Growing Old Aggressively – Vidjagame Apocalypse 309

With Mortal Kombat 11 revealing the return of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as (old) Shang Tsung, Jorge Albor of Experience Points rejoins us this week to talk about videogame heroes who’ve aged dramatically over the years, going from young rookies to old pros in the span of a series. Then it’s on to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, rumors of new Switches, and your thoughts on Stadia.

Question of the Week: Which game character would you most like to play an old version of?


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10 thoughts on “Growing Old Aggressively – Vidjagame Apocalypse 309

  1. QotW: The game character I’d play an old version of is Phoenix Wright. While we have seen him age from Ace Attorney to Spirit of Justice, he’s still relatively young. I’d love to play an Ace Attorney game as old man Nick, just to see how he’d react to all the changes to the legal system.

  2. QotW: I would like to play an older more grizzled version of Link who has experienced many adventures and is exacerbated with dealing with Ganon’s minions over and over again for decades.

  3. QOTW: Imagine, your voice has grown gruff and coarse with age, your wife once a symbol of women’s lib has left you, you’ve watched your son grow up from drinking milk bottles to bottles of beer. Now in a world that just feels like one big maze you’ll never be able to escape from you need to face the ghosts from your past one last time…because
    you know real soon in your future… there’s a kill screen coming up. Old man Pac-man. From the makers of “Please Mr.Driller is my father, call me Dig Doug.”

  4. QotW: I’d love to see an old Mario. We’ve already a had baby version why not complete the trinity. He jumps less high, runs slower, his power ups are all around less impressive. It’d bring a whole new dynamic and set of challenges that could push the genre forward even more. Hmm, now that I think of it, Old Link would be miles better…

    Also, just to call Chris out on his old man bs, Tenchu was never awful, just not mainstream. If you want to go by the fan scores on Metacritic only one entry in the series that wasn’t a side game has less than 70% (Tenchu Z) even the Wii entry is pretty fondly remembered for what it tried to do.
    Dunno, who you talked to that hates that series, but even the 1st one had obtuse controls but managed to have so much personality and ways to get each mission done that it made up for that fact.

    Yes, Sekiro has Tenchu lineage but FROM as we know it was not the studio that made ANY of the early games the studio is named Aquire , FROM only worked on Z, and a PSP game. The real lineage is that the series composer has returned.

    That said, the sooner journos,etc. stop it with Soulsifying everything, even FROM’s other games (the ad campaign for this never mentioned Souls) then the public that can’t be arsed to look up anything won’t bang their heads against the game like they are.

  5. QotW: I’d love to play as an old Commander Shepard. Just imagine a 100 year old Shep being a grumpy curmudgeon since they saved the galaxy three times so they shouldn’t be expected to do shit, how back in their day they had only the one galaxy and they liked it, the grandkids don’t have real problems such as Reaper invasions, and a desire to travel to Space Vegas to play Quasar all day.

    I gotta say, they earned it.

  6. QotW: Samus Aran as an toughened and worned out badass. Imagine her long silvery mussed up hair and a leather eye patch version of herself blasting back the denizens of space pirates. Not to mention, trying keep younger clone version of herself alive and out of the hands of Mother Brain!

  7. Just FYI: Time Warner renamed itself Spectrum. I don’t know the other ISPs Chris mentioned either.

  8. We’re now 23 years on from the release of Resident evil but the characters have remained almost universally found and ‘sexy.

    Give me an update with Jill, Chris, Claire and Leon, all pretty much in their 40’s. Aged and tough, but no longer able to perform ridiculous gymnastic flip kicks and punch boulders.

    I want greying hair and a ‘fucking hell, this shit again’ attitude when our heroes realise that this is their life now, Umbrella and it’s monsters have been more of their life than anything else and they can’t remember a time when they weren’t beating down zombies and putting up with whatever ridiculous Rube Goldberg machinations required to open doors or make a cup of coffee in relatively good humour.

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