Star Trek Gets Rebooted, Kevin Costner Builds a Diamond, and Tracey Flick Deserves to Win: Thirty Twenty Ten May 3-9

Newsradio calls it quits, The Mummy returns again but for the first time, Dad’s everywhere shed a tear for a baseball game in a cornfield, we’ve found blackmail material on Kirk Cameron, wrestling invades Must-See TV, Scrubs sorta says goodbye, SNL introduces some Mother Lovers and and this ain’t yo daddy’s Star Trek! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Gets Rebooted, Kevin Costner Builds a Diamond, and Tracey Flick Deserves to Win: Thirty Twenty Ten May 3-9

  1. First of all, the Pet Sematary remake is pretty good, don’t listen to the hate and I love the original. It’s not bad. Certainly better than something like the 1990 It TV movie.

    Anyway, I like Star Trek ’09. It’s how I got into the Star Trek franchise. See, I was turned off from the franchise when I saw an episode of the original series on the Sci-Fi Channel when I was I think ten years old and since I wasn’t a 10 year old from the 60s and more of a kid into Dragon Ball Z at the time, I was bored and I changed the channel. It felt like I was ripped off given the promos made it exciting. Though that didn’t stop from absorbing knowledge about the show through pop culture osmosis. Cut me some slack, it wasn’t cool to like Trek at the time, especially for ten year olds.

    Anyway, it certainly didn’t help Generations I also changed the channel from again, Sci-Fi Channel (ironically in 2016, I ended up liking that film) and then, when watching in 2006 Star Trek: The Motion Picture as I decided to give it a chance. It was fucking. SLOW. It was a 2001 wannabe and I saw the director’s cut. It fucking sucked and turned me off completely from Star Trek for years. Thankfully, I rented two other films alongside it; The Evil Dead and Project A-ko. Both were a shot in the arm for different reasons and they weren’t fucking boring. Yes, I just claimed Sam Raimi made a better movie than Robert Wise.

    But then years later, I was on a trip in Colombia and that was when I saw the film, it had Spanish subtitles so it was in English that I can understand it. I went to it after hearing many good things and a former friend of mine recommended I see it as apparently even non fans like it.

    I saw it and I really enjoyed it. I loved the cast, the action, I liked the use of time travel, I was gloriously entertained. The characters I felt were well written and it was perfectly cast too! Yes the villain was underwritten but the protagonists were well defined. Mind you of the new films, Beyond is the best one.

    So now thanks to the 2009 film, I got into Trek and I watched all of TNG and it became one of my favorite shows.

    The Mummy I’m not a fan either. But I get the appeal but I still call it an Indiana Jones wannabe. Action is great and I know I was obsessed with it as a kid but, just not a fan. Not helped by my annoyance that people thought that was the original film when the 2017 film was coming out. Google exists, the 1932 film should have been on the fucking first page.

    Though I will say Brendan Fraser isn’t a bad actor (except Pauly Shore) movies and he seems like a cool dude, can’t hate him.

    Election I really love, it is a solid dark comedy with the best Matthew Broderick performance. It pretty much delivered on every aspect, even the desire seeing his character get his just desserts in a way which, he had it coming. Especially given who he pissed off earlier at the start of the film.

    However, it is tainted by the sexual abuse actions of a producer who worked on the film as well as director Alexander Payne being cold and much of an enabler so, Payne is a horrible guy. You can read about it here.

    I still love Election, just, I have to live with this forever unfortunately.

  2. Fun fact: Chris really liked Star Trek: Into Darkness in 2013. Listen to the “Star Trek 4 Dummies” episode of LaserTime, he raves about it, says he “enjoyed the s*** out of it” and heaps praise on it. Interesting how much that changed.

    Anyway, great podcast as always!

  3. Finally. Election. Matthew Broderick’s sexist role. He looks just like the teacher I had a crush on in 7th grade. damn.

    I read somewhere that the movie was kind of a flop because of the way it was advertised on TV, and since MTV produced it (?) people thought that it was going to be a sex romp kind of film. It’s also one of the rare instances where the movie was better than the book. The original ending was like the book, with sad Mr. Macalister working at a car dealership and Tracy wants him to sign her yearbook after he gives her a test drive, which doesn’t make sense at all. The ending that made the film with Mr. M working in NYC and seeing Tracy with a senator while on a trip to DC, and he throws his pepsi at her limo is way better.

    I love that episode of Murphy Brown! The scene where Murphy (in a big Gilda Radner-esque wig) and Frank (lookin’ like Larry Bird) meet! ( The revival was full of like, dad jokes, but it was nice to see the gang together again.

    I can’t get over that Mad About You plot with Jeff Garlin being the wrestler, and Cooousin Ira managing him. I’ve never seen a series go to garbage so fast after a baby was born. I consider the “Titanic” episde of News Radio the year before the real finale of the show, because god bless Jon Lovitz, but the final season was terrible! Puddy marrying Lisa? NO. Speaking of Mad About You, they kinda did a lil Julia Roberts on Law & Order with Hank Azara and Helen Hunt, with Hank playing the dogwalker. I miss them together.

    I always mixed up Paul Prudone and Dom Deliuse too!

  4. I’m back for the penultimate time to talk about AYAOTD season six but we’re gonna y’all about a really good episode: The Tale of the Secret Admirer. This episode follows a girl named Meggie who is crushing on someone on the football team, but one day gets an anonymous note asking her if she feels the same way about him as he does about her. She approaches her crush but he’s unaware of the note. Then, one night, while alone, she sees a man with burns on his face in the mirror and things escalate from there. This is easily my favorite episode of this season, actually using horror themes which rarely happens in this show. I highly recommend this episode as it’s one of the few shining examples for season six. Next week is the finale, as much as I don’t want it to come. I’ll see you next time, and stay spooky.

  5. I’ve already talked about my Star Trek bona fides in the Webster/Next Generation crossover I picked apart. I made it to numerous conventions, and I ran one of the largest Trek fansites on the Internet in the early ’00s, and I met the Shatner, and I brought his autographs back.

    I loved the 2009 Star Trek reboot. I say this as the kind of fan who liked Star Trek a little too much for the health of his social life back in school days. The whole thing is one huge love letter to the franchise that cleverly reboots Kirk and company while also leaving the original timeline intact if someone wanted to do something with it. Every minute of that movie is packed with sound design, visuals, lines, and other references to the original Trek and it’s glorious. And that casting. Pine gets the essence of Kirk. Quinto’s Spock is familiar while also making it clear this is a younger and more vulnerable Spock. And Karl Urban is a human Ouija Board channeling DeForest Kelley’s soul from beyond the grave.

    I never got the Trek fans who got down on this movie because they thought it was too much action. I think a lot of people tend to pick up on this pop culture idea of what Star Trek is so much that they forget what Star Trek actually is. The best Trek is stuff that is a blend of action and humor that also sends a stealth message that gets you thinking. The worst of Trek is when they’re up on screen, big or small, pontificating and philosophizing without some actiony funny humor to help the medicine go down.

    For an example of that from the original run of movies all we need to look at is the moralizing and chatting and long loving effects shot of The Motion Picture when compared to Wrath of Khan which gave audiences action and themes of growing old and enduring loss and went on to save Star Trek.

    Into Darkness was a bit too up its own ass trying to rewrite Space Seed and Wrath of Khan and insert a bunch of 9/11 Truther bullshit to be good. I’ve talked to people who weren’t familiar with old Trek who liked it, but that was mainly because they weren’t seeing a watered down version of two stories that’d been done together getting mashed together with a big reveal we all saw coming.

    Beyond was a fun romp too. As the movie coming out for the 50th anniversary it was a nice homage to Treks past if you were looking for those nods, and I thought it also worked well with a blend of action while dealing with weightier themes. Side note. Beyond was also the last Trek movie I got to watch with my dad. Going to Star Trek movies with him was a tradition dating back to Undiscovered Country which was the first one I could see in the theaters and understand, and Beyond came out right as my dad got a cancer diagnosis. He was gone within a month, but we had that one last movie together and it’s something I’ll always cherish.

    I’d rate the Kelvinverse movies as Excellent, Meh, and Pretty Darn Good, respectively. It’s a pity the rumored fourth movie that would’ve featured time travel and the return of Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk never got off the ground because the Chris’s have since become very hot commodities in Hollywood. I would’ve liked to see what they did with another outing.

  6. First off I love The Mummy. It’s a big stupid and fun adventure movie that absolutely scared the shit out of me as a kid. I recently re-watched it on Netflix and it’s still just as fun as I remember. The CG doesn’t hold up all that well, but is used rather sparingly and doesn’t take me out of it nearly as much as the effects in Phantom Menace do. The Mummy was also sort of my introduction to adventure movies as I hadn’t yet seen Indiana Jones. Yes I know shocking, but I was only 6 at the time after all.

    The finale for Scrubs, yes I don’t count the last season as being part of the same show, is one of my all time favorite finales in all of television. Watching JD say goodbye to everyone then walk off with Elliot just after watching a montage of is future life while Peter Gabriel’s “Book of Love” plays in the background makes me cry like a little girl every time. I wish they had just left the show end there instead of bringing it back for another season that really should have just been a spinoff.

    I do like Star Trek, but like everyone else I’m not a big fan of the sequels. I kind of wish they had just rebooted the show with that cast instead, but I’m not too upset about it. Honestly I wish people would just move on from the Original Series. Star Trek has a rich universe and lore, and constantly going back to the well with Kirk and Spock is not going to move the franchise forward.

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