Nic Cage Does Snuff, The Chairman of the Board Determines Who’s the Boss, and The Best Week For Street Fighter is Followed By its Worst: Thirty Twenty Ten – Feb 22-28

Kenny Powers falls from grace, Street Fighter manages to make an even worse movie, Frank Sinatra’s last TV appearance, Eminem introduces us to Slim Shady, Mike Haggar saves Metro City, Toxic Avenger returns, it’s sweeps week on TV and Oscar Time in 2009. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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8 thoughts on “Nic Cage Does Snuff, The Chairman of the Board Determines Who’s the Boss, and The Best Week For Street Fighter is Followed By its Worst: Thirty Twenty Ten – Feb 22-28

  1. First, especially to get this off my chest, I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I have a bone to pick with Lloyd Kaufman and Troma given their association with PETA and Harry Knowles. It does not help I found out that Kaufman has sexually harassed women before (like kissing a guy’s girlfriend without her consent or the guy’s and attempting to grope an actress’ breast in a parking lot) and encouraging fans to harass Scott Weinberg over Harry Knowles to the point of making a fake account.

    Sorry to get on my soapbox but I rather let you guys know.

    But anyway, I only saw one scene from The Breaks when it aired on USA Network. Basically the white guy saying to a black kid in retaliation “Haha, I put your toothbrush in my ass!” I laughed. I was 13, shut up. But that was it. Didn’t see the rest.

    I want to see 8mm though. I like the concept and I like Joel Schumacher. Before Diana judges me, Ebert liked it! Three stars and all and that was enough.

    And The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, need to see that so much but I apparently, the author admitted the creation of the character was inspired by a thought he had. He imagine what would Pippi Longstocking be like as an adult. Make of that you will. Though to be fair, his niece was also much inspiration. No, she wasn’t raped. Thank God. Just, the look she sports gave him ideas.

    And concerning Kyle McLaughlin, don’t forget Agents of SHIELD, he was in that too.

  2. So I have a personal connection to Five Minutes of Heaven. In the scene I have linked to in the Youtube vid, my Grandmother is an extra in this movie. Her Daughter in Law’s brother actually produced this movie and asked my Grandmother if she wanted to be in it. She met Liam Neeson who actually invited the entire cast to dinner with him. She politely turned down the offer as she had already made plans with a friend that night. This anecdote was told at her funeral.

    This is why my family loves the Liam Neeson so much (Pls don’t @ me) and why my Mother won’t here a bad word against him. Miss ya Granny Gribbon! ❤️

  3. I guess Who’s the Boss? was Sinatra’s last acting appearance? Because I remember when he was cut off at the 1994 grammys because he started to ramble.

    I remember the discussion about the “Hi My Name Is” video at lunch sophomore year. The scene where he was bill and monica was hiding behind the platform, and when she leaves she wipes her mouth. The boys liked that scene.

    I live for Chris’ impressions of Ray Romano.

    My only Paul Harvey memory is this one time dad and I were in the car, he was driving me to baton class sometime around 1994. Paul told us the story of Scott Hamilton, which I was all about since I was such a figure skating nerd back then.

  4. You guys forgot about Syphon Filter releasing in 1999 for PS1 this month! While I wouldn’t hold this game up as standing the test of time, I loved playing it back when it was released. I remember my mom buying it for me for my winter break and spending the entire week playing the hell out of it.

  5. To me the most interesting thing about 200 cigarettes is that it was a period piece set 17 years before it was released and … that just doesn’t happen today. There is no modern equivalent of this or The Wedding Singer. And that makes sense as I do not see any way a film would be made today and set in 2002 and have as much “look at how strange everything was 17 years ago!” as those other recent period films did. 1982 vs 2009 was just a period of more intense changes than 2002 to 2019 has been. There is a saying that the past is a foreign country. If that’s true, then 2002 is Canada.

    I never watched Michael J. Fox’s sitcom and yet I remember the cross over episode vividly. They must have hyped the crap out of it to get me to first hear of it, and then turn in to watch a show I had no affection for and may not have even consciously known existed but… it worked! I did tune into it solely to watch the Back to the Future duo team up again and thus I made a small contribution to them getting a higher viewership number for sweeps week. Looking back on the days of sweeps week episodes they do seem kind of goofy and weird but they obviously worked. What is your most memorable example of an episode of a TV show’s where it’s blatantly obvious that the producers and having some weird guest start just for the ratings bump?

    Friends Move a Couch: I quoted this episode without even realizing I was quoting it. Around 10 or so years ago, my wife wanted to replace the huge lime green sink in our bathroom (our house was built in the 1970’s the dark age of architecture) . We found this gorgeous antique double person oak full length sink to replace it on craigslist’s so I went over to pick it up. Thinking I was being over-cautious I asked two of my friends to help me to move it. We arrived and not only was the sucker so heavy that all three of us had to strain and strive to our utmost to lift it a few inches off the ground, but it was on the second story (a fact that the owners didn’t mention in their craigslist ad). So as all of us are groaning and just barely able to get this thing to move we start to shout out commands to each other and looking back I realized that one of the commands I shouted was “pivot” which was not helpful and came directly from this episode of Friends. Was that just a coincidence or had some part of my brain tucked that away for ten years and when it was in a similar situation just decided to pull out the first thing it could find on file? I’m still not sure but that’s one of the reasons I love 30 20 10, it so often tickles my memory and makes me remember where various bits of my mind come from.

    X-Wing Alliance is a game I SHOULD love but never picked up for the reasons I outlined in this article of mine:

    For the most part Silent movies are unwatchable today. No, please hear me out; Obviously it’s physically possible to watch them but people don’t. The youtube hits for them are tiny (and I bet only a small % of that tiny figure watches the whole thing) and on television they are almost never played, even on the classic movie channels. Furthermore the TV part was true 30 years ago, a time when people in their 70’s would have watched silent movies in their youth. I like classic movies and I like film history and yet even someone like me has only averaged watching around 1 full length silent film per decade of my life. Most recently I watched the very first film to cost $1 Million dollars but that was me purely being curious about film history. The actual act of watching it was honestly not that enjoyable. There are of course Silent Movie fans out there but they are not very numerous. After all, have you ever been at someone’s house to watch a Silent Movie? So, as it currently stands most of the films that are 100 years old are unwatchable to the general public. And yet I am looking forward to watching, It Happened One Night, and fully expect that I will enjoy the experience not as part of film history but as an enjoyable film to watch for its own sake. And in only 15 years’ time, that film is going to be 100 years old. While there is of course some reaction against Black and White films, it’s not nearly as strong as that against Silent Movies, so we are not that far away from a time when an entire 100 year timespan of cinema will be watchable to a significant section of the audience. That’s interesting to me and I just thought it was worth noting.

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish version. I watched this with my wife in theaters and man was that a bleak experience. Good film, but a hard watch. When I heard about the American remake I had pretty much zero desire to see it because I had already seen the original. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an American re-make if I saw the foreign language original first (although I have done the reverse). Have you ever watched an American re-make when you saw the foreign language film first? If so, why? How was it?

    Street Fighter II: Legend of Chun Li. I don’t get why there has never been a good Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat film. The central premise of both is a FIGHTING TOURNAMENT, which naturally leads itself to a dramatic structure. Have your protagonist enter the FIGHTING TOURAMENT for a dramatic reason. Have your protagonist overcome obstacles while experiencing personal growth. Have the protagonist interact with other crazy characters who are in a FIGHTING TOURNAMENT. And if you need some type of action beet during all that talking and drama you can… oh … I don’t know … have a fight at any time that’ it’s structurally convenient because the protagonist is in a FIGHTING TOURNAMENT! That’s the plot of at least 5% of every Martial Arts film, more or less, and tons of them are classics. And yet with SFII or MK they mess it up every single time. I don’t get it.

    50 cent Blood on the Sand resulted in one of my favorite Penny Arcade strips of all time:

    At the beginning of the show Chris said that he missed something last week and that you all were going to talk about it this episode instead. I assumed that he was going to talk about the premier of Wayne’s World but he didn’t and I actually don’t recall any flashback in this episode. Did I just miss it? If so, what was the flashback on this episode?

    Just to help you out, here is a list of SNL sketches that appeared for the first time in 1989:
    Sprockets (Mike Myers) – April 15, 1989
    Lothar of the Hill People (Phil Hartman) – April 15, 1989
    Toonces, The Driving Cat (Dana Carvey) – May 20, 1989
    Annoying Man (Jon Lovitz) – November 11, 1989
    Hanukkah Harry (Jon Lovitz) – December 16, 1989
    Ones you have already missed:
    Grumpy Old Man (Dana Carvey) – February 11, 1989
    And of course, Wayne’s World. If you want to talk about Wayne’s World sketches, their second appearance was on March 25, 1989 (Mary Tyler Moore)

  6. 8mm was on my radar in 99 for one specific. When Nic Cage enters the killer’s room it’s covered in Danzig posters. The band even seemed to celebrate being associated with a snuff-killer by mentioning it on its website. I was huge into Danzig at the time so I thought it was pretty cool, though strangely there is a radio playing in the room and it’s not a Danzig track. Maybe it would have been too expensive. Bad movie, though.

  7. Your friendly AYAOTD fan is back for another weird one. The episode ‘The Tale of the Zombie Dice’, premiered on a February 27th and man, it’s pretty strange. A young Jay Baruchel is a kid who doesn’t like to take risks and his friend takes a risk that costs him his freedom. Now, he’s got to save him but honestly, it’s mostly dull. There aren’t any zombies and the villain is a little too creepy in the bad way. The ending is fun but honestly it’s mostly not worth it. There’s no episode next week but I’ll be back in two weeks.

  8. CRAZY THEORY WITH NO BASIS IN REALITY: Is it possible that M. Bison’s Irish accent can be explained by the screenwriters wanting Liam Neeson to play M. Bison?

    And when that fell through, they forgot to change the script and didn’t tell Neal McDonough?

    (I am entirely making this up.)

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