The Fight House – Vidjagame Apocalypse 307

With The Division 2 taking players to Washington, D.C., this week, we roped in Gamesradar+’s own Lucas Sullivan for a look at five other games that challenge you to literally fight for control of the White House. Then we switch gears to talk about Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, Baba is You, another publisher dropping out of E3, and the franchises you think are in dire need of a reboot.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite videogame re-creation of a real-world landmark?


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12 thoughts on “The Fight House – Vidjagame Apocalypse 307

  1. QoTW: I appreciated the Detroit of Detroit: Become human. Seeing the Spirit of Detroit and The Fist recreated in-game with lavish details was even better than Deus Ex: Human Revolutions version of the city, where a lot of the buildings were unrecognizable.

  2. Now I’m curious on what games you would’ve had trouble talking about had you kept the original premise of games set in DC.

    1. Modern Warfare 2 was my first real CoD experience, and like Mikel, I was enthralled and played the game straight through in practically one sitting. While cliche, I enjoyed the story immensely. Felt like a real action flick. Haven’t played a CoD since then, though. I sucked online and got massacred every time.

  3. Antista continues to spread the lie that I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing is a cover. It’s not a cover, Chris. It wasn’t written by the band, but their version is the original version. At some point you need to go to Wikipedia and see for yourself!

  4. Antista continues to spread the lie that I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing is a cover. It’s not a cover. It has been covered by other artists, but the Aerosmith version is the original. They didn’t write the song, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cover. Wikipedia is your friend.

    1. I’m curious where he got that info from, or if he’s conflating it with being written by someone else. Cause if he considers being written by someone else as a cover, than tons of artists “Covered” songs. I did a shallow level google, and couldn’t find it’s a cover, only what you’ve stated, it’s been covered and the original Aerosmith song was written by someone else.

  5. QOTW:
    Being from the New York area seeing the recreation in the ps4 Spiderman this year was amazing it was done excellently to the point where I was navigating streets purely off memory of the city from my days exploring the concrete jungle with friends. It literally brought me back to a better place

    1. ** I understand that the WHOLE city isn’t necessarily a landmark but there’s plenty of them within the city so yea…. Deal with it

  6. Wwe smackdown here come the pain was made by THQ in the mid 2000s, and had a mode in which you can have a match in a bizarre setting of Times Square. It featured many obscure weapons and a plethora of high areas to leap from. Seeing Vince MacMahon fly off a helicopter and land an elbow drop onto The Rock never gets old

  7. QOTW:
    Being a weeb and a pervert, I wanted to see if the 5 storey sex shop, Love Merci in Akihabara existed in Akiba’s Beat. It does! Renamed as Huve Meci.
    Being a serial bachelor, I’ve never been in the real shop. It would be like rubbing salt in a wound.

  8. My small town in the ssouth of England is quite unremarkable (apart from appearing in Black Mirror’s Vote for Waldo), so I’ll pick the Marseilles bowls as featured in Tony Hawk 2. The skate park has a legendary status amoung skateboarders and bmxers. I never went in the past and my health now mean it’s very unlikely I’ll ever get to go. The digital rendition matched every video of the place I had seen at the time, but more importantly cruising around that stage on my Dreamcast was pure joy.

  9. QOTW:
    One of my favorite landmarks in a video game is the USS Constitution in Fallout 4. In a series full of awesome recreations of American landmarks and locales, this is my favorite. The military robots working aboard, have misinterpreted their prime directive – “defend the US Constitution” – to mean that they must defend the ship. You get to help them do so as well as repair the ship, which then leads to I’ve of the funniest moments in the game.

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