Pixar’s First Miscarriage, Julia Robert Falls for Hugh Grant, and Third Time’s a Charm for Indiana Jones – Thirty Twenty Ten: May 24-30

It’s Eurovision time again, James Bond joins Indiana Jones, Julia Roberts dares to challenge Darth Maul, Home Improvement, Jay Leno and Mad About You conclude (for now), Pixar aims older and Sam Raimi returns to horror! All that and more this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back on the week that was 30, 20, and 10 years ago.


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13 thoughts on “Pixar’s First Miscarriage, Julia Robert Falls for Hugh Grant, and Third Time’s a Charm for Indiana Jones – Thirty Twenty Ten: May 24-30

  1. Drag Me to Hell, yet another movie I watched for free at the theater where I worked. With my dorky high school friends, I remember being pretty meh on the film. Watched it again a couple years later, still meh. Last October I watched it again and, wow, I really do like it. Overall a solid horror movie.

    Up, from my first viewing, sticks in my mind as a sublime example of an adventure movie. The first several minutes is what most people think of, but the rest is simply an amazing adventure. Also, the zeppelin/fighter plane parts give me major Talespin vibes.

    1. the unrated home release is better than the theatrical version of the film…but as a PG13 theatrical release, pretty solid with the scares, given the limitations of the rating.

  2. I know Diana’s spent some time her in Calgary so I’m surprised she has the pronunciation of Calgary backwards. Locals typically say it like “Cal-gry” and when you hear someone really emphasize the “gary” there’s a good chance they’re not from around here.
    It’s okay though cause winning the Stanley Cup 30 years ago and hosting the Olympics the previous year was the height of the city and it’s all been downhill since then.

  3. I have a lot of fond memories from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    For whatever reason the first time I saw it was from a VHS copied from CBS’s showing the movie on TV. I guess it was shown there before it came to home video. (I know it was CBS because it had the watermark in the bottom corner). My dad had copied it and stitched it together, even removing all of the commercials. Eventually though it came out on Home Video and we watched it there. That killer poster art was also the art on the VHS sleeve.
    But really, that movie always makes my brother and I think about our relationship with our dad. Which, is not a ton dissimilar from “Junior” and his dad. For most of our childhood, our dad was a professor. He didn’t start out that way, doing a lot of research over the years for the Pentagon (he told them the “Star Wars” plan was nonsense, they asked him to leave), Phillips Oil, the Navy (he still won’t tell me what), but by the time he had us (in his 40s), he was a professor of Physics. The things, is he was kind of a weird amalgamation of Indy and his dad, his life adventures before we came along were full of things that Indy might’ve done. But as we knew him he was more like Henry Jones Sr., similar mannerisms, telling us not to be hasty, why were we always in rush, we should sit down and think, very methodical in his way of living. To this day, he won’t buy anything until he has time to research which one is the best to buy. Still, we always love to get excited about the same things and enjoy working together. Sound familiar? Anyway, I cannot help but watch this movie once each year and smile at their interactions, which seem to fit all to perfect with my own. I know my brother does the same. Anyway, its a great movie, and I look forward to watching it with my daughter (she is 1 now and couldn’t care less about movies) and hope she can share in the connection to my dad.

  4. Wow, what a terrible, terrible song to bring in 1999.

    I watched the final Mad About You a few weeks back, I hadn’t seen it since the night it aired (it’s only blog). I think they got the time line a little wrong at one point, where Paul brings in the two seat stroller into the apartment before he found out that Jamie miscarried. He says “one big seat, one little seat!” but Mabel is like, 9. I read that the show coming back to just a channel for Charter Cable subscribers?! That’s messed up. Most of the show is on dailymotion though.

    Home Improvement should have ended when JTT left.

    I read in the new book about The View, that backstage people said that Rosie totally broke after Columbine. I really think her show jumped the shark after the Selleck interview. Her show used to be like, this lighthearted fantasy land for tourists, and that ended that day.

    The last thing I watched where I couldn’t stop crying was the Love Gilda documentary.

    Jay Leno screwed up his own finale. His 2009 finale was great. He had all the kids from his crew come out at the last few minutes. It was so sweet. THEN HE SCREWED IT UP. I used to love it when he’d go on those car shows on the speed channel? Now those are even uncomfortable to watch. :/

    Oh boy we’re going to get into the deaths next month :/

  5. I only have one tattoo, and it’s an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tattoo. As a kid, this was Indian Jones to me. My gramma, who I spent nearly every day of every summer with as a kid, had this on VHS. As a fat indoor kid living in the sou vides cooker that is southeast Texas, I spent the heat of the day watching the same three movies over and over again: Turner and Hooch, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Star Wars is my favorite pop culture thing, but I’ve probably seen Last Crusade more than any other movie ever. Also, one of the 100 or so movies we had taped, 3 to a tape, from HBO free trials was Temple of Doom. So, if I saw Last Crusade well over 200 times, I probably saw Temple of Doom at least 50. What’s funny is that I didn’t see Raiders all the way through until I was an adult. Anyway, I’m really happy that everyone here loved it; I feared that I was going to find out that my favorite podcasters think that it sucks.

  6. Oh, also, I loved Mad About You. It’s a show that I watched from a young age and it heavily formed my perception of what a happy relationship is, for better or for worse, and is probably at least partially responsible for my early adult obsession with being in a long-term relationship.

  7. The Last Crusade was a huge film for me as a child. That was the only Indiana Jones film I saw until I was an adult. We had it on VHS and I used to watch it all the time. The other Indiana Jones films were like rumors to me when I was growing up because I never saw them. Indiana Jones is a close second for me as far as Lucasfilm creations.

  8. so fun fact about my viewing of up when my family went to go see the film and like you said we weren’t quite sure what we were in for expressly since about two years earlier my mom had had a miss carage with my brother so going in and expecting a fun pixar a film and my mom and dad seeing that was a bit of a shock for team fact about my viewing of up when my family went to go see the film and like you saiid we weren’t quite sure what we were in for expressly since about two years earlier my mom had had a miss carage with my brother so going in and expecting a fun pixar a film and my mom and dad seeing that was a bit of a shock for theme

  9. I was aware of Indian Jones and had seen both Raiders and Temple, but the character didn’t mean that much to me until 1989. I can still picture going into the Aberdeen mall to watch it with my Dad (a mall that is now a total ghost town) and both of us really enjoying the film, something of a rarity. After that I got heavily into Indy and I’m not sure I was ever as big a FANBOY about anything as I was about Indiana Jones in the later 80’s / early 90’s. And that was a very different experience compared to being a fan today.
    For example, I found an Indiana Jones novel in the bookstore that was not about the movies (he too has an Expanded Universe). After I read it, I wanted to read the rest of the non-movie Indy books. How many was that? I had ZERO idea. There was no google, no Amazon, no fan website to go to and find out. All I could do was go to various bookstores, browse their Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Media tie-in sections, and see if I found some more Indy books. I did that for YEARS before I got a complete collection of the Indiana Jones expanded universe novels.
    I also wanted to learn more about the making of Indiana Jones. How was I to do that? There was no YouTube or DVD extras for me to watch. HBO sometimes played “Making of” specials but usually to promote a film, not after it had come to home video. Instead I looked through the TV guide and maybe once a year I’d spot some special about George Lucas and I’d watch that hoping to learn a little more about the making of Indiana Jones. Somehow, I found out that there was a “Making of Raiders of the Lost Arc” VHS and I had to special-order it from Suncoast Video for a small fortune and then … that was it. That was as much as I could get.
    I remember wanting to try and catalog Indiana Jones references in other media but without Wikipedia, all I had was what I managed to find by accident. The Simpsons parodied the Raiders opening and I had that on tape and I recall searching for at least four years to add to that tape, hoping to create some master tape of Indy references. With tones of hope and always keeping an eye out, I think I only got three other clips on it.
    And looking for news of upcoming Indiana Jones projects? Utterly haphazard. Sometimes I’d find out in advance but most of the time they would just appear seemingly out of nowhere to even me, a huge fan of the IP.
    And talking about Indiana Jones? No USENET, no chat groups, no Facebook groups. I talked with my friend about Last Crusade when it first came out in ’89 but he never got into Indy the way I did so eventually I stopped talking about Indy with him. Soon my sole “discussion” I could have about Indiana Jones was through reading letter columns in old issues of Starlog. That was as good as it got with the exception of the time I wrote to George Lucas and he (or his secretary) wrote me back until …. but that is a story for 2022.
    My point is that being an fan of something 30 years ago was radically different than today. The thrill of discovery was much higher because you literally didn’t know about stuff until you stumbled across it in a semi-random manner. But being a fan could actually be a bit isolating as there wasn’t really any way that 10-15 year old me could easily find and engage with other Indiana Jones fans. It’s almost as if the passage of 30 years has changed things!

    1. Oh, one final thing about Indy; the oddest aspect of Indiana Jones is that I can remember a certain moment in watching Last Crusade far better than I can remember anything that happened yesterday. It was during the boat scene and I saw my Dad cross his legs. As odd as it sounds I don’t remember crossing my legs while sitting on a chair before that. I’m sure I must have, but it wasn’t how I usually sat. I saw my Dad do it though and thought, “I’ll try that.” And now 30 years later I’d say 99% of the time I sit down in a chair I end up crossing my legs for a good chunk of the time. If I hadn’t made that mental note at that one moment in time would I still be doing that today? I have zero idea.

      I never voluntarily watch talk shows. Growing up I was forced to watch them a couple of times, realized there was zero chance of anyone using their heat vision to defeat their foes, and decided they weren’t for me. I was 20 years old when, stuck in a hotel room with my Step-Sister, and Tom Selleck was on the Rosie O’Donnell Show. I rolled my eyes at this bit of uninteresting pap and went back to reading and then … wait, what? Suddenly they ceased to be two celebrities promoting themselves and became two people trying to contain themselves to maintain some level of their regular rigorous public personas. And if either of them had had heat vision, I’m sure they would have used it on the other. I couldn’t look away then and think it’s still utterly fascinating to watch to this day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtkgoGY4Cm4

      I must have watched around 80% of Mad About You and yet I can say that before you started talking about it I had never once thought about how it ended. I actually really like when you cover sitcoms that I watched the beginnings of (Like Family Matters) and then fell off.
      Whenever I think of 3rd Rock from the Sun, which isn’t often, 100% of the time it’s this clip of William Shatner playing the Big Giant Head and him and John Lithgow trading twilight zone references that comes to mind; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-vC_-kJFRg
      Len – Steal my sunshine. Just re-listened to this song and …. why did I like this song???? Seriously, I remember being really into it when I was 20 and now … it’s just random stuff thrown together without any real purpose! At all! Now keep in mind, I don’t have shame songs. I like what I like and I don’t care if others don’t. So I’m not ashamed of my past self for liking this song, just baffled.
      Drag Me to Hell. I think there is a super strong case to make for this film being a metaphor for eating disorders, “Allison Lohman‘s character Christine Brown admits that her mother had an addiction, and at one point in the film we see an overweight photo of Christine as a child in front of a sign that read “SWINE QUEEN”. She doesn’t want to become addicted to food. She doesn’t want to be like her mother. At the beginning of the movie, she is listening to a tape trying to correct her southern accent. She doesn’t want to be a farm girl. She has a good boyfriend, and is trying to move her way up with a career at the bank.
      She never touches food, because she is afraid it will make her fat and disgusting. According to the theory, there really isn’t a scary demon from hell, she’s just imagining everything. Hunger is making her irritable, she imagines the old woman’s creepy hand tapping on the desk when it was really just the other banker. Early in the film she passes out in her car and drives into a bunch of other cars in the parking lot. The woman from the bank never followed her, she imagined everything.

      Frightened, Christine seeks a Psychic, whose explanation of “the old woman’s curse” manifests into her hallucinations. Also, the later exorcism wasn’t real (hence why the boyfriend wasn’t allowed to join in).

      The food is a key factor in most of the hallucinations. Notice that when food is introduced on screen, Christine gets attacked by the spirit. Every time the spirit appears at her house, she is in the kitchen. When she locks the spirit outside of her room, see sees the spirit in the form of a shadow of Pig hooves.

      AMS-4 says that her either purging or not eating is causes a nosebleed that “her sick mind sees as huge, as she attributes it to the curse, when deep inside she’s ashamed and afraid they’ll find out about her eating disorder.” At night she dreams like she’s being vomited onto, when it’s really her who’s throwing up in her bathroom. The sequence where she dreams that a fly enters her mouth and flies into her stomach is actually just her stomach growling while shes asleep. Her body needs food but she is unwilling to give in.

      The old woman represents everything that an bulimic anxiety – she has no teeth, is hideous, and eats/steals the candy from her desk. Notice at the woman’s funeral that everyone is eating, drinking and gambling. The woman vomits on her and then shoves her arm down her throat as if taunting her to “eat, eat!” The one moment she’s “forced” to eat something in the film, she finds an eye staring back at her inside the cake, causing her to choke up her food.” – https://www.slashfilm.com/is-drag-me-to-hell-really-about-a-girl-with-an-eating-disorder/

      It was around this time that my wife and I began talking about when, not if but when, we wanted to have kids. And then we saw Up. Oh man were we emotionally charged for everything this film threw at us. No film before or since has made both of us bawl, just absolutely sob, in such a short amount of time. You see Ellie and Carl fall in love, get married, have a miscarriage and then spend a long life together only for Ellie to die before they can finally go to Paradise Falls like they always intended. And you see all of that in what… three minutes? Four at most. It’s an incredibly moving piece of film making and I don’t think any film before or since managed to make me so deeply emotionally invested in a character in such a short amount of time.
      End of the Tonight Show. – For the record, Jay Leno is still touring and when does shows he doesn’t perform in small venues. He usually has pretty good sized crowds in large places to this day. If you don’t believe me, just google “Jay Leno Sells Out” and you’ll get a TON of hits. 😉
      One thing the show missed was the last episode of Almost Live. This was a small local Seattle show and, in a rather bizarre turn of events, it went national on Comedy Central. I have no idea how or why that happened because the show had a ton of local humor that I don’t think translated out of the Northwest very well. But it also gave us Bill Nye the Science Guy! Yep, he started as a skit on this show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSiSclHEr70

  10. I know its not much buuuuut for me it was something but
    May 24, 1999
    the final episode of the show unhappily ever after aired, and as somone who love that show i was sad but Nikki Cox would return to the WB a year later with her own show Nikki, where she is a vegas showgirl married to a indie pro wrestler,

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