LaserTimePodcast #378 – Celebrity Meltdowns and Freakouts

We all have emotional moments. Regrettable outbursts, etc. But hopefully, when an outburst occurs, you’re not too close to a live microphone or a celebrity recognized the world over. This is not the case with the events we’ll be showcasing on this episode of Laser Time, because it’s time to bask in the cringe-worthy pleasure of very famous people flipping the f*** out!


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3 thoughts on “LaserTimePodcast #378 – Celebrity Meltdowns and Freakouts

  1. perhaps the greatest thing Bill O’Reilly’s erotic thriller “Those Who Trespass” is the audio book, which BillO himself does the reading of which give us great readings, in his own voice, of things like “hey baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up” and “unhook your bra, let it slide down your arms, keep your shirt on”. I have a bunch of clips on a drive somewhere but they do seem to be on various Youtube compilation videos, though sadly with other sound underneath it


    There's a couple of female freakouts, Jessica Savatch in the early 80s:

    and to a much much, MUCH lesser extent, when Ann Curry cried when she was let go from the Today Show:

    Thankfully this one isn't on film, but I watched the 1980 episode of Saturday Night live that Kirk Douglas hosted last week. I later read that Garrett Morris had a major drug-fueled breakdown during rehearsals earlier that week, and was saying that he had a robot watching over his shoulder??!

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