Wrestlers in Non-Wrestling Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 316

When wrestlers become actors, the results tend to be either wonderful or laughable – and wrestlers who act in video games are no exception. This week, Larry Niece of Pody Slam! joins us for a look at five standout performances by wrestlers in non-wrestling games, after which we jump headfirst into Rage 2, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on Xbox One, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the water levels that got you good and stressed.

Question of the Week: Fuck it, Game of Thrones is almost over, so let’s laugh (or marvel) at some last-minute predictions next week. How do you think it’s going to end?


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10 thoughts on “Wrestlers in Non-Wrestling Games – Vidjagame Apocalypse 316

  1. Yeah, im done with lasertime.

    Love for the absolute garbage person that is Rhonda Rousey. Quick to destroy other horrible people but cant address the shit she has said and done.

  2. QOTW: Everybody dies and Dragons rule snacking on everyone.

    But probably daenerys ends up on the throne lets face it, shes put an absolute shift in to get where she is now.

  3. Rock in Skyscrapper was married….so he only really flirted with his wife. And from all the Rock movies I’ve seen (honestly not many) he mainly plays a more wholesome action hero. I guess in Rampage he sorta flirted with the female lead…but he was more concerned bout George

  4. A pile of rocks bafflingly stands up, removes its mask and we see that Arya has completed her task and assassinated Cersei.

    Bran sits in a chair and silently looks into the middle distance, completing his character arc.

    Daenerys looks directly into the camera, turns around, bends over and mimes talking out of her ass, proclaiming “Do you have a mint?”


  5. They show the intro sequence again at the end of the episode but this time pan further out to reveal an autistic girl staring at her intricate home-made map. It was all in her imagination!

    But wait, then the camera pans further out to show that this was all in a snow globe which is sitting on a mahogany desk, behind which George R. R. Martin dabs to Amish Paradise.

  6. Bran is rolling through the devastation of King’s Landing. All around people are strewn about, smoldering, dead or unconscious. Loved ones are crouched by their sides, desperately clinging to the hope that friends and family are still alive, begging and pleading them to not be dead, to please wake up, get up.
    Rioting and fights break out through the town as people struggle to grab what valuables they can and flee far from the Mad Queen and her rampaging dragon. Taunts from the larger, stronger victors in these skirmishes can be heard. “Is THAT all you’ve got?! C’mon get up!”
    Unable to stand anymore of this suffering, Bran rolls towards Dany and Drogon, attempting to warg into the beast to put an end to this madness once and for all. Dany laughs and with one beat of the dragon’s wings a mighty wind sends Bran flying through the air and crashing into the stone wall of a building. Dany calmly approaches, sword in hand, stabbing him through the abdomen into his liver, assuring him of a death that will come slow and painfully.
    “You? Stop ME? From your wheeled chair? Insulting. Maybe you’d have had a better chance if you could even STAND. But you’re half a man, unable to even get up. If you thought you could keep me from what is mine, you are a fool with a fool’s dream, and,” as she twists the sword in place “you need to WAKE UP!”
    Cut to fast moving montage of all the previous devastation and fights, people trying to rouse their loved ones and taunt their victims, “Get up!” and “Wake up!” can be heard repeatedly with increasing pace and urgency forming a cacophony that blends into a harmony that eventually distilled into one voice as the camera slowly zooms into Bran’s face “Wake up, Bran! Please get up!”
    The camera slowly zooms back from Bran’s face as he is revealed to be laying next to the tower he fell from when he caught his uncle and aunt in incestuous embrace, surrounded by his family. His mother is desperately trying to rouse him. She succeeds. As he awakens, blinking, he looks around him to see his family and concerned onlookers surrounding him. In the crowd he sees Jaime and Cersei watching, appearing concerned to hide their fear of being caught in their impropriety.
    Bran shakily draws breath and speaks with the strength only years of hard life combined with noble pride could have provided him, “You two were totally bonin’.”

  7. I think Sansa ends up on the Iron Throne with her husband Tyrion as hand and Brienne as Kingsguard (Queensguard?)

    But I want to piggyback off this question to brag that I was an extra this season! They film in my home country of Northern Ireland and I’m an early 30s guy with a beard so I naturally was asked to do some background work. I appeared at the start and end of the third episode. I’d say where you could find me but you can’t really see me because, well, you’ve seen how dark that episode was. But it was an incredible, if exhausting, experience that paid well and I can safely say that the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was go a WHOLE YEAR keeping a secret that Theon died and Arya killed The Knight King.

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