John Cusack Lifts a Boombox, Jason Statham Shoots Crank, Jerri Black Goes Back in School: Thirty Twenty Ten – Apr 12-18

Wayne Gretzky retires, Matthew Perry dies and is then reborn as Zac Effron, Grey Gardens gets a prequel, Gooby is weird, a much different Titanic movie, and Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy teaming up should’ve been much more remarkable. All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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9 thoughts on “John Cusack Lifts a Boombox, Jason Statham Shoots Crank, Jerri Black Goes Back in School: Thirty Twenty Ten – Apr 12-18

  1. I know about Say Anything through pop culture osmosis like the boombox scene. I was first introduced to that when Casper’s Haunted Christmas did a quick parody of that scene. That movie made so many pop culture references even out of nowhere, it’s ridiculous. They even tossed in Psycho and Scream parodies. But the one I remember in regards to Say Anything being parodied was an episode of The Goldbergs. Okay, technically they referenced that scene twice in different episodes but the one I’m thinking of is when various different characters showed up at the same time trying to do the boombox gag and they all got called out on it for being creepy. It had me laughing my ass off.

    C’est La Vie by B*Witched, I remember that song! Even the Disney Channel aired a concert special.

    About The Legend of Titanic, wrong clip. Believe it or not, that’s a version from 2001 that ripped off the 1999 animated film. But it’s just as crazy.

  2. Yooooo I have a comment for the listeners strike back episode. Because I grew up in the town where they shot Cookie’s Fortune.

    The movie takes place in the small town of Holly Springs, MS, about 25 minutes south east of Memphis, and that’s where they filmed it. It was a huge deal there.

    They shot it in the summer of 98. I was 8 at the time and my sister was 12. Chris O’Donnell came to visit our church during the filming and my sister lost her shit because remember he was a bit of a heartthrob at the time.

    There’s sections of the movie of them fishing off of a small wooden dock, it’s featured on one of the posters, and that dock was built at Wall Doxey State Park in Holly Springs where I would live a few years later because my dad was the manager there.

    I watch the movie once a year or so and it makes me so happy because we’re often forgotten about down here and we’re often the butt of various jokes and it was nice to see us be made a big deal, even for just a little while.

    And yes there’s even democratic socialist social justice people like me who have come from places like Holly Springs. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s nothing to write home about but it’s a ton of fun and pretty funny.

  3. The Say Anything segment turned into a Like, ye know, like, ye know…like…em…like ye know and like, john Cusuck em, like ye know like.

    Yeah. A lot of likes in there. 😉

  4. I’m back again for some AYAOTD and we’re getting close to the end of season six, but don’t fret. We’ve got an interesting episode today: ‘The Tale of Oblivion’. This episode is pretty fun but I’m getting ahead of myself. The Tale follows a young boy who feels inferior to his sister and after getting some interesting ‘art supplies’ from recurring character Sardo, finds himself with some power. It turns out the charcoal and eraser are actually powerful magical tools that can erase things from reality and after he erases his sister, realizes he’s gone too far. This is an episode I definitely suggest because it is a very interesting story with some funny wtf moments. Not much else to say here but watch it and I’ll be back next week.

  5. Working at the shitty theater of town, of course we got Gooby. And surprise surprise, no one went to it. Or those sad kids whose parents couldn’t get it together enough to make it to a better movie on time.

    17 Again was… Fine.

    For fun though, do yourself a favor and look up the names of Jamie Oliver’s children. Don’t ask, just do it.

  6. I love it when things like the Brenda Starr movie happens. Just a bad idea of a movie that sits on a shelf for years.

    Rescue 911 was the scariest show at my house back in the day. Since my dad is a part of a family of firefighters, it was appointment viewing. The scariest one for me was when these two kids were burned while their dad was trying to light the pilot light. (

    Also, f livepd. My parents watch that show all weekend.

    Strangers With Candy was season 1 was the first DVD I ever bought. (At Circuit City!) Principal Blackman was is my favorite character. He was so dramatic, the way he would say, “I SEE!” …sigh.

    This is my favorite clip though: I remember seeing it right before I went to bed the night before my senior year of high school.

    Gewby!! especially the way June from HDTGM says it, “GEWby.” HDTGM covered the Crank movie too!

    Grey Gardens: there are some girls on YouTube who kinda feel like they’re living ‘dat Grey Gardens life with their moms, never leaving the house, the house is falling apart. I won’t name ’em today.

  7. Brenda Starr Reporter. There is a common theory that the best time to make a nostalgia piece is 20 years after the fact as that is when you’ll have a bunch of middle aged people looking back fondly on their youth and dragging their kids to see it. I would like to propose a corollary to that theory which states; the very last point you can make a nostalgia piece is 50 years because at that point it’s still possible that some 60-70 year old studio exec to will say some variation of, “Brenda Starr? Dick Tracy? The Phantom! I remember all those comic strips from when I was young! Green light them all! I’m sure the kids of 1989 to 1996 will love them just as I did when I was 10 in 1939!” But wait just ten years longer and that studio exec is pushing up daises, replaced by someone without any connection to the now 60 year old piece of media. At that point it would be possible to make a period film, or re-inventions of an old IP’s , but it can’t be said in any meaningful manner that a significant chunk of the media producing/buying public is “nostalgic” for the original version* of anything over 50 years old. Who is nostalgic for the original War of the Worlds novel or Sherlock Holmes stories, after all? (*People nostalgic for say, Superman are usually nostalgic not for the comics or serials of the 1940’s but for later versions of the character.) If this theory is true, than He-Man only has about 10 more years left before he has passed his window!
    Say Anything. I really have to give this film a re-watch as it, Better Off Dead, and One Crazy Summer have all blended into one single film in my memory. It’s really interesting that the boom box scene was a minor moment in the film and yet has come to dominate the memory of the film. What are some good other examples of films that have very unimportant moments in them that are what the film is often remembered for? In Terminator 1 Arnold’s “I’ll be back.” is probably one of them. It’s not meant to be a killer catch phrase in the film. It’s just a throwaway piece of dialogue but oh boy did it get hyped for T2.
    Sprockets is absolutely hilarious to me even today but my theory is that the most people think SNL was never funnier than it was during the years they were between the ages of 10 and 14. That’s the crucial age when you’re just barely old enough to stay up and watch it and as such it’s often your first big exposure to its type of humor. Does that fit for other people? Do the best years for SNL just happen to coincide to when you were between the ages of 10 and 14?
    Wayne Gretzky retires in 1999. There is never going to be a hockey star as big as Gretzky. Ever. He hosted SNL (in May of ’89 so maybe you’ll mention his skit as Phil Hartman’s super honest roommate), he had his own video games and he was part of a cartoon series where Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and him all fought crime (not making that up.) How in this fragmented entertainment world of today could any hockey star ever reach those heights again?
    Tarzan. I 100% agree that it’s hard to make a non-racist Tarzan for the simple reason that Africa is mainly filled with Africans and why wasn’t it one of them that got chosen to be Lord of the Jungle? But a problem arises if you change Tarzan from being English Royalty (he is the Earl of Greystoke after all) to being an African native because then at that point it’s no longer really the story of Tarzan because the struggle between being an English Gentleman and being Lord of the Jungle is the heart of the stories. So either you keep the racist element or you fundamentally change the character, right? Well, an author friend of mine, Steven Barnes, did have an idea on how to make Tarzan non-offensive that I found intriguing. His basic pitch is that every hundred years when the planets are in the right alignment the super intelligent apes (they have sign language, something no apes in our world have without tons of human training) adopt a human child. In the past it has always been an native African child and the local cultural are all well aware of how this happens and it’s weaved into their local myths and society. But at the tail end of the 19th century a shipwreck washes up baby Earl of Greystoke and he’s the one picked this time. Not because the English are just that special, but because he was in the right spot at the right time. You still get the tension between being English Royalty and Lord of the Jungle, but without the inherent racism of the story. It’s an intriguing idea and I’d like to see it implemented someday.
    Animated Titanic. I cannot believe not one but two animated version of The Titanic got made. I’ve seen That Guy With the Glasses review for both of the cartoons and yet they keep blending in my mind with the TV Funhouse skit about Disney’s Titanic, staring Ann Frank!
    Sifl and Olly is the ultimate example of the how hard it was to find weirdness in the pre-ubiquitous internet world. In 1999 I had never seen the show, I had never heard of the show, I knew nothing about the show, and then suddenly I was watching it a viewing party (does anybody have those anymore?) and laughing my ass of at it. The show was hilarious and I laughed at skit after skit and then … never saw it again. Never heard it mentioned again and eventually I even forgot the name of the show and had nothing but a vague memory of some sock puppets singing “We’ve got a great big convoy.” You used to be able to see something and then not be able to find it again. That was a thing that used to happen!
    It sounds like Outrun Arcade Online is now unplayable as it needed an online component that is now dead. What is the biggest game that is now unplayable? And I mean, truly unplayable. Where it doesn’t matter if you are willing to pay $400 for a used copy on eBay, or if you are willing to pirate it, I’m asking what is the biggest game that you just can’t play regardless of how much money you want to spend or which laws you are willing to break?

  8. Crank 2 is such a grotesque trainwreck. I like it, but not as much as the first. Crank 2 comes off more like a gore filled Italian Horror remake of the first movie. “Dario Argento’s Crank” if you will. It’s the cinematic equivelant of the phrase “fuck it.” It’s ugly and unpleasant, but filled with these goofy little moments that really make the movie, like when Statham just starts whistling the theme along with the movie score. I wish they had made a third, but base on this one, it’s easy to see why they didn’t. The idea of them trying to one up this would give any movie exec nightmares.

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