothing about the missing ark filled with lost children and Raven that it had set up in the previous act. The game just rolls credits after a fight against the mayor which was some weird single chapter plot. GR2 does its own bad writing setting up multiple plot threads that are irrelevant to one another as well as to the first game and then hastily shoves a resolution(?) into the last act. For some of the best gameplay, man is the story difficult.

  6. The worst ending is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. If it was a one-off game, it’s actually a pretty cool sci-fi twist. Instead, all it does is invalidate not only the events of the game you’ve just played, but it also invalidates the entire series up to that point saying that Star Ocean and Second Story never happened. It was incredibly frustrating.

  7. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance; in MK Deception we learn that Shang Tsung and Quan Chi with the aid of Tartakkan hordes defeated Earth’s heroes, Sonya, Cage and Jax didn’t even reach the palace while Kung Lao & Kitana die in 1v1 Kombat against the alliance despite their in game stories being them training to a avenge Liu Kang. Raiden is left alone and also fails to defeat them as well as the arriving Onaga it was a real punch in the box to 14 year old me.

  8. For me, worst endings generally come in the form of cliff-hangers that I wasn’t ready for. I’m talking about Golden Sun for the GBA. My memory on the game is slightly hazy, but based on the progression of the plot, you reach the halfway point of your overall goal with a fun boss battle, so you think “wow, this is great, I can’t wait to continue my adventure.” Your team boards a ship that’s ready to take you to the next part of your journey and….credits roll. I have a strong memory of audibly uttering “GOD DAMN IT!”. Almost 10 years later, the sequel Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was released, and I’m sad to say, I have yet to play it.

  9. Is the episode title a fucking Weebl and Bob reference?

    The answer to this weeks question is NOT Mass Effect 3! Haters eat my ass!

  10. Don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way but Fallout 3s ending pissed me off, and was honestly the first time an ending left me feeling empty. Go through hell to find your dad in the wasteland, find him, he gets killed, go through more shit to find the guy who killed him (i.e. Huge bosses, massive mutated monsters, hordes of zombos, etc.) and it’s just a guy in a trench coat…. That died in one shot….. Nothing special at all. Then your “COMPANION” super mutant won’t even do you a solid and go in the radiation chamber for you, ya know, THE SHIT HE’S IMMUNE TO! ASSHOLE

    1. I almost said Fallout 3, but I felt dishonest because, in spite of having nearly 300 hours in the game, I’ve never actually gotten to the ending of any Fallout game.

  11. The worst ending I ever experienced in a video game was from an old, little-known PS2 action/adventure/platformer game called, “Haven: Call of the King”. The game itself was actually pretty good. It had a cute, cartoonish art style; decent, yo-yo-based combat and varied gameplay styles. It even had space battles as you piloted your little fighter from one planet’s surface to another, all in-engine. Staying in-engine was actually a big deal in this game, because their main marketing point was that there was never any load times at all. It flowed seamlessly from one activity to the next.
    The story basically involved your character being some nobody from a village that needed help. You technically weren’t even the hero of the game, you were the guy who goes and gets the hero so HE can save the day. If I recall correctly the hero you were trying to go get was the titular “king”. By the end of the game, you’re about to get the king, which it turns out needed to be rescued and everything takes a shit. The big bad had been lying in wait to ambush you when you came to get the king, and the last shot of the game is the two of you strapped to the outside of a rocket about to take off into space while the villain looks on, laughing maniacally. Then the words “To Be Continued When Haven Returns” or some other such nonsense appear on screen. Guess who never returned because their follow up game was never made?

  12. QOTW: The worst ending of my childhood was Turok 2: Seeds of evil. Even with all the cheats, getting the good ending was a slog if you wanted to try and do it properly. Imagine losing 30 hours to the game. Just for you to magically appear staring dead eyed at the psychic blue lady while her muddy and compressed dialogue gives you a near identical diatribe to the bad ending except “the evil is still out there” not included. With the final takeaway being, “The Turok Lineage has fought evil a bunch before” fade to credits.

    I remember being genuinely pissed after using early internet to find how to do it while fervently avoiding spoilers. On the positive side the “life ship” level was pretty fun when it wasn’t being massively unfair and repetitive. Waste of the n64 expansion pack.

  13. Yes! I get to talk about Drakengard again and the worst ending in video game history in which:

    A young boy needs to have his golem friend smash his possessed sister into literal paste before the main characters sister/lady in peril commits suicide because of her recently exposed incestuous feelings for him.

    Then giant toothed babies appear from another dimension and start to eat the rest of the cast, including the paedophile priest and cannibalistic elf you’ve been hanging out with.

    You’re then brought into modern day Tokyo to complete what is nearly a 9 minute rhythm game battle against a weirdly sexual sculpture, which, once defeated allows you about 2 seconds of victory before you and your dragon companion are shot down by a couple of F14s.

    The result of which is the horrendous fallout and craphouse existence the characters live through in Nier

    God, I love that game.

  14. I enjoyed “oscartime” loved The Last Jedi, but still hated the Mass Effect 3 endings. I was glad the dlc gave me the option to refuse the options the ghost boy gave me. There was no way I was going to A: Kill the Reapers while sacrificing my Geth buddies, B: trust the ghost boy telling me I can take over the Reapers and keep the giant genocidal spaceships around , or C change the entire galaxy’s dna without anyone’s consent. Was fine with a bummer ending and Shepherd dying, but those options were trash. Not even going to get into the machines vs organics stuff the ghost boy tells you is inevitable despite spending 3 games solving the Geth/Quarrian conflict.

  15. Question of the Week: What’s the worst ending from any game you’ve played?

    While I don’t think either of these are as bad as the ones you guys mentioned, I was particularly disappointed with the endings of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. With Deus Ex, it felt like the ending that annoying Internet nerds accused Mass Effect of; you literally walked up to a computer and chose one of three buttons to click. For a game that had so much fun, open-ended gameplay, the ending, like the boss fights, left much to be desired. With Shadow of Mordor, it was almost the opposite. You have this amazing “Arkham City with Orcs” game that ends with a quicktime event, fanservice fight against a ridiculously easy to beat Sauron, followed by vowing to make a new ring. Years later, watching Wonder Woman reminded me of it a lot. In Wonder Woman, you have this really excellent super hero movie that should have ended with a dark, depressing ending about how war can never be avoided and instead got a silly, CGI fight with Super Saiyan Professor Lupin, marring an otherwise almost flawless movie.

    1. “…it felt like the ending that annoying Internet nerds accused Mass Effect of…”

      Hey there, Kettle! Nice paint job there! I guess it wasn’t EA’s fault for fucking us over, then?

  16. My elementary-school best friend and I sunk an unfathomable amount of our allowances into renting and re-renting Karnov for the NES. I cannot defend this. It’s a terrible game. We were stupid kids.
    Beating that ceaselessly cruel, no-checkpoints nightmare should have been a crowning achievement of our pre-adolescent years. Instead we’re greeted with a black screen and the words:
    There’s a decent chance I would have burst into tears at that moment, had I been alone. Fuck Karnov.

  17. Dream Daddy Dating Simulator if you pick Joseph because that blonde hypocritical hussy goes back to his Wino Wife, Mary! I gave my heart to you!! I should have picked the Goth Dad!!

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